Best Quotes from the Season 6 Finale, and Sad Cas News

“I’m your new God. A better one. So you will bow down and profess your love unto me, your Lord. Or I shall destroy you.”

I was initially worried, but the more I think about that final quote, the more awesome I think it is. However, it also leads to some rather sad news from TVLine that Misha Collins won’t be a series regular in season 7. Read the interview to find out exactly what that means, and while it could be bad, let’s remember that Jim Beaver has NEVER been a series regular, but he’s still around all the time.

Now, to the quotes:

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  1. Gosh, I hope they don’t bow before him. That would be beyond ridiculous. They better kick his ass instead.

    Comment by brotherlylove — May 21, 2011 @ 4:12 pm

  2. I like Misha I have mixed feelings on Cass (always have) but hearing that he won’t be around much (maybe just one ep) makes me Happy, Sorry Misha but it does. And if the way Sera is talking about Supernatural is the way they are going for Season 7 then HELL YEA (but it has always been hell yea for me)

    Comment by Kimberly — May 21, 2011 @ 5:43 pm

  3. Thank GOD that he will not return as a regular character in season 7, I’m tired of Castiel and the whole issue of the angeles, it’s time to back to saving people, hunting things, the family business (Sam, Dean, Bobby)and be clear about the family business, Castiel made ​​it clear to Dean he is NOT his family YEEESSS no more angelic brothers.

    Comment by mbrr — May 21, 2011 @ 6:46 pm

  4. Isn’t this more of a budget and time issue? Misha will be there during season 7, just a few minutes less, plus this adds to the show’s overall cash flow. That’s all.

    Comment by Raf — May 21, 2011 @ 7:41 pm

  5. Thank You for posting all of these quotes all season. I have enjoyed reading them after each episode.

    I hope Cas will remain as regular as Bobby has on the show.

    Comment by SL — May 21, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

  6. this makes me a little sad. i love castiel. i am happy he will be able to spend a little more time with his new son, but i am gonna miss him. i am wondering. bobby isnt on much, cas is gonna be on less, rufus is dead, so is balthazar, for the time being lisa and ben are gone. who exactly are dean and sam supposed to interact with. cause if it is ONLY with each other, that is a little strange. i too hope we see castiel as much as we do bobby.

    Comment by Tricky — May 21, 2011 @ 9:51 pm

  7. I think it’s kind of obvious, given the season seven description and comments in the interview, that Misha Collins will be in more episodes than the season premiere. Gamble talks about exploring how the character is transformed and you can’t do that in one episode I don’t think. Also, the season seven synopsis says “they’ll find their old tricks, weapons and hiding places all rendered useless.” How would that be possible if Castiel is knocked-off in the first episode?

    I think he’ll have more of a background role like YED in seasons one & two, Lilith in seasons three and four and Zack/Alastair in seasons four/five. I think that fits with what the show’s usually done with their big bads. Really, it only makes sense, his role was also reduced a bit this season even — at least during the first half: He wasn’t in many episodes and when he was, it wasn’t for very long. He was also just a reoccuring character in season four and I don’t think anyone would say he wasn’t used enough there.

    Comment by Marc — May 22, 2011 @ 2:33 am

  8. Remember our favourite demon is still around I am sure Castiel will have something to do with him.

    Comment by Cathy — May 22, 2011 @ 2:53 am

  9. I’am glad that there will be less of the Castiel character too. I’am tired of the angels and their civil war. I wanted angels on SPN 3 seasons ago. I ‘d figure if we have demons then why not angels.

    Sadly the angels on this series have been too much and too many. I more interested in what goes on between Sam and Dean.

    I have read blogs where Castiel fans say they only watch SPN to see the Castiel character because they love Misha…to which Jensen would probrably be…like are you kidding me?

    A fan at one of the cons was screaming Misha I LOVE YOU and JA was like what? For real and rolled his eyes up.LMAO! I guess Jensen thought the fan at the Con was there about THE SAM and Dean STORY, GO FIGURE???

    It must be like going to a YANKEE GAME to see Derek Jeter with your friends and one of them says , Oh no I don’t care about the YANKEES , I’am here to see the umpire…and your like WTH?

    Comment by Ozzie — May 22, 2011 @ 4:03 am

  10. Or maybe Jensen was just joking… like he always does at conventions. I’m sure he doesn’t actually care why fans watch the show as long as they enjoy what they’re seeing or as long as he feels good about what he’s doing on the show. Or better yet, maybe we should all stop trying to read Jensen’s mind, along with the minds of the cast because we don’t actually know these people or what they’re thinking.

    I just get irritated when people project their own opinions onto people they don’t even know and act like it has to be what’s going on. Some of you guys have an amazing ineptitude when it comes to detecting any sort of nuance whatsoever.

    Comment by Marc — May 22, 2011 @ 6:14 am

  11. @Ozzie

    If you’re referring to the Jus in Bello convention, it was obvious Jensen was joking. Besides, Jensen (and Jared and pretty much the rest of the cast as well) is way too professional to diss a fellow cast member. On top of that, all these guys ever do at conventions is poke fun at each other. Jensen was poking fun at Jared too, do you take that seriously? I doubt it.

    Comment by Esther — May 22, 2011 @ 6:59 am

  12. @Marc Same. If it was just Jared and Jensen at the cons- because they are the only two cast members constantly on the show- not as many people would show up. It’s the other caracters that really make the show.

    Comment by Wyn — May 22, 2011 @ 7:00 am

  13. Sorry , but I WILL DISAGREE…IT’S THE J’S THAT MAKE SUPERNATURAL WHAT IT IS. I know that when the J’s miss a con that Fans still show up, but way more FANS show up when the J’s or one of the J’s is there.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 22, 2011 @ 7:12 am

  14. My guess is that Castiel will explode in the season premier (like Balthazar suggested he would). Sera did say that the angel stories in season 7 will be self-contained. So actually killing Castiel seems like the only way to move away from the angel/heaven storyline.

    Comment by JJA — May 22, 2011 @ 7:20 am

  15. I don’t think that Castiel will explode in season 7 , only because it has been done like twice to him before, and he just comes back like the Energizer Bunny.

    I think that GOD will return and be very angry at Castiel’s BIG EGO. I think that God will return and snap his fingers and Castiel will tell the brothers and Bobby that God has fixed everything broken by his annoying angels .

    I think that because of his bad behavior that God will punish Castiel and keep him from Sam and Dean, and lets hope that’s what the writers do…do. LMAO!

    Comment by Ozzie — May 22, 2011 @ 7:47 am

  16. Either God or Death is going to straight out stop Cas at some point or The boys will do something like Get Deaths Scythe and kill Cas. Either way I seriously doubt the writers would make the mistake of making Cas as powerful/more powerful than God or Death.

    Comment by Tal — May 22, 2011 @ 8:34 am

  17. Is there another part more?I guess shoulden’t be finished

    Comment by Moein — May 22, 2011 @ 9:47 am

  18. i hope that the writers DO NOT kill castiel in the season premiere or ever, because they DONT have to kill him off because he can go back to heaven and when he thinks he needs to come and help them or sam and dean help him then he come back down.thats my thought for castiel in season 7 that way he can be like bobbby has been(a few more episodes though) where he is on the show so many episodes in the season.

    Comment by cassie — May 22, 2011 @ 11:04 am

  19. I think that the writers are going to further tarnish the Castiel character like they did with their other characters…like Ava, and John W angel Ana, and the Campbells,… all good nice characters that the writers turned into bad behaving characters.

    Castiel touching Sam’s wall to stop Dean and demon Crowley grabbing Lisa and Ben to stop Dean/ Sam and Bobby were moves that if the brothers forgive Castiel for with loving arms will in my opinion make the brothers look like whimps.

    I can really understand now why Bobby is a very good and cautious hunter . Bobby has learned through out his many years hunting that you can’t TRUST anyone, not even a Winchester.

    Dean trusted Castiel until he saw with his own eyes Castiel bringing down Sam’s wall. The writers having Dean kill Castiel would be a better move than Sam killing Castiel.

    Sam is already the Winchester brother and character that gets hated and bashed more about at Supernatural forums across the internate universe. So even though Sam deserves to kill Castiel for what Castiel has done to him since season 4, I ‘d rather the writers have Dean kill his bff savior Castiel…BUT I think it’s better that GOD deals with Castiel and everything bad that happen in his holy house , while he was M.I.A

    Comment by Ozzie — May 22, 2011 @ 11:56 am

  20. Post #16…Death did say he would kill God one day. But I have to say I did not see that coming.

    Comment by Melody — May 22, 2011 @ 12:11 pm

  21. Ok after reading and reading comments about Sam being the “hated” one and how he deeserves more. I have stated how i feel about Sam/Jared in previous comments so for here on out I’m going to ignore the whole Sam Vs Cas thing and all the vs things. From here on out I’m going to keep my comments on what the article is about and know that in my heart Sam will always be my fav and Jared will always be my fav I’m all about Jared.

    So goodbye vs comments

    Comment by Kimberly — May 22, 2011 @ 12:58 pm

  22. I can’t understand how Death in Supernatural can kill God, because if God is the creator of all things then God too created Death and therefore he could kill Death and create another angel of Death? Now with Castiel being the new GOD in town then surely Death would be the best bet in killing Castiel in season 7 , if the writers don’t want Castiel/Misha lovers getting angry at Sam or Dean or both for having the death of Castiel in their hands. Dean did terminate Zachariah so I guess that could be Dean’s only big angel kill so far ,and he did kill EVE the mother of all monsters too.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 22, 2011 @ 1:57 pm

  23. If Jared and/or Jensen were not at a con I would not go to it. There is one coming up in my state and neither actor is slated to be there so, sadly, I will not be going.

    I enjoy this show and I mainly enjoy it because of the way Jared and Jensen portray Sam and Dean. I really am not big on horror or the idea of supernatural per se, so it is the story of the Winchester brothers that drew me to the show and it Jared and Jensen that have kept me there.

    However, I like Castiel very much and I love Misha so I am hopeful the character/actor will be back in several episodes next season….as an Ally of the boys.

    This constant jabbering about how everyone hates Jared/Sam is really so tiresome. I certainly Don’t hate either the actor nor the character and I have not been exposed to such hatred on this forum. Actually the only time the idea comes up is when self-proclaimed Sam “Fans” rant about it.
    I don’t get that at all.

    I have said it over and over and over again: You cannot be a fan of this show and hate either one of the main characters.

    I am a Sam Fan myself….and a Dean Fan too. And I love Bobby and I like Cas.

    Like I said before RATIONAL comments are worth listening to. Putting your own thoughts into the mouths of Jensen or Jared or Misha really is ridiculous. So if you are going to post comment here be sure to make clear that they are YOUR comments and don’t claim they are the words of someone else. Even my 8 year-old knows not to do that.

    Comment by SL — May 22, 2011 @ 3:55 pm

  24. @Ozzie – God created Death because there has to be balance to his LIFE and according to SPN, that life also includes God. I look at it like a checks and Balances system.

    God knows if he ever steps out of line, Death can tear him down. Death knows that if he were to step out of line, God could tear him down. So, they leave each other alone.

    I expect that the story line will follow Star Wars with Castiel being Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker.

    Over the years, Anakin gets power hungry and is corrupted by the dark side eventually in the last movie. Then, in the original trilogy, We get to witness Luke Skywalker attempting(eventually being successful) to save his father from the dark side and Vader finally finds redemption by saving his son, Luke.

    The boys will TRY to save Castiel next season and bring him back to reality. I am guessing that at the end of next season, Castiel will risk his life for the boys in the final moments and will save them both. They will kill him off by the end and work on phasing out the Heaven story line (or, just keeping to a minimum) by having the Real God return and restore balance and order to the world.

    This is just my theory, mind you.

    Comment by Jeff — May 22, 2011 @ 4:02 pm

  25. It does make since for Castiel to not be a regular since he’s the new big bad. Like Marc said they’re usually kept in the backround not to mention having an all-powerful enemy popping up every other episode would be a bit weird.

