“Inside Man” Photos

Check out these photos from the April 1 episode where Sam and Cas follow a lead on the Mark of Cain while Dean faces off with Rowena.

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“Paint It Black” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s episode about suicide and the Catholic church. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading ofr my quick thoughts.


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Who’s Coming Back from the Dead?

A major SPN character is returning from the dead in an upcoming episode. Keep reading for the details.


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“Paint It Black” Clip

There seems to be a fairly common theme going on this season. Like most weeks, this clip features Dean convinced that there’s a case even though Sam is skeptical, once again revealing that Dean is desperate to focus on the job and not the Mark of Cain while Sam would rather try to cure his brother than work a case.

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“The Things They Carried” Discussion

Supernatural is now on Wednesdays! Post your thoughts on this week’s episode. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“The Things They Carried” Clip

Supernatural returns on its new night Wednesday at 9pm after Arrow. Take a look at a clip that features Sam and Dean running into Cole who decides to insert himself into a case involving one of his friends.

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“Paint It Black” Photos

In the March 25 episode, Sam and Dean go to church to investigate a series of suspicious suicides. Check out the photos of Dean hunting with a nun.

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“The Things They Carried” Photos

Check out photos from the next new episode, when SPN moves to Wednesdays starting March 18.

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“The Executioner’s Song” Discussion

Post your thought’s on tonight’s episode featuring the return of Cain. It’s also the last new Tuesday episode before the show moves to Wednesdays in March. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“The Executioner’s Song” Clip

Cain is back. In the next episode (which is also the last new episode before SPN moves to Wednesday in March), the Winchesters must deal with Cain again, and based on what Cas finds in this clip, Cain has been up to no good. A lot of no good.

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