    I wonder if Dean and Sam will end up having to hide out in Hell with Crowley since their old hiding places are rendered useless

    Comment by Woody — May 22, 2011 @ 4:03 pm

  26. @22

    I think Deaths statement that he would “on day reap God: is deeper then Him “killing” God. I believe it has more to do with God “energy: eventually fading/dying out. Thus EVERYTHING dies. God and Death are more closely related than the show has shown. Without God creating life, there is no “Death” and although we have seen Death and Angels do some pretty powerful things, we have yet to see them create life out of nothing, their powers exist in God universe.

    Comment by Tal — May 22, 2011 @ 9:07 pm

  27. It could just be that Cas will be more MIA than usual. Him being the new “god” will keep him pretty occupied. There have been times when we’ve had a big bad and they have only actually shown up a few times. Azazel- didn’t come face to face with him until 1.21 and only had a few appearance after that. Eve only made a few appearances as well, Lillith maybe 4 episodes or so. Actually many of our “big bads” haven’t actually shown up in more than 5 or 6 episodes.

    Comment by Sara — May 22, 2011 @ 11:50 pm

  28. I’m 99% sure that Cas DIES in the premiere–or at latest an episode or 2 later.

    Why? released the info about Misha not being a regular right after the finale aired–so they’ve had that handy for a while.

    Also Tvline in March had a BLIND ITEM saying a hour long drama is killing off a wildly popular character either in it’s finale or premiere of next season.

    So Tvline had both bits of info–I bet you anything they are about the same subject…Misha and SPN.

    Add to that the TWITTER RUMOR a month back that said Misha was going to be let go after next year’s premiere. At the time I thought that was nonsense–BUT not now. The rumor was that someone talked to Misha’s MANAGER about this.

    And remember SERA GAMBLE says we can’t ruin the the premiere and the Tvline article says it remains to be seen what kind of presence Cas will have “if any”. I think TVline knows he’s gone and is dancing around just like their Source(Sera) knows Cas dies.

    Some will point to Sera’s line about how they in SPN will be dealing with Cas’s transformation all year–YOU KNOW WHAT MEANS?

    Cas’s TRANSFORMATION IS to BLOW UP like Dean and Baltzy warned–Cas blows up and dies AND all the monsters get released into Earth. OR killed and the SOULS SPILL OUT.

    So yes the boys have to deal with the transformation of CAS–his DEATH RELEASES MONSTERS.

    So they DIRTY UP now and KILL Cas in the premiere or at latest a show or 2 later. I smell this a million miles away.

    And IF they “F” Cas like this then i’ll say GOODBYE TO SPN. I’ll watch forever the adventures of the boys seasons 1 to 5 AND IGNORE SEASONS 6 and ON.

    I’ve always said if you enjoy something then watch it BUT if you no longer like it why stay around. I’m NOT one to stand around and bitch and moan week after week. There are better things to do or watch–NO use to watch SPN anymore if they do what I hate…SOME THINGS JUST GO TOO FAR.

    And if they kill or dirty up one of the core 4–Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby–THEN I’M DONE WITH SPN. Let me be clear THE BOYS ARE THE CENTER OF THE SHOW ALWAYS but along with them I will reject any killing or dirtying up permanently any of the 4 guys. I’m invested in ALL of them.

    And i’m pretty damn sure Cas is DOOMED TO DIE very very soon. I’ll stick around until the premiere and see if i’m right–I AM SO SURE ABOUT THIS THOUGH.

    Comment by James — May 23, 2011 @ 2:19 am

  29. I don’t really care about the Castiel character because I love Supernatural because of the BROTHERS and have seen the series because of the brothers since the pilot. I mean it’s like seeing Batman and Robin for those two main characters and not Catwoman…and I like catwoman , but would get annoyed and fed up if she had been made a regular on that 60’s series and believe me I was born way after the 60’s but they still give those great shows on cable tv and thank god they do, cause it’s fun seeing Adam West and Burt Ward when they were very young and cute. Lol.

    I just want less of Castiel and no more angels next season. I’am tired of the angel stuff already . I’am hanging on to this series by the J&J thread really…just for the S&D thread.

    When I go to SPN sites and see like 5 or 6 threads all about Castiel and Misha and only 2 about Dean/Jensen and 1 or no threads about Sam /Jared …I’am like OK, is SPN now only about this Misha person , this Castiel person???

    Misha Collins has ”TWITTER”, TWEETER site….and so he has his mishaminions following him up his ass and we all know that the J’s don’t have TWITTER , so I can understand Misha’s growth in the internet world , but the J’s being the lead characters of their series should be the main focus on SPN not the secondary characters behind an angel’s wings and big ego.?

    Comment by Ozzie — May 23, 2011 @ 3:44 am

  30. @Ozzie(#29): You have mentioned SPN sites that either Hate Jared/Sam and/or Love Misha/Castiel. Why do you go to those sites? Since- as you say- they are so anti-Sam and so pro-Castiel what pleasure do you get by going to them? I would think they would just cause you aggravation and anger and why would you seek that out?

    Now, I am a Fan of the Winchesters and the show they exist on. I don’t play favorites when it comes to the boys or the actors portraying them. As long as a person doesn’t make false, hateful comments about the character and/or the actor I have no problem with someone favoring one over the other for themselves.

    So I don’t see how wrong it is for Castiel/Misha to have faithful followers or rave about him and want him to remain on the show. Castiel is the character they like the most and Misha is the actor they adore. So how is it any different them watching for Misha then it is you watching for Jared?

    Jared and Jensen are the stars of this show. I know that and I enjoy that. Misha is a supporting actor (and a very good one). He is not taking anyone else’s place, nor will he in the future. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with him connecting to his fans and them wanting to connect with him. If Jared did communicate by Twitter I willing to bet you would be faithfully following him there.

    I agree with you that the Winchesters are the show and, for me, they are the reason I watch.
    But I just don’t get these constant attacks on others who choose to like another actor and/or character more than the ones I like. To each their own, I say.

    Actully, if the comments here are true, I feel sorry for the Cas followers because there is a good chance either he isn’t returning or, if he does, it will be as a completely different character than the one they love.

    I disagree with the show runner’s twist on the character but I have nothing against fans of Misha and Castiel. I like him and his fictional role and I would like to see more of him in the future. But not as a bad guy. Just like I hated Soul-less Sam, I would not like evil Castiel.

    Ah, the Summer is going to be way too long.

    Comment by SL — May 23, 2011 @ 4:35 am

  31. My husband & I loved the 2hr special! I hope that Cas will still be saved! I love that he was apart of the “family” since Bobby & Cas were all Dean & Sam have. They already seem so worn they need some family to help carry on the battle of good and evil. This is my FAVORITE show!!!!!!!

    Comment by Drena — May 23, 2011 @ 4:46 am

  32. I think some people are getting carried away. Remember Bobby was in more episodes than Cas this season despite Jim not even being a regular. Ruby 2 was not a regular either. I think it’s more likely that he will be a recurring character and still a part of the show though no longer so central to the story which I like. It’s about the brothers and I feel Cas has kind of butted in lately and become more central to the story than he should.

    They may just want to shift more focus towards the brothers because they have realized they’ve let the character get too big so to speak, we even have Cas fans that care for nothing but this character not even the brothers and would rather it be the Dean and Cas show- it shouldn’t be like that. Whether these so called fans want to realize it or not it IS about the brothers FIRST and this angel has squeezed into the picture more than he ever should have. It’s time for him to go to the background.

    Not to mention the fact that it’s more expensive to keep him as a regular as opposed to a supporting character. I believe we’ll still see him next season just not as often and the focus will go back to where it should be: Sam and Dean.

    Comment by Sara — May 23, 2011 @ 5:05 am

  33. Sara I hope you are right BUT I really see Cas is dead–Tvline was strongly hinting at that and their blind item matches perfectly with Cas dying in the premiere.

    Ozzie the vast majority love Sam and Dean first but they also tend to like Cas and Bobby too. No one is saying the boys shouldn’t be central–just that they should have their boys backing them up too.

    Comment by James — May 23, 2011 @ 5:43 am

  34. Forgive me if I am a bit forward, and this is not an attempt to attack all the anti-Castiel fans. Of course you have a right to dislike Castiel, and yes the Angel storyline has been a drawn out. And every body is tired. So we want a change.

    I guess people want a return to season 1 of supernatural. Sam and Dean, all the time. Unfortunately, one forgets that prior to season 4, people were tuning off to that and were ready for something new. Misha collins was breath of fresh air. We got to see Dean interact with someone outside of his family. Someone who wasn’t his brother. Maybe If the Lisa and Ben story had even been written with someone that had a smidgen of talent, we might have seen something else of dean’s character.

    Unfortunately, we are yet to even see Sam even have a longstanding relationship with someone outside the Winchester clique, Unless you count Ruby, and all the girls he had sex with that didn’t last the episode. .lol.


    This NEED for this show to be SAM and DEAN all the time (ALWAYS) isn’t healthy, and doesn’t make for good television. It limits them, and makes their relationship boring at best, claustraphobic at worst. Just because a show is about two brothers, doesn’t mean we exclude all others. It’s very creative. Remember Buffy, and Angel ? They had a huge cast, and it didn’t take anything away from them. Why are we so threatened by anyone else showing up, that isn’t grizzly and over fifty?

    But I guess we could also blame the writers, their inability to keep athe audience’s interest in any other character for more than a minute, without getting rid of them because of budgetary cuts, or clashing schedules or just plain laziness IS LEGENDARY. We’re lucky to have had Bobby and Castiel this long.

    But one thing I am sure season 7 will prove is that the problem with Supernatural is not with Castiel, and the angel story line, as so many posters have said. But poorly planned storylines, poor continuity, Crappy arcs, bastardized characterisation, and generally pulling things out of your ass for the season finale.

    Comment by Jo — May 23, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

  35. Guys, remember my contact @ WB, the one that might turn the lights down low and talk to the toaster at night. I had a chance to chat with him.
    He would not talk to me until after the finale.

    The scuttlebutt is that Kripke is none too happy with how season 6 played out and the fan’s reaction to it. Becky Gamble herself has said that Kripke is back along with BE so there is a tiny sliver of credibility. The Angels had a expiration date and that was season 5 and the promise to the fans was that the apocolypse was done. He was talked in letting Castiel stay for one more season to help clean up after the end of the world that wasn’t. He was infuriated that the apocolypse basically moved upstairs and that MORE angels were added after he wanted them gone.

    He no longer trust Becky with his creation but is letting her stay as show front runner on paper to save face but he is back to stay in the writers room and will write more episodes next year. He wrote the finale to make sure everyone understands the angels are to go BYE BYE and the series get back to being earth bound.

    Cas will be dispatched early on and firmly gone when the show returns.

    I truly hope toaster guy knows what he is talking about because I don’t even dare to believe anymore.

    Comment by Lugilla Brown — May 23, 2011 @ 1:55 pm

  36. @Jo(#34): Good post and good points.

    I liked Cas and I love Bobby and I am glad that they are on the show.

    But I DO want more Dean and Sam TOGETHER then I have had over the last three seasons.

    I have nothing against supporting characters; we need them. But, for me, too much time has been taken away from the boys working and being together. And too many problems have been solved by others this season. I would prefer the main characters have more of a part in solving the cases and handling the creatures.

    Hope that returns next season.

    Comment by SL — May 23, 2011 @ 2:16 pm

  37. I agree here with @ SL 100%.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 23, 2011 @ 3:44 pm

  38. While it has been fun to watch how Castiel has changed since he came on the show in Season 4, I think his character has developed all it can.

    If the editors/writers etc., decide that Castiel should only be in a few episodes or less, one way could be that when Castiel opened purgatory something else came out that is as powerful as Castiel and has Castiel running for cover.

    Even though Castiel won’t be a series regular, and will be seen less of, I’m hoping that Bobby is seen as much or more than last season.

    Only time will tell what happens.

    Comment by valerie — May 24, 2011 @ 7:25 am

  39. @Lugilla Brown (#35) – you have some facts wrong

    It is CW not WB (hasn’t been WB for a long time); and it is Sera Gamble not Becky Gamble.

    Since you have gotten these facts wrong, I can’t help but wonder if your other facts are wrong as well.

    Somehow I can’t see Eric Kripke acting the way you say he did.

    Comment by valerie — May 24, 2011 @ 7:33 am

  40. As i’ve said–I think they are playing us completely…too much says Cas is gone and killed. They are trying to create fake suspense with his fate now.

    So other than that I personally don’t take stock on any posters here having inside sources. Don’t believe that at all–that is too easy to claim…not easy to prove.

    Eric has been around to vet story ideas so I don’t buy Sera went against his wishes this year. The only reason they mention Eric and Ben will be around in S7 was because they were NOT mentioned on the PR release and Sera was asked about that.

    Comment by James — May 24, 2011 @ 8:23 am

  41. @Ozzie #9 – a little late, but in case anyone ever doubted Misha and Jensen’s feelings about each other as friends and collegues, check out their rendition of the cafe scene from “When Harry met Sally” on YouTube. It is the funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen, SPN wise. Think the old Jersey ladies from SNL with Mike Meyers. I guarantee you will not think there could be anything but good feelings between the guys on this show (ALL of them). And, in case anyone wants to know the REAL difference between Sam and Dean? 3 and a half years and about 3 1/2 inches height wise – HA HA !! Now shut up and sait like the rest of us for Sn 7 to start in Sept.

    Comment by cupidsbow — May 24, 2011 @ 11:06 am

  42. @Ozzie #9 – a little late, but in case anyone ever doubted Misha and Jensen’s feelings about each other as friends and collegues, check out their rendition of the cafe scene from “When Harry met Sally” on YouTube. It is the funniest thing I think I’ve ever seen, SPN wise. Think the old Jersey ladies from SNL with Mike Meyers. I guarantee you will not think there could be anything but good feelings between the guys on this show (ALL of them). And, in case anyone wants to know the REAL difference between Sam and Dean? 3 and a half years and about 3 1/2 inches height wise – HA HA !! Now shut up and wait like the rest of us for Sn 7 to start in Sept.

    Comment by cupidsbow — May 24, 2011 @ 11:07 am

  43. sorry, Ozzie, I wasn’t yelling at you, I hate when the posting repeats.

    Comment by cupidsbow — May 24, 2011 @ 11:12 am

  44. Valerie, You are right I had fat fingers and typed WB instead of CW but Supernatural belongs to the WB. When WB merged with UPN and CBS, they no longer had an active network under the WB name so Supernatural “moved” over to the CW.

    Next, I know her name is Sera but the fans who really hate what she has done with this season and I am the leader of that pack, call her Becky Gamble. (You remember, the irritating Fan girl that molests Sam every chance she gets until Chuck became her new hero?)

    It’s not a title of honor but one she so richly deserves.

    James, why do you think I call him the “Toaster Guy?” I have said before he could be the night janitor for all I know but when I first started calling, he was the one I was sent to and he did give me some info that checked out but I take everything he tells me with a HUGE grain of salt.

    I have never said it was gosple but that it was interesting and put it up for public consumption.

    Comment by Lugilla Brown — May 24, 2011 @ 11:17 am

  45. Is Supernatural the only original sci-fi series left on the CW that belongs to the WB???

    Comment by Ozzie — May 24, 2011 @ 3:50 pm

  46. Thank you , SL. I do agree that the show is about Sam and Dean. But the thing I believe is that just because a show is about two title characters, doesn’t mean they have to interact with each other always, all the time, in the Impala, like always.

    We could always take a new dimension in the relationship, a new dimeansion in their friendship, keep them apart for more than an episode while showing things from their own perspective. Give them real conflicts to deal with.Then when they eventuall do get back together, it would have more meaning, instead of having spats that last all of ten minutes, and getting back to being BEST BROS FOR LIFE by the end of the hour.

    On the subject of Castiel *sighs* I feel very sorry for what they did to the character. I really do. They floundered throughout season 5 not knowing what to do with the him, then in season 6 finale (after realising that the EVE thing was a big zero) decided to go with a new BIG BAD. Bad because they hadn’t adequately prepared for it, terrible because it didn’t actually tie in with the other plots they started the season with: The Campbells, soullles Sam, and or maybe EVE.

    They brought back Crowley for goodness’s sake. Even Ellen.LOL.

    Everything was shoe horned, just like the Lisa and Ben story. Thrown in at the last minute for shock value. Unfair to the chacter, unfair to those of us who have watched the show faithfully all this time.

    Comment by Jo — May 25, 2011 @ 5:08 am

  47. But then , it is easy to criticize…judge. so here are my suggestions for season 1. Not rocket science, just something that I think Sara et al should work on.

    1. Please give Sam and Dean, each, a particular goal this season. Not the same one mind you, and it doesn’t necessarily have to do with the overall arc (they fight evil, we get it!) just soemthing personal to them that they have to achieve. Give some variety. They’re different, and no matter how brotherly, they have different goals. So no fan feels cehated at the end of the day.

    2. Show us why they want to achieve these goals with good reasons htis time. In short, dramamtize. Please don’t make it offscreen like Castiel’s motivations, making us go ‘buh’ by season end.

    3. Give them obstacles form real antagonists, not run-of -the-mill snarky demons, or angels with the charisma of dirt. But monsters that are complex, and 3-D. That you’re not quite sure you hate, and make them difficult (VERY DIFFICULT) to kill. No time travelling cheat sheet , please. We’d like the tension back.

    4. Give the guys some inner conflict, people. Make bros not want to do the right thing for a change. Or make it a hard choice for them, at least. Believe me, it makes their decision to do right all the more meaningful.
    And there’s the magic word again. Tension. And note, this doen’t have to be submerged in angst.

    5.Personal peeve, the next time you’re casting a female, pretend you’re writing for a male. Or maybe even Crowley. LOL. Maybe that will get rid of all the stereotyping.LOL.

    6. And please…please….PLEASE, Sara, this is writing 101, know what how you want the season to end , before episode 1 airs.

    Comment by Jo — May 25, 2011 @ 5:30 am

  48. Jo, I think that last point is brilliant and in Seasons 1-4 when you want the finale you can sit back and trace back and see the journey from beginning to end.

    Season 5 and the awfull SS started the let’s move in this direction, “what we been renewed” let’s do a fake out so one will will figure out I didn’t have the guts to pull the triger the way the show was supposed to go.

    Season 6 was let’s throw everyting, including the kitchen sink and see what sticks. Shoe horn in things that don’t belong because we can’t fiqure out how to make Supernatural into a tweenie soap opera.

    It made everyone unhappy, Jensen, in particular. Yes, he was unhappy and spin it anyway you like but when a guy who is known for going along to get along speaks out in print, at conventions, even begged fans to write TPTB, he’s not happy.

    Hopefully, lessons learned and SPN can go back to being SPN. I still say they should go back to having the boys wake up in Stull Cemetary and the past year was a bad dream in Sam’s head.

    Comment by Lugilla Brown — May 25, 2011 @ 11:36 am

  49. BTW, there was alot of funnel clouds in a very violent storm that moved thru DFW. Has anyone heard from Sara? She goes to the Rangers games alot and it was really bad there. I hope she is okay. Sara, please let us know, sweetie.

    Comment by Lugilla Brown — May 25, 2011 @ 11:42 am

  50. “Bad because they hadn’t adequately prepared for it”

    What they did with Castiel was wonderful, and it wasn’t just shoehorned in. Cas has been questionable all season long, and plenty of fans know of his wrong moves in seasons 4 and 5. Yes, Cas has done some good, undoubtedly, but he’s also done more than enough bad to back up the narrative of his transformation into a villain. The whole scenario also represents a great chance to finally get rid of those pesky angels who somehow have become the forefront of the series. Back to the humanity please.

    Comment by Johno — May 25, 2011 @ 12:13 pm

  51. Aww that’s so sweet of you to worry Lugilla. I’m fine, it was a pretty bad storm here we had some pretty bad hail, my dog was freaking out. But everything’s good. Thanks for the concern I appreciate it!

    Comment by Sara — May 25, 2011 @ 1:08 pm

  52. Thanks, Lugilla Brown. That’s it. If it was planned from the very beginning that Castiel was going to go psycho, we should have seen it coming. There’s a good way of doing that: Foreshadowing. Not showing glimpses of something nobody knows about, suspects or ultimatley forgets until four episodes into the finale.

    We just heard the words “souls” and “purgatory” a lot.

    In the meantime, we killed off the Campbells,one by one, Death taught Dean a moral lesson, Sam went all SOULLESS on us, and EVE came into the show mid-season, DRAMATICALLY MIND YOU, and fizzled soon after.
    Oh , yeah don’t forget Crowley’s death and ressurection, Lisa and Ben’s yawn-filled scenes, Dr. Blondie’s monster transformation, Rufus’s unnecessary (but still very much liked) return and (very much hated)demise, Balthazar’s snark and lastly, Castiel and Meg’s make-out scene.

    And dragons…*face palms* Oi.

    Cas was questionable all season long? Who could notice with all THAT?

    Personally, I don’t believe the angel story line and Castiel are the problem here. Tiring, yes. But not the cause.LOL

    And I still maintain, they pulled the finale out of their ass, but that’s my own opinion.

    Comment by Jo — May 25, 2011 @ 1:26 pm

  53. Honestly, I think the finale is the only thing they didn’t pull out of their ass.

    Comment by Johno — May 25, 2011 @ 2:34 pm

  54. I do not want to be mean, but are you people kidding me with God/Death talks? Who says God is alive? Who says Death is process of making everything into zero? Who says you can even comprehend the rules of our world with your mind? Like… for real? Who knows if there’s God? And why would you even bother with the concept, when it’s all just for pure phrase-mongering purpose? Yeah, we can think anything we want, BIG discovery, get over this childish fascination over word power, jeezz
    And frankly the whole angel, purgatory, hell stories in SPN lacked creative imagination sooo bad it was just painful to watch. Okay, it wasn’t interesting enough to be painful, just boring.
    I watch this show for Dean and Sam. But man, they need to make the story better or I’ll stop. It’s not a threat, it is sad fact.
    The writing is just… No words. I mean.. There’s time to study someones style and ideas, there’s even time to try and copy it, little time, but nonetheless. And there’s time to come up with something yourself. The fact that the initial material was running on thin overused thread is not an excuse to THAT level of stupidity.
    Or maybe we critics just don’t get the jazz.. Entirely possible. Shame.

    Comment by Namenename — May 25, 2011 @ 2:42 pm

  55. I do not want to be mean, but are you people kidding me with God/Death talks? Who says God is alive? Who says Death is process of making everything into zero? Who says you can even comprehend the rules of our world with your mind? Like… for real? Who knows if there’s God? And why would you even bother with the concept, when it’s all just for pure phrase-mongering purpose? Yeah, we can think anything we want, BIG discovery, get over this childish fascination over word power, jeezz
    And frankly the whole angel, purgatory, hell stories in SPN lacked creative imagination sooo bad it was just painful to watch. Okay, it wasn’t interesting enough to be painful, just boring.
    I watch this show for Dean and Sam. But man, they need to make the story better or I’ll stop. It’s not a threat, it is sad fact.
    The writing is just… No words. I mean.. There’s time to study someones style and ideas, there’s even time to try and copy it, little time, but nonetheless. And there’s time to come up with something yourself. The fact that the initial material was running on thin over used thread is not an excuse to THAT level of stupidity.
    Or maybe we critics just don’t get the jazz.. Entirely possible. Shame.

    So the truth. FANSERVICE is KILLING the show. Stop reading the frakin’ blogs and comments you IDIOTS.

    Comment by Nalots — May 25, 2011 @ 2:46 pm

  56. Sorry for the double, and by idiots I mean producers and writers.

    Comment by Nalots — May 25, 2011 @ 2:49 pm

  57. Sera Gamble herself said Cas was such a goody 2 shoes character until this season–so they decided to tarnish him this year. It was very abrupt and a screwing of a regular character–and yet I could deal with it if the bastards don’t kill him and has eventual redemption.

    But I am so sure they are killing him early in the season.

    Comment by James — May 26, 2011 @ 9:27 am

  58. Lugilla–Our Sheri in another thread mentions that Jensen in the Con in Germany mentioned that all scripts and ideas in S6 went thru Eric K. for approval which goes against what your guy told you.

    Comment by James — May 26, 2011 @ 9:35 am

  59. So season 6 being a lackluster season was all due too Kripke’s final word GO! ???

    Comment by Ozzie — May 26, 2011 @ 10:59 am

  60. For me, the proof is in the pudding. In Kripke’s S6 finale episode, he killed off Balthazar and Raphael, and allowed Cas to go all out evil. It seems to me that he wants an end to the angel story-line (maybe because the fans do), and if Castiel is dead within a few episodes next season, then it’ll be blatantly clear that Kripke did want them gone. Look at the story threads. Lisa and Ben; Sera’s idea. Castiel; Sera’s idea. Angels; Sera’s idea. And all of them look to have been written out ruthlessly. I don’t think Sera would have took that approach to her own creations. Kripke IS Supernatural. Without him, it becomes a pale imitation of its true self.

    If the finale proved anything, it’s that Kripke is far from exhausting his creative ideas for this show. As long as he’s on board, I’m on board.

    Comment by Johno — May 26, 2011 @ 11:54 am

  61. As Jensen said–Eric approved of all the ideas and scripts…he’d know much better than us. And their plan was to make the various threads of this season self-contained within the season. So it wasn’t Eric swooping in but instead following the plan he approved from the beginning. It wasn’t Eric overruling Sera since he approved all she did beforehand.

    Comment by James — May 26, 2011 @ 12:56 pm

  62. “various threads of this season self-contained within the season”

    Except, that didn’t happen, did it? Castiel, angels, Crowley, shattered Sam, and the souls. Almost all of the threads were NOT self-contained within the season, and will require a clean up in the first episode of season 7.

    What Jensen apparently said to some fan doesn’t matter. That Kripke was checking everything may be the official story, but it may very well be a lie. All that is besides the point though. Kripke had the final episode, and in it, he made wholesome changes.

    Comment by Johno — May 26, 2011 @ 1:07 pm

  63. According to Sera Gamble in the interview she gave TVline where she said Misha Collins won’t be a regulars, she also said: “While there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed,” reveals Gamble. So it’s not true the angels are going away. It sounds as if just the big arc won’t involve angels, but individual stories will. Hopefully, Cas will be the main one featured. I’m fine with him not being a regular, but I can’t imagine the show without him anymore. To me, the show is Sam, Dean and Cas. All three.

    Comment by Sammi — May 26, 2011 @ 5:37 pm

  64. Regarding #60, I also meant to add, how is this different than any other season? Every recurring character has been ruthlessly killed off, or gotten rid of somehow, except Bobby. From Jesse in season one, through John, Ash, Ellen and Jo, Bella, Pamela, Adam. The list is endless. And I left out the angels and demons. No one is ever left standing. So I’m not sure it means anything that that there were so many characters written out this time either.

    Comment by Sammi — May 26, 2011 @ 6:39 pm

  65. To Me the show is Sam and Dean and Bobby at times. Cast has not been on this series longer than the other 3 and though Misha Collins is loved by some of the fans…I preferred seeing JDM in season 7 than Misha. The John Winchester character means way more to me than the annoying angels and their pain in the ass civil war.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 26, 2011 @ 7:23 pm

  66. I miss the humanism of the show if you catch my drift. We’ve had enough of the demon and angel stuff, we need to ground the show again. I guess I can live with it if the angel story is in the background and not one of the main storylines.

    Kick Cas out of the backseat of the Impala. Cas has just gotten too overbearing this season. He’s overshadowed one or both of the main characters and managed to make a great season finale all about him in the last 10 minutes. A Cas cliffhanger is not interesting to me. It should’ve been about Sam, or Dean whichever. I don’t think we’ve had a season finale with a cliffhanger about a supporting character. It trumped everything that happened with Sam’s wall.

    I really hope Sam still struggles with the wall next season, it would be VERY sloppy writing if it isn’t still an issue. And I WILL give hell over it.

    Comment by Sara — May 26, 2011 @ 8:24 pm

  67. I bet , that when the first episode of season 8 airs it will be about CASTIEL AND DEAN dealing with his new angel friend playing the new God . I bet we see less of Sam and Bobby so that the writers can focus on Castiel’s betrayal towards Dean .

    Comment by Ozzie — May 26, 2011 @ 10:15 pm

  68. Sorry , I meant season 7, wow season 8 ? Damn I ‘am jumping the shark here, SORRY.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 26, 2011 @ 10:17 pm

  69. “while there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed”

    That is unacceptable and unforgivable. The one point that the fan-base is united on, is that angels have to go. People are tired of angels and Heaven. If they’re in this season, it will be the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW. That is pathetic. If they can’t come up with ideas for a 7th season that doesn’t somehow involve angels then they should allow someone to come in, who actually has some NEW and ORIGINAL ideas. I can get it if Cas is the big bad for the season, but please, no other angels, and no more Heaven; we don’t need to see them!

    Kripke, sort it out.

    Comment by Johno — May 27, 2011 @ 3:49 am

  70. I’d definitely say the fanbase is DEFINITELY NOT united on Angels(pro or con) or anything else AT ALL!… And I won’t speak for all the fans nor should anyone else.

    With that said Sera DID say there will be angel stories but more self-enclosed. I say that’s VERY good to still have some angels…actually I thought the angel stuff worked better than most of the other elements of S6. This doesn’t mean angels dominate the season–I very much doubt that happens.

    With regards to finishing off these season 6 storylines–YES a few are straggling but they are essentially done. Robert Singer said this was the plan all along for season make it like a novel unfolding and then wrapped up.

    With regards to Jensen stating Eric was still in control–I definitely don’t see that as some official line…just Jensen from his inside position telling some fans how it was. So yeah, eric gave a thumbs up to the stories of S6.

    Comment by James — May 27, 2011 @ 6:52 am

  71. “while there will be angel stories in Season 7, “they will probably be more self-enclosed”

    this sounds fine to me. seems like a good compromise. it would be a very bad idea to just kill castiel. if they need to downsize his airtime fine but if the boys do not at least try to help cas i will for one be very disappointed after all these years of rescuing perfect strangers the boys arent even gonna try and save castiel. that does not seem right to me.

    but i just got to say. i just do not get it. i read so many comments about how castiel is overshadowing the fact that this is the winchester story. i just do not see that. castiel was in less than half of the episodes for S6. and even if he were in all 22 nothing could ever change the fact that this started out a story about these boys and that has not changed. some like the story of these boys lives for the last 6 years, some do not but it is still THEIR story and only theirs.

    he is just not a threat. in any way shape or form. the addition of angels only makes sense, considering the two main characters fight demons.

    and i have never spoken to the actors/crew at any fan event. but i do know that sera and eric and all these people have worked together for YEARS. they all have a lot of mutual respect for the other. and from the beginning the making of this show has always been a collaborative effort and i feel sure that it still is. i do not think sera has ever done anything with this show in season 6 that was not okay with eric. i am so sure that sera would never go in some direction that eric did not sign off on. so whatever we have seen this season kripke gave the go ahead on it. and he was right to do so cause season 6 has been fantastic. i have watched all these episodes repeatedly and they have all been wonderful.

    i think the winchester story is perfect, just as it is. i would not change a thing. and that is coming from a lisa/dean and castiel supporter. at this point for season 7 i am just hoping dean and sam and bobby dont let me down and they at least try to save their “wingman” all this started with crowley. the boys and bobby need to track him down and see if he knows of something that can fix cas. crowley started all of this, filled castiels head with all this prideful garbage about how God chose castiel to save us all, and crowley first presented the idea of getting the souls out of purgatory. and at this point nothing bad has happened because of that. in fact only good that i can see. castiel got the souls without letting anything evil out, raphael was stopped once and for all, and crowley is running away in fear from castiel so he has been put in his place. the only downside i can see at this point is the souls of all these evil, clawed, fanged souls are making castiel sick. and i want the boys to make him better. i will be so disappointed if they dont at least try to save their friend.

    Comment by Tricky — May 27, 2011 @ 7:29 am

  72. “I’d definitely say the fanbase is DEFINITELY NOT united on Angels(pro or con) or anything else AT ALL!… And I won’t speak for all the fans nor should anyone else.”

    You just did speak on behalf of the fans. sheesh…

    Comment by Johno — May 27, 2011 @ 8:25 am

  73. @Tricky you have valid talking points, about this being the Sam&Dean series, and we ALL know that Supernatural Fans (like me ) do complain every season about something , but I do remember less fans whinning in seasons 1 and 2,… and then in season 3 Rubella arrived and fans (like me ) got all pissy. I didn’t complain about there being two females on a regular basis , what made me angry was when the CW added the Rubella female additions on next to the brothers in their TV promos AND had pictures of Rubella on their SPN forums. I remember thinking to myself ”WTH”???

    I remember getting all bothered and spastic about it and blogging / posting my complaints about it and being told by Forum mods to stop complaining , and being banned for a week because I was expressing my POV’s about Rubella.

    The strange thing is that my friends read my posts and were like WHY WERE YOU BANNED ? Like you were polite and you didn’t even use bad language???

    I actually thought that since I was banned from blogging at the SPN.TV forums for a week that maybe I was wrong and off target, and then I read at other SPN sites that EK was not happy with the Bela Red Sky Morning episode and he therefore got rid of Bela, and then I read that Katie Cassidy wanted more money to return in season 4 as demon Ruby and she had ,…had that cop inccident where she lied about her real identity, so EK got rid of her and brought in demon Ruby 2.

    I remember thinking OMG there is a light at the end of the SPN tunnel…and his name is ERIC KRIPKE.

    I think that the Castiel character has become the new desease “RUBELLA” of seasons 4/5 AND 6 …and the majority of the FANBASE is just TIRED of the angel crapola.

    I mean honestly if the YED character and Gordon too had lasted more than 3 seasons , the FANS too would have wanted these characters GONE for good by now.

    Castiel will return next season because Gamble and Kripke want to keep the Mishaminions on board , but I hope his time in season 7 is minimized and I can bet that there will be another boring Castiel Centric episode next season . Maybe Jensen will get to direct his angel co-star???

    I also will say that In my opinion we have lost many fans through out the 6 seasons of Supernatural and even Gambles stated that hopefully season 6 being more like season 1, that the series might get back the 2 million fans that were there from seasons 1 and 2 .

    Supernatural has Castiel fans/ Mishaminion fans WHO ARE BLOGGING,.. that if Castiel doesn’t return next season that they will not watch the SPN series, a tv series that is supposed to be about TWO BROTHERS, not TWO BROTHERS AND AN ANGEL.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 27, 2011 @ 9:11 am

  74. Johno you miss my point–i’m saying NO ONE can say what all fans think…ON WHATEVER, regardless the subject. I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone…actually just saying SPN fans disagree on all kinds of subjects regarding SPN.

    Comment by James — May 27, 2011 @ 9:15 am

  75. the finale was epic seriously but i love cas sinister or not he was my fave character aside from the boys i love misha & i really hope that he appears more then once in season 7 coz if he doesnt thats just tragic…
    i will watch season 7 i’ve been a fan since the beginning but i’ll be damned if i’m happy that cas/misha isnt gonna be in it as much hey i love the angel leave it me but yeah i still wish he was a regular but watcha gonna do
    misha did a great job playing him so we shall see what happens

    Comment by angel — May 27, 2011 @ 6:37 pm

  76. No one ever said that the show was really just supposed to be two brothers. The show is called Supernatural, not The Winchester Brothers. It started out as dark, scary show about urban legends and ghosts. More emphasis started to be placed on the brothers relationship because the CW teen girls go for that sort of thing and the relationship took over the show and that actually hurt the ratings as those who liked the scary dark stories and not the angst and soap turned out during late season 2 and season 3. So there’s really no reason not to have two brothers, an angel and an old drunk. The show only has 2 million viewers left. If even 10% stop watching because Cas leaves your down to 1.8. If 20% lose interest, you’re down to 1.75. Those are the sorts of ratings that guarantee a cancellation. Better to keep Cas on as a guest star throughout the season than the show to be cancelled altogether. He has a huge number of fans and a handful of appearances isn’t going to interfere with the brothers bond any. So self contained angel stores sounds like they are trying to keep both factions happy to keep the show going.

    Comment by Jaylin — May 27, 2011 @ 6:47 pm

  77. Oops, bad math. If 20% lose interest, the viewers would be down to around 1.6 million or so.

    Comment by Jaylin — May 27, 2011 @ 6:49 pm

  78. I hope Jaylin gets raped for being an idiot.

    Comment by Whoever — May 28, 2011 @ 12:54 am

  79. Well, I just read tweets and went to other SPN sites and saw videos of the Con the guys had in Germany and it has been reported that Jensen did not like playing soft domesticated Dean and that he was not happy with season 6 and playing a domesticated Dean to a souless Sam and that he voiced his opinions to both Gambles and Robert Singer about this and that Jensen also said that DEAN WILL NEVER HAVE the apple pie life.

    Reading and seeing Jensen express himself like this just proved to me and sealed the fact that wnen fans do complain at times it is for valid reasons. What is it that they say…I can read between the lines. Looks like SPN fans some…sensed that Jensen was not a happy camper about season 6. Jared enjoyed playing souless Sam because it gave him another side of Sam to play though. Also as Jensen too express his feelings it looked like Gambles was not to happy at what she had done with Domesticated Dean in season 6, fans at the Paley could see the negative expressions on her face as Jensen spoke and then again at the German Con Jensen expressed that Dean will never, never have the domesticated Apple pie life.

    So to all those Dean fans who wanted Dean to have a wife and kid and settle down and get away from his so called annoying brother Sammy, well that is not want Jensen wanted. It is what Gambles wanted in season 6 , but not Jensen. As one SPN fan posted when one of the Lead actor complains then you know something is wrong.

    Also it looks like Kripke well be having more control over season 7 than Gamble did in season 6.

    Go Kripke! For those SPN doubters too , all this is on Supernatural Super Wiki.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 28, 2011 @ 4:47 am

  80. i still want dean to have those things BECAUSE dean wants them for himself. and that does not mean that he is not hunting with sam. i never said i wanted him away from sam. i just want him to have a family AND be able to hunt with same both. and there is no reason he cannot have both.

    and if jensen said that well then i am glad he doesnt make the decisions where the story goes. i am glad that is left up to kripke and sera. they are doing fantastic. they did a really wonderful thing keeping lisa and ben alive. i think and hope by the time the show is coming to an end once and for all dean will be back with them somehow. Eric Kripke himself signed off on building this romantic interest/family for dean and i am so glad he did. thanks kripke and crew for keeping lisa and ben alive that way dean at least has the small comfort of knowing they are out there somewhere happy and safe…hopefully.

    Comment by Tricky — May 28, 2011 @ 8:54 am

  81. sorry be able to hunt with *sam

    Comment by Tricky — May 28, 2011 @ 8:56 am

  82. Something interesting about what was said at the con that really made me smile : Jared said that Dawn wasn’t a big fan of Supernatural (you don’t say) and that it looks like she was urged to resign. He also said that the new CEO is a fan of the show though so maybe we’ll get more respect and attention now.

    But it’s nice to hear we’re not paranoid. It’s pretty bad when a network’s actors feel their CEO doesn’t care about their show. They deserve a CEO who believes and supports the show not someone who tries to kill it and promotes crappy teeny bopper shows. Of course she sure pretended at the 100 episode party didn’t she?

    Comment by Sara — May 28, 2011 @ 9:17 am

  83. I can completly understand why Jensen didn´t like playing “domasticated Dean”
    It just didn´t work out and it never ever will. No matter what happens … it just can´t.
    Simple as that. And no one can convince me otherwise. Yes, it is just my opinion but it was one of the few things that seemed clear to me from the very beginning and Kripke almost broke it.
    The Winchester are cursed and can´t live a normal life. Never. Later we found out that not even John could have protected them from that because his wife and all of his wifes family were hunters…
    The all know too much and have seen too much and should have never gotten kids….
    Dean hunting and having a family is ridiculous. The monsters will come to them sooner or later. Would be so unrealistic if not…
    Even if Dean or Sam would stop hunting for good. Some demon or monster will try to get revenge and they are a tagets simply because the monsters and demons know they know they exist …
    And that is the reason Dean (and of cause also Sam)will never be able to raise his family in a happy and healthy way. They can´t pretend monsters don´t exist.
    I would have called him an selfish idjit for draging Ben and Lisa into his mess if it hadn´t had been all Sams idea to get back to Lisa and Ben….
    It it was not at all out of character for Sam to suggest that, since he always tried to get out and live a normal life, but it certanly was for Dean to say “Okay”
    Maybe it was Kripkes sentimental way to try to find a happy end for at least one of the Winchester since Season 5 was supposed to be the last but is was a bad idea even then and taking it way up into season 6 was the worst thing they could have done.
    Dean now knows what he is missing and they will have to make him deal with this in all the future seasons. I liked it that Sam was the one who almost got a little tast of that but not to much because Jess was killed of before it really got to him and Dean never knew what he was missing. Now we have a Winchester who has gotten the full load and that is no good.
    If I would have something to say I would kill Sam and Dean both off if Supernatrual is over.
    Supernatural is indeed about the Winchesters and I can not imagine one of them hunting at -least not in an active way – without the other. If only one of them dies he will end like Bobby. So please let them die together in an heroic way and give them peace. Thats what I would love.

    Comment by Naughty — May 28, 2011 @ 9:23 am

  84. let it bleed and the man who knew too much was awesome and a great season finale. i love castiel even more after these last three episodes, i really like that he is doing what he wants to do not letting anyone get in his way and if they do they will regret it(just ask sam what happens). im so excited for season 7 it will be awesome, i want to see how sam is going to handle knowing everything that happened in hell and being soulless what will that do to him also what castiel will be doing now that he is God and if he loses those souls what will happen to him and also to see what is going on with dean how he will handle losing ben and lisa and what will happen to him.the one thing i want to see the most is sam and dean driving on the back roads of america in the impala saving people,hunting things,the family business.

    Comment by cassie — May 28, 2011 @ 9:50 am

  85. Sorry I meant: If only one of them dies the other will end up like Bobby..

    Comment by Naughty — May 28, 2011 @ 9:54 am

  86. omg…i hope to God they do not make the winchester boys suffer their whole lives with all this crap just to give them a final kick in the teeth and kill them at the end. no freakin way!

    they have given up their whole lives and everything they ever wanted for themselves to save other people. they DESERVE a happy ending. and i know it can be written to where dean can have a family that he has always longed for to go home to after him and sam finish up some hunting job. same goes for sam. but they havent built up anything for sam they way they did with lisa and ben. i am just glad they did not kill lisa and ben, so there is always gonna be that thread hanging out there for future storyline for dean. and i know dean is not gonna have lisa and ben far from his mind. he is going to be thinking of them whereever they are, missing them, etc. and that will be good enough for me for now….

    Comment by Tricky — May 28, 2011 @ 10:34 am

  87. I think a happy ending for Sam and Dean would be for them to hunt as long as Bobby has hunted, but then look at how Rufus died , being stabbed to death by his closest friend possessed by a monster. Plus Bobby made it clear this season that he does not always enjoy his life. Being a hunter of evil…just means you are cursed . Even the angels themselves have also died ugly deaths like the SPN hunters too.

    Dean too said in the Chris Mindfreak episode that he did not want to end up like Bobby . He asked Sam is that what you want to end up like Bobby , when they were talking about killing Lillith/ cutting the dragon’s head. To which Dean told Sam , yeah, you cut the dragons head and she grows another?

    Looks like Sam and Dean will go out the Butch& Sundance Kid style. Blazing their guns away…together.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 28, 2011 @ 12:33 pm

  88. Wow, Misha tweeted at the Brasil Con, that Castiel was suppose to be killed off at the end of season 6 , and that his relationship will be different with Dean in season 7. I can imagine, that since he played around with Sammy’s soul.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 28, 2011 @ 5:58 pm

  89. Re: #78

    I’m sorry but whom do I email to complain that someone actually typed that they want me to be raped because they disagree with me? What a dispicable thing to say. Are there any admins or mods reading this? I’ve never seen a comment like that typed about a poster ever. What a sick scumbag you are.

    Comment by Jaylin — May 28, 2011 @ 7:06 pm

  90. Omg! @Jaylin…that is really evil of that person…even the J’s would not approve of that crappy behavior.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 28, 2011 @ 7:19 pm

  91. Just ignore it.

    Comment by Sara — May 28, 2011 @ 7:25 pm

  92. “they DESERVE a happy ending. and i know it can be written to where dean can have a family that he has always longed for to go home to after him and sam finish up some hunting job. same goes for sam.”

    Tricky, no disrespect, but please, stop pushing your idea of what happiness is on to Sam and Dean. For some, wife, kids and the whole nine yards isn’t something they aspire towards, and for many that do, the dream of a happy ending, ends up more like a nightmare. Some of us prefer to live fast, happy, and die young. That isn’t tragic, and even if you perceive it to be, it’s certainly no more tragic than living an unfulfilled life of mediocrity, stuck in a useless non-productive job to put money on the table for the wife and kids.

    Happiness comes in all different shapes and sizes, so to speak.

    Comment by Johno — May 28, 2011 @ 7:59 pm

  93. Jaylin, I would like to extend my DEEPEST and sincerest apology for my ugly comment. I was actually very drunk when I wrote it and I have serious rage issues when that happens and I say things I don’t even mean. In fact I hardly remember writing it. I don’t wish that at all, I wish only good things for you. I know you probably won’t forgive me and I deserve that but I do want you to know that that was horrible of me and I don’t really think that. I’m a better person than that and please don’t let my horrible tongue upset you. I beg your forgiveness with all my heart. I hope you are well and truly blessed. I have terrible issues and hope to control myself. If I could delete my comment I would and hope the mods or whoever does delete it, I didn’t mean it at all. I don’t know why I said it I guess it was just the alcohol I don’t know why it triggers such rage and makes me someone I’m not. I just wanted to ask for your forgiveness and apologize if you don’t that’s fine and I’ll do you a favor by never commenting on here again. Thank you for understanding hun.

    Comment by Whoever — May 28, 2011 @ 8:00 pm

  94. i have never felt that i was pushing my idea of happiness for dean. that dean wants some sort of normal family life has been shown to us since season 1. i sadly cannot say the same for sam just because they havent invested any storyline to tell us what sam wants once the show ends and there is no more hunting. but for dean they have made it canon that he wants a family and a normal life and i feel often i am the only one who cares that dean actually have this one day so i must make my voice heard if at all possible.

    i do not think it is tragic at all if one wants to live fast and die young. i am just saying that is not what has been shown to us as something DEAN wants. dean wants a home, a family. and he wants to be a hunter at the same time. they should write the end of the series this way. sorry if it bothers you johno. i do not mean for it to bother anyone but i am one of the very very few speaking up for this on deans behalf so i just gotta do it.

    Comment by Tricky — May 28, 2011 @ 10:06 pm

  95. Actually , I remember in season 1 , Sam wanting and trying to live the normal life , until they killed Jessica and the demon Yed , had it done to push Sam back into the hunting life and away from normalcy.

    I still have my season 1 DVD box and once in a while watch the Oldschool Supernatural episodes, and I remember the young rebellious Dean telling Sam, Oh , you want to live SAFE, you want the apple pie life??? Sam wanted it so bad, but then in the Swap Meat eppie, Sam told Dean that he did not believe in that ”APPLEPIE LIFE” , anymore.

    I know (Dean) fans who always say, that deep inside Dean did wanedt, what Sam had in the season pilot…but I disagree with that, because in the Shadow episode where the boys finally met JW and battled demon Meg, Dean again told Sam, that he just wanted to be with Sam and John out hunting together again as a family…but his family, not meaning with a wife and kid on his shoulder.

    I remember how upset Dean got in the ”SHADOW” episode,… because Sam again revealed that when it was all over , them uniting with their dad , that Sam was going to go back to school and that Dean was not happy about Sam revealing that again

    It was not until b4 the start of season 4, that Eric Kripke himself said and revealed that he was going to turn the brothers lives around,…meaning Dean would now want the ”Apple Pie ” LIFE and Sam just want to hunt and kill Lillith for what she had done to Dean.

    Then in season 3 in HOUSES OF HOLY , again Sam believed in Angels and he tells Dean that he prays every night…which shocked the life out of me, since in 2 seasons I had never seen or heard Sam pray or even mention GOD.?

    So in season 1 Sam wanted normal and Dean criticized him for it.

    In season 3 , Sam reveals to Dean that he prays and believes in angels and God, and again was criticized for it by Dean…who referred to Unicorns shooting glitter out of their asses….if I recall right?

    In season 1 ,…too Sam finally reveals to Dean that he gets premonitions in the ”HOME ”,episode and Dean gets angry and starts to see Sam in a negative way…ala …freak ?

    I think that by season 5 ,Kripke had succeeded in turning the Sam & Dean characters lives and life choices around in a complete 360 full circle.

    Dean by season 5 now wanted the normal pie life
    as it was shown in Swap Meat and Sam no longer believed in having that family life or going back to college .

    Even the writers had Sam tell Dean go look for Lisa and you try living a normal safe life by the end of season 5…so that for season 6 , Gambles could get her sappy soapy Dean loves Lisa&Ben story.

    It won’t surprise me if b4 SPN ends that the writers bring back Lisa & Ben . Yes ,I can see it all now…Castiel is a good angel again…and Heaven is at peace again, and God is back on his thrown, so Castiel returns the amulet to Dean , and Lisa and Ben back to Dean with their memories intact .
    Sam decides he will continue to hunt again and this time Dean really gives up the keys of the impala to Sam.

    Dean too places the amulet around his true and biological son teen Ben Winchester, and Castiel is forgiven and his fans are happy campers and Dean gets his apple pie life with Lisa & Ben…and Sam becomes like JW and Bobby a hunter …on his own continuing the FAMILY BUSINESS he did not want in the pilot.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 29, 2011 @ 1:42 am

  96. Ozzie, I can almost seeing the show ending that way. Except I don’t think there’s any chance Ben is Dean’s biological son. And I also don’t think that matters one bit. He could still be Ben’s true dad, without being the biological dad. But I can see the show ending perhaps with Dean going back to them for good and getting that happy ending.
    But then other times, I think the show loves to torture them too much and Sam and Dean will simply die heroically at the end.
    Hopefully heaven will be fixed up because otherwise, their souls will be going up to chaos for eternity and may end up as canon fodder for the next crazy angel dictator.

    Comment by Sammi — May 29, 2011 @ 5:56 am

  97. Well, I hope that when SPN does end that it’s a very good ending for THE WINCHESTER BROTHERS and Bobby too. Bobby ending up in heaven with his wife would be perfect for him…and seeing Rufus too up there.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 29, 2011 @ 8:27 am

  98. that would be a great ending to the show ozzie except i kinda feel dean would hold onto to the impala, when a job comes up i always thought that would be the car dean used to hunt. i do not think they will make ben deans bio son. but i have thought maybe if dean ended up back with them ben would be trained up as the next generation of hunter. from what i can tell we need more people trained to do this anyway.

    i know i go on and on and ON. but since season one when john first mentioned dean wanting a real home/family life i have seen sign after sign that it is true. dean does want that, he just cannot for the life of him figure out how to have it. by the time supernatural is over for good i hope the writing can position dean where he has the best of both these worlds, dean can never be truly happy unless he has both. some sort of balance, it seemed to work for samuel and deanna, until azazel anyway. and with dean i do not think there is anything that could come and threaten them that his badass couldnt handle.
    but with all this being said, i will always watch supernatural, even if i do not ever see dean achieve what he wants in his life. and if the story just does not go in this direction or anywhere near it i just hope the boys are alive at the end of all this, the last thing sam and dean deserve is to die when this is all over, not after everything they have been put through.

    Comment by Tricky — May 29, 2011 @ 10:15 am

  99. In the pilot Sam wanted normal and lived a normal life for what 4 years with Jessica, and Dean criticized him for it. Then knowing full well that he was going to jump into the pit…Sam told Dean …to go live the life that I guess Dean wanted secretly?

    Kripke just turned the entire Sam wants and what Dean wants around in season 5. In season 4, Kripke had the brothers at war … the brothers , divided and he’s on record saying that is exactly what he was going to do and in doing so he said he divide the fandom of Supernatural and he did.

    I’am always amazed how through out the seasons that when Sam so wanted as Dean called it ”THE SAFE LIFE”, THE APPLE PIE LIFE”, that Sam was criticized for wanting that life by many fans for 5 seasons, and yet when Dean wanted it , those same fans were voicing /blogging/ posting how much Dean deserved that life, …well it seems to me seeing SPN that what Sam’s has wanted doesn’t mean crap to many Dean and Dastiel fans…truth be told.


    Comment by Ozzie — May 30, 2011 @ 2:20 am

  100. I have said this many times before in other SPN web sites and I will say it here….Supernatural will end in the near future and we will never know who Sam Winchester really was. It’s like how many Supernatural writers does it take to write Sam’s POV, THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.???

    Comment by Ozzie — May 30, 2011 @ 2:31 am

  101. Ozzie I checked into the Misha in Brazil Con–it wasn’t he who tweeted but instead someone who was there. I saw the youtube video–Misha did say Cas was suppose to die in S6.

    But Misha does NOT know yet if he’ll be back in S7–he hasn’t asked the writers. About the quote about Dean and Cas’s relationship changing–that was pure Misha speculation when someone asked him fromthe audience.

    Misha says he doesn’t know about S7. I still think the bastards are planning to kill him off(and screw them if they do)–hell they almost did it in S6. Hope i’m wrong!

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 5:07 am

  102. Tricky I agree neither Dean and Sam want to die young or grow old into Bobby(as much as we and they love Bobby)–So at the end of the show, i’d love to see them point to a positive direction for them, Bobby and Cas!

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 5:13 am

  103. By tv standards the angel story in Supernatural is ancient. Its been three years–longer in episodes than the first three years of Sam/Dean hunting. For God’s sake, pun intended, drop the heaven v. hell, angels story. That story increased the US ratings somewhat in season 4 but since then, there has been a steady erosion of US viewers from plus-3 mil. to often less than 2 million viewers. The final 3 angel-heaven episodes of season 6 drew less than a 1 ratings share–down to .8. The Dean and his angel crowd clearly are taking the series down. Dump the angels, and yes the series will lose some segment of the present viewers, but clearly the series is going down if you continue to cater to them. If Krepki, Sera, Jensen and Jared want the series to go beyond season 7, their only hope is to introduce new characters and a new theme to the show. Better to give the series a chance of reinvigorating itself than to stick with the ratings looser of the angel story. Got to think too, Warner Bros. cannot be happy with what has happened. The seasons 1-3 action adventure series was a worldwide hit; the angel-themed seasons have seen it difficult to find a broadcast home in the UK and dropped in Australia. American action/adventure sells worldwide; American religious speculation does not. I don’t care what they do with Castiel, but the theme which supports that character, once a positive, is now killing the series. It needs to be dropped. Get Sam and Dean, two human brothers, back into some real conflict with evil and give the series a chance to attract new viewers. Sera’s suggestion of a Butch Cassidy theme for season 7 is just what the series needs. I can’t see Sera writing that season effectively, but at least it gives the series a chance for survival.

    Comment by CaseyT — May 30, 2011 @ 6:31 am

  104. Well if Misha returns back in season 7 as Castiel , then that won’t surprise me…because I think he will return but shown only in a few episodes.

    As for his relationship changing with Dean in season 7, then that is a given, only because Dean saw with his own eyes what Misha did to sam . Some fans are asking how Dean will treat Castiel after what he did to Sam…in other sites, strange I’am more interested in how Sam will treat Castiel since he played with his soul more than once. Sam just always gets thrown under the bus by some of these ”DASTIEL” fans.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 30, 2011 @ 6:53 am

  105. Ozzie that’s just SPN fandom–they split into groups…some hate Cas, Some Dean, some Sam OR some other character. And everyone has their opinion and they just yak, yak, yak about it. LOL.

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 7:02 am

  106. Caseyt post 103 – Yes, that is what I hope to see, too. I much preferred the earlier seasons and hope that the heaven/angel story goes away.

    Comment by Jo1027 — May 30, 2011 @ 9:41 am

  107. A LOT of fans want the angel story to go away, but not Castiel. I ‘d prefer that even Castiel faded away, or at least if he returns then keep him near his bff Dean but away from Sammy.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 30, 2011 @ 11:48 am

  108. I do agree more like Cas than the speciic angel story but I submit there are still a lot who like some angel story in SPN.

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 12:05 pm

  109. *specific*

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 12:06 pm

  110. “Ozzie that’s just SPN fandom–they split into groups…some hate Cas, Some Dean, some Sam OR some other character. And everyone has their opinion and they just yak, yak, yak about it. LOL.”

    The only part of the audience that dislikes Sam are the Castiel fans because of Dean’s relationship with Sam, that goes far beyond the relationship that Castiel has with Dean and the Castiel-Dean shippers could ever wish for. The only fans who hate Dean are Sam fans who have GROWN to dislike him because of his association with Cas, and in turn because of the Castiel-Dean shippers, who have little regard for Sam. Cas and his fans are no longer a priority. The only two characters that truly matter, are those who have only ever truly mattered; Sam and Dean.

    Balthazar is by far the best angel the series has had. If Cas had died for the brothers in season 4 as Balthy did, maybe I would remember him fondly. As it is, I can’t wait to see Sam and Dean kick his ass.

    Comment by Johno — May 30, 2011 @ 1:21 pm

  111. “I do agree more like Cas than the speciic angel story but I submit there are still a lot who like some angel story in SPN.”

    That is simply not true. Go on any SPN forum or discussion, and you can find the MAJORITY of fans united on one thing; that the angels have to go. The only people who say different are Cas fans who have to peddle that line because without at least SOME angel story, there can be no Cas.

    Comment by Johno — May 30, 2011 @ 1:26 pm

  112. Johno I don’t look for you for objective SPN analysis–you favor Sam, hate angels…so you do have your biases.

    And granted you can say the same for me. But if you didn’t see all the pissed people about Cas’s possible death on tons of commentary then you haven’t been looking much.

    And before you get your knickers in a twist–I know there are those that are happy with a Cas death too. It’s just not all on one side like you want to make it out. In fact the 2 sites known for the most anti-Cas bias is this one and the CW.

    And I submit Cas can exist without specific angel stories–BUT here’s the point…Sera has already said there will be angel stories.

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 1:37 pm

  113. Also you are incorrect to say only Cas fans dislike Sam, there are also Dean fans(Dean solo fans) that do AND Sam fans who dislike either Cas or Dean. I’VE HEARD IT ALL AND MORE.

    And it’s NOT most fans of these groups just the loud fringe haters of the groups.

    With angels in general there is no consensus that I see–a bunch still like Cas, they like Baltzy, they liked the comic and time/reality warping episodes the angels gave a twist to. AND–TES I know others don’t.

    BUT anyway i’m very pessimistic–i’m pretty sure they kill Cas early…then you’ll be rid of him and me(and be very happy I presume)…as i’ll then confine myself to S1 to S5.

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 1:47 pm

  114. *AND YES*

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 1:49 pm

  115. I don’t favour Sam. I relate to him. It’s easy to like someone whom you relate to. I absolutely adore Sam AND Dean. I just don’t relate to Dean so much, but I sure as hell wish I had a brother just like him.

    OAN, there were NO fans from season 1-3 that hated Sam or Dean. The split (between the fans) came about because of Cas and Ruby, and it’s been there ever since.

    Comment by Johno — May 30, 2011 @ 1:56 pm

  116. Favor, relate…whatever. And I submit there have always been mostly fangirls of Sam and Dean that have dissed the other from the beginning. They may have added Cas and Ruby to the mix later BUT that’s only frosting…the deep rupture was from before. And again this is a fringe thing not the whole group.

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 2:10 pm

  117. “Favor, relate…whatever. ”

    No, not “whatever”. Favour and relate mean two entirely different things. I don’t favour one over the other. If Sam and Dean were to go to war with one another I wouldn’t favour one over the other, just as I didn’t in season 4 when Sam went dark-side.

    Comment by Johno — May 30, 2011 @ 2:26 pm

  118. Yes I get the distinction–but to me it doesn’t relate to the point I was making. But I get the difference.

    Comment by James — May 30, 2011 @ 4:45 pm

  119. i root for all 4 of them and love them all equal. bobby dean sam and castiel. of course there are characters that i see more of myself in than others but i love them all and want them all on the show. bobby and castiel of course far fewer episodes than the boys but still i would not want to lose any of them for good.

    Comment by Tricky — May 30, 2011 @ 4:54 pm

  120. I want to see 22 episodes in season 7 with Sam and Dean upfront and center…unless one of the J’s gets sick then the other J …as in Jim Beaver could fit in. I don’t want Sam being bff with Castiel after what he did to him and his so called real brother Balthazar.

    Castiel can be Dean’s bff and vent to Dean,… and Dean can vent to Bobby and Sam in my opinion needs a human female friend to connect with since the other two B&C are busy hanging out with Dean the man to vent too.

    I hope seriously that Sam finds a friend to talk to in season 7, since the writers usually have Dean talking at longer lengths to both Castiel and Bobby.

    I hope to that we do see less of Castiel and only get like 4 episodes related to angels then it can be over and done with.

    If the J’s…one or both were not on this series anymore then I’d be out too.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 30, 2011 @ 6:19 pm

  121. TV Withoput Pity post their best and worst season finalies and 2 years in a row SPN got worst. Here is the exact post:

    Worst: Supernatural
    Castiel makes Raphael explode, and then our formerly favorite angel gets power crazed and decides that he’s God. Remember when this show was about two attractive brothers fighting off demons from urban legends? The producers sure don’t.

    I’m signing off for the summer, Kiddies. I’m going to spend my summer vacation torturing the hell out of Eric Kripke and company. I have a game plan and a “mole” to help me out and just before the season starts, I’ll give you a full report on how I spent my summer vacation.

    A couple of predictions just for fun: Kripke will know the name Lugilla.

    He will not be at Comic Con because he will face a few very angry fans who are locked and loaded to hold his feet to the fire and will ask question he doesn’t want to answer at the panels but finds he can’t escape, so to save face…no show.

    The amulet will be back very early in the season because Lugilla is like a pitbull and will not let it go until it is and hopefully a bonus:

    Kripke will apologize to the fans about his cavalier attitude about the amulet. (I really don’t expect this one but it’s okay to dream.)

    One more quick thing. I just put in an offer on a house, are you ready for this… I kid you not…

    It’s on Impala DR, in Crowley, Tx.

    Every one have a safe and happy summer!

    Comment by Lugilla Brown — May 30, 2011 @ 8:42 pm

  122. IMO the amulet is representative of the earlier conversation about the resentment the producers have for the J2 Dean/Sam center of the series. Symbols are important, and that amulet was THE symbol of the brothers unbreakable tie. To have Dean give it away to Castiel (in season 5 as Castiel was being hailed as the new star of the series) was symbolic. When Cas was finished with it, Dean threw it away. It may be that Krepki just did not understood the symbolism of the act of giving it to Castiel or throwing it away–or if he did, then it was a deliberate act on the writers part to downgrade Sam/Dean as the center of the series. If Sera is serious about returning SPN to a focus on Sam and Dean then that amulet needs to come back. Until that happens, a large part of the fandome will be pissed. At some point if SPN is going to have a planned, overall ending to rap-up the series that amulet has to come back.Perhaps that’s what Krepki is waiting on.

    Comment by CaseyT — May 31, 2011 @ 3:24 am

  123. I HATE, HATE TWOP, I have deleted them for good from my pc. This SPN site is the worst and there are nothing but a bunch of haters …there . EK haters and Jared/Sam haters but DEAN lovers…at TWOP. Stay away from there…you can find better SPN sites on Facebook where the SPN FANS are great.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 31, 2011 @ 3:26 am

  124. ….and Yes the amulet is a symbol of the Sam and Dean bromance that the writers have not focused on for 3 seasons since EK filled up his series with annoying angels and their civil crappy holy war. It pissesss me off when I hear Castiel / Mishaminion fans post/blogg/tweet that if Castiel don’t come back in season 7 , they they too ain’t coming back and I’am like WTH, I thought these fans were here to watch the brothers…not a series about an angel. This is Supernatural…not the CASTIEL series. WTH???

    Comment by Ozzie — May 31, 2011 @ 3:33 am

  125. Ozzie–Misha minions were never recruited to support SPN; they were recruited and encourgaged to support that actor and his career. What’s the surprise that they have no loyalty to SPN?

    Comment by CaseyT — May 31, 2011 @ 5:01 am

  126. So true @CaseyT, so true.

    Comment by Ozzie — May 31, 2011 @ 7:53 am

  127. @Ozzie,

    OMG! You say many things that I have thought so eloquently. I agree stay away from TWOP, it’s a Sam/Jared hating site also, Oh No They Didn’t on Livejournal is not a place for Sam/Jared fans. I’ve pretty much left fandom and at cons, I’ve been verbally attacked b/c I don’t support Castiel/Misha. It’s gotten to the point that I sometimes wish Jared would leave the show and get his own projects whether another TV show or some movies or just anything…I understand not everyone will like or love certain characters, but I don’t get the irrational hate and blame for a fictional character and the actor who plays him.

    Comment by TheSparklingDiamond — May 31, 2011 @ 3:26 pm

  128. I am grateful I have not experienced any of the hatred that has been said to be thrown at Sam and/or Jared by so-called fans of the show. The one con I went to Jared was the headliner (Jensen) was absent) and there was absolutely no hatred directed against Jared at all. Which is the right thing because only fans of the show and the actor would logically be spending that much money to be there.
    However, there has been in intense amount of hatred against the character of Castiel and even the actor portraying him, Misha Collins, right here on this forum.
    @TheSparklingDiamond: So I don’t get that irrational hate and blame for a fictional character and the actor who plays him also.
    It is wrong against any actor and character of this show and it is very, very irrational.
    There are way too many angry people out there.

    Comment by SL — May 31, 2011 @ 9:44 pm

  129. @Ozzie (Post 124): If I remember correctly (and if I do not I am sorry) you stated that you watch the show for Jared and if he was to leave and go elsewhere you would leave the show yourself.

    So why is it wrong for the fans who watch the Show for Misha to feel the same way?

    I watch the show for Sam and Dean Winchester, myself. The day comes the two characters leave the show I am up and out of here.

    Comment by SL — May 31, 2011 @ 9:48 pm

  130. i watch the show for the story of the winchesters, whatever that is and may hold in the future. i watch the show because it is well written, well produced, well acted. even the extras are usually way above average, and a lot of them recognizable from other work.

    i watch the show for ALL main characters but i can clearly see that this is the winchester gosphels. the evil stuff they hunt, the victims, the angels, even bobby. everything is just suppporting background to the story of dean and sam, a destiny that was written long before they were a gleam in john winchester eye. and as long as it continues to unfold i will be there. but for a show so centered around hunting things like demons, if there were not angels around to put some balance to the whole demon thing, it would not make a lot of sense to me. and i sure as hell prefer castiel(even after everything he has done to this point) to a lot of the other angels we have seen, anna, uriel, zachariah, raphael, even gabriel was a jerk most of the time. because of all this anytime i see someone post about how the presence of castiel or angels in general is overshadowing the fact this is the story of 2 brothers, i recognize the fact they have a right to their opinion but i am just COMPLETELY confused by these statements, i just do not and i have never seen that at all….

    Comment by Tricky — June 1, 2011 @ 1:17 am

  131. SL, I poped in for a minute and saw your post. I have a hard time with this myself except I think, sadly, I really know.

    I’m a self professed Deaniac but I can’t for the life of me see why anyone would hate Jared. He reminds of a Great Dane puppy all legs and love. I have maintained that Samazons really like Jared because sometimes Sam is not very likable. That is not a slam but it’s the way he is written.

    He’s always laughing and hugging everyone. I have a real soft spot for huggers. Gee, what is not to like.

    But the real hate Sam campaign started with the arrival of Castiel. Sam unfortunately is no longer needed. For all the slasher out there, wincest no matter how you slice it, is more than a little icky but with Cas, they all rejoiced.
    Frankly, I can’t go to FanFicNet anymore because the Diestal slashers have completely taken over. To the Castiel fan, Sam is in the way and if they hate him enough and/or are nasty enough maybe he’ll quit or get written out of the show.

    The split started when Kripke decided to split the boys up and the fans started forming camps but then the door was thrown wide out with Cas and now all fans have been set against each other.

    For all of you who say they will leave if Castiel goes. Great, I’ll help pack your bags. The show is Supernatural about 2 brothers hunting not Please Touch My Private Parts Angel. THe show can get back to what it used to be, FUN!

    Comment by Lugilla Brown — June 1, 2011 @ 5:25 am

  132. I go all over the boards. I don’t usually come here because of the anti Cas tone but I honestly haven’t seen any Jared hate and very little Sam hate. There are a few people who worship the ground Dean walks on (esp about 8 posters at TWOP) and think he can do no wrong and go on and on about Sam treats Dean so badly. But those are a few loudmouths. Most fans love Sam, Dean and Cas. Why do you have to hate on character to like the others? It makes no sense. But the reason I don’t usually come here is because a handful of people hate Cas because they claim he interferes with Sam and Dean, which makes no more sense than hating Sam because he interfers with Dean and Cas. But if you take out those small percentage of people, I think the majority of fans like and want all three. That’s what I’ve seen anyway. Few people want any of those three to go.

    Comment by Sammi — June 1, 2011 @ 6:45 am

  133. Most fans like Dean, Sam, Cas, Bobby. Sure on the fringes there is a small minority hate for the guys…except Bobby–it started very early in the series as fangirls(mostly) of Dean and Sam took sides.

    To me if SPN screws badly with any of my 4 favs–then I say good riddance. And I get the central guys are Dean and Sam–and rightly so…but i’m with the supporting characters too. No show deserves eternal loyalty, especially if they do something you dislike greatly. EVERYONE has to decide for themselves whether they want to continue with a show when they make big changes. And NO ONE is right–you gotta think for yourself and hold true to your personal opinion.

    Comment by James — June 1, 2011 @ 7:24 am

  134. I’m absolutely with you Sammi! Great stuff SL, Tricky.

    Comment by James — June 1, 2011 @ 7:28 am

  135. Well I like the 4 Js, and one has been M.I.A …Jeffery Dean I enjoy seeing the other 3 Js perform when they are on every Friday Night…that be Jared, Jensen & Jim.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 1, 2011 @ 10:48 am

  136. @SL, no I don’t watch SPN just for Jared, I fell in love with the SAM&Dean BROMANCE…meaning two brothers caring about eachother…not just Sam…alone , or Dean alone. I’am a bibro fan and also like Jim/Bobby…I’am just tired of ALL angels on this series. Also what I meant was that the TWOP hate the Sam character…they even had two threads about only Dean…as in Dean and Dean the two Winchester Brothers. Go figure???

    Comment by Ozzie — June 1, 2011 @ 10:54 am

  137. @Ozzie, I am glad that you like both brothers and the relationship between them. That is why I watch the show. What I don’t understand is if you know how nasty the posters are at TWOP why do you go there? I have never been there and will not go there because I have read how nasty they are from comments posted here. Just don’t go there and you can avoid alot of needless disgust.

    I just don’t think that because a person likes Misha/Castiel that means they hate Jared/Sam. Nor if a person likes Jensen/Dean does it mean they hate Jared/Sam.

    I, personally, love Sam and Dean and like Castiel and I actually enjoy all three actors very,very much. I don’t believe if someone is posting that they don’t want the Castiel character to be written off that means they dislike Sam. I don’t want Cas to be written off and there is no way in hell anyone can say I don’t love Sam!

    I know an EXCELLENT SN fanfiction author who is devastated by what the show has done to the character of Castiel. Fortunately, she has the ability to keep Cas as he was and keep the friendship between him and the boys alive and going strong through her writing. That is the beauty of fanfiction and the wonderful writers who share their creativity with the rest of us.
    Sadly, she avoids this forum because of the constant nasty and hateful comments posted here about the character. She is a loyal follower of the show and a true fan of Dean and Sam. Its a loss to this forum that she stays away and does not contribute to it. But sometimes the nasty,irrational comments here really do make me wonder about some of the posters.
    Hopefully the return of the show will bring more open-minded, civil posts here from everyone.

    Comment by SL — June 1, 2011 @ 2:19 pm

  138. Lugilla I think you are right.
    It wasn´t a good idea to drive a wedge between the bros, put most of the blame on Sam a n d introduce a highly sympathic and “good” character who hooks up with Dean.
    Ruby pretendet to be a good demon but most people quickly realized she has a bad influence on Sam and might even have evil intention. So we knew that she would be killed off in the end by Sam and/or Dean…
    Whereas Cass – even though he safed Dean – was shown as a greyish character. We knew he “has doubts” and might be good at heart but is also a “servant of God” and will do “regrettable” things if required

    Comment by Naughty — June 1, 2011 @ 2:20 pm

  139. We saw that he has the ability to become a great ally for the boys and hoped he would stay loyal to them instead of his “brothers and sisters”. That was the huge mistake.
    The two bros are the heart and soul of the show and Sam has always been the one who could get dark so it was fatal to make him go that route and offer an replacement.
    Just yesterday I have watched Epi 21 from season 1 with a girl who just turned 16. She has no idea what will happen ins Season 2-6 but she said: “Dean is only trying to comfort Sam and he acts like a dick. Not for the first time trough….
    He gets upset so easily…I think I like Dean more….”
    That really made me sad I and I can´t wait hw she will react if she gets to season 4.

    Comment by Naughty — June 1, 2011 @ 2:44 pm

  140. From what I’ve seen, there are two groups of Cas fans. I think the majority simply like the character and what he has brought to the show, they like he is a friend and ally to the brothers and adds to their world. they find him an intriguing character. The other group likes Cas strictly in terms of his relationship to Dean. They are obsessive Dean fans who dislike Sam and love Cas because Cas adores Dean and they believe Dean deserves to have an angel worship him. They are a smaller group of Cas fans, and they have been extremely critical of Cas now that he didn’t stop working with Crowley when Dean told him to (because all should obey Dean in their opinion). So those Cas fans are actually less loyal to Cas than you might think, because they are really Dean fans who think Cas treats Dean better than Sam does. They are the Dean/Cas fans that dislike Sam. There are several of them at TWOP. But they are not the majority of Cas fans. I love Sam and Dean but if they have to exist alone with no strong supporting characters to get in the way of their bond, well, the bond isn’t too strong.

    Comment by Sammi — June 1, 2011 @ 4:34 pm

  141. I don’t like the Castiel character for what he has done to Sam, and I did not like it when he gave Dean a beating to keep him from saying yes to Arc Angel Michael. I blame the writers for this…of course , and this is just a series, but if any of my friends gave me a beating (regardless what the reason) or treated my younger brother like crap, well then that person would never be my friend again.

    I don’t like Castiel because 1. He openned the panic room door , to let demon blood addicted Sam out. 2.He snitched on Sam hanging out with demon Ruby. 3. He blamed the brothers for the apocalypse, when it was his own angel brothers that used the brothers since they were born and their parents and their families to jump start the apocalypse. 4. He beat the crap out of Dean. 5. He snatched Sam’s body, when trying to really reap Sam’s soul for his battle against Raphael.6. He lied to Dean about what he had done to Sam. 7.He killed Bobby’s friend the Dragon lady.

    Yup , I have enough reasons to hate Castiel.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 1, 2011 @ 5:10 pm

  142. James, I do appreciate your comment on Bobby. I read fanfic SPN (my guilty pleasure) and while there is evil Sam, Dean, and everyone else out there, I have yet to find an evil Bobby. He’s the default father Dean never got, at whatever age Dean is introduced to him in the story. Yes, he loves Dean best and, as fanfic Sam says, thank goodness. “‘You really loved Dean best,’ Sam says thankfully. ‘Someone had to,’ Bobby says'” (I’d give credit to the writer, but I read them so fast – Like m&m s – that I lose track).

    Comment by RS — June 1, 2011 @ 5:48 pm

  143. Ozzie, I really can’t agree with your assessment of Cas.
    #1-he was a grunt level soldier following orders so blameless. Real soldiers are not held responsible for these things in real life. Nor should he. If Cas hadn’t opened the door, he would have been killed and another angel would have been ordered to do it. Sam walked through that door and made his own choices. Cas then gave his life to help Dean get to Sam in time when he realized his superiors weren’t getting their orders from God.
    #2 good for him telling on Sam. Ruby was a lying demon who was getting Sam addicted to blood to control him.
    #3 the brothers started the apocalypse by their deals with demons-they had free will in their choices. They were never forced to do anything by angels or demons. Sam and Dean both accepted responsiblity for this. So should their fans. They did start it. They also ended it.
    #4. good for him for beating the crap out of Dean. I love Dean but he was about to say yes to Michael and start the apocalypse and destroy the world just because he was depressed and discouraged. Whats a few punches compared to the world and humanity being destroyed. It’s not like Dean hasn’t thrown a few punches of his own when he’s been mad at Sam.
    #5. Just not true. He was trying to save Sam. He didn’t know the soul wasn’t there. The show has been clear about this. Not one word was said about his reaping Sam’s soul. This one is just wrong.
    #6. He shouldn’t have lied to Dean. That was wrong of him. Although what he lied about was being the one who pulled Sam out of hell. He didn’t “do” anything to harm Sam. He was trying to help. If he’d done nothing, both Sam and his soul would have stayed in hell.
    #7. She was a monster who had killed several people, including a young boy’s mother. Still, I don’t think he should have done it. But he was trying to stop Raphael from starting the apocalypse and thought the ends justified the means. Just as the brothers thought killing innocent humans who were hosts to demons to get the blood for Sam to drink to defeat Lucifer was okay. There’s no moral high ground for anyone to stand on here. For the record, I think they were al wrong and the show has been all over the place in terms of right and wrong in the past few seasons.
    Unfortunately, #6 and #7 are part of the character assassination the writers decided to heap on Cas at the end of season six. Up until then, the brothers couldn’t have asked for a more loyal and trustworthy ally. Even the writers said they decided to tarnish him because he was so pure and good.

    Comment by Sammi — June 1, 2011 @ 6:46 pm

  144. @Sammi (Post #143): Good post.

    It is interesting how we all can see the same things and interpret them so differently.

    Ozzie says she doesn’t like Cas (or should I say she HATES him) for “what he did to Sam.” Cas warned Dean at the very beginning that if Sam didn’t change his ways the Angels would have to change them for him.

    Sam was using a demon to solve his problems. And even when his brother told him it was wrong and told him that G-D was against it, Sam continued to go down Ruby’s path.

    I always believed that Sam did what he did because he really believed it was the only way Dean could be saved. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was WRONG and should have been stopped. And because he wasn’t, Lucifer was freed.
    I have no doubt Castiel could have killed Sam in the very beginning. But he didn’t because of his loyalty to Dean. By all the standards he had lived by and the vows he had taken, it was Castiel’s duty- as an Angel and a servant of G-D- to take Sam out. But he didn’t because Dean did not want him to. That decision almost brought the end of the world.

    I love Sam and I know that if the show even thought of killing him off the show would go in the toilet. But that doesn’t erase the fact that he did things- with Ruby and, later, without his soul- that were not only wrong but were evil. I have never believed the soul is the only thing that guides a person so I never accepted the fact that just because Sam didn’t have a soul he was able to just go out and kill anyone he had to to accomplish his goals. That’s a belief I don’t hold to so that idea did not work for me this entire season.

    I am glad that Sam is back and I hope he remains back and the new season does not dwell on how his torture in hell is ruining him. I have had enough of hell with both boys and enough of soul-less Sam. Its done and over and I hope it is not dragged into next season.

    But to paint Castiel as evil because of some of the things he did- or didn’t- do could be a formula used for Sam in the same way. No matter how many arguments the fan-natics make for the character, the other side can easily throw the mud right back in the same manner. And both sides would be right and would be wrong for the very same reasons.

    Neither character is pure good or pure evil. And, for whatever reason, the writers have chosen to revoke all the goodness in the character of Castiel and make him- supposedly- completely evil. Won’t work for me because that is not how I have seen the character and will not see him. The show writers can do what they want with the characters (to a point with Sam and Dean) but the fanfiction writers can do what they want also. And in the fanfiction I read, Castiel will remain the loyal and trusted friend of both Dean and Sam.
    Because that is who he is.

    Like I have said before, I am a fan of all three characters and do not hate any of them. But if Ozzie is allowed to say she hates Castiel- and she IS allowed to say so- then those who choose to say they hate Sam are allowed to do so also.

    I disagree with both sides and am glad that I do. Because I truly could not enjoy my show as much as I do if I hated one of the regular characters. That happened to me on Stargate SG-1 and I ended up leaving the series with a bad taste in my mouth. That won’t happen to me here and I am glad of that.

    Comment by SL — June 1, 2011 @ 10:01 pm

  145. Sorry @SL, but I just don’t like the Castiel character and I DON’T WATCH SUPERNATURAL because of Castiel and never will.

    I favored ”BALTHAZAR” over Castiel and Balthazar is gone and so is Gabriel gone AND though I liked both Characters I will not cry for their return back to SPN.

    The only character that I truely miss is PAPA JOHN, and I ain’t talking about pizza here,….but John Winchester.

    I just favor and love the the actors from season 1, so call me ”OLD SCHOOL” Supernatural. Of course you need new characters on the series every season, but once they over stay their welcome then I lose interest…exccept for Bobby, but I think it’s because he has been there since season 1 . Also I too hated both demon Ruby’s and Rubella, but they came , the characters were used and killed off…thank god.

    My focus is not seeing Castiel relate to the brothers or seeing Dean tell Castiel, your like my brother and your family….when he never told that to his real half brother Adam…well that I recall…Dean or Sam never embraced Adam.??

    I blame the writers and their tricky ways. The writers had Dean tell Castiel…hey you are like my brother and you are family and then they had Misha Collins promote the series on CW and over on MTV and added him as a regular…the 3rd wheel, the 3rd hottie on there series…maybe to boost ratings…which I have not seen in season 6,…since ratings are a low 2 mil.

    The writers and Gambles mistakes,… was that they let the Castiel character grow and cross the line by letting this angel become the 3rd lead character in the series, that the majority of the fans…were and are like …what happenned to the Sam and Dean upfront and center story…the family business…of hunting?

    So the writers put in Dean’s mouth that Castiel is part of the family now…like Bobby???

    I have watched SPN since the pilot aired in 2005, and I was just great watching the brothers…do their thing the family business, using the impala to get from town to town, not needing an angel to snap his fingers and touch a brother and poof ….time travel…or poof your in the town over or in another state.

    Supernatural these days reminds me more of a Harry Potter movie than the kick ass series it used to be. Dean is now EMO KING….Sam is like now 4 different Sams and Castiel is now Castiel Winchester…yucky.

    I hope that season 7 is about the only reason I watch supernatural…because of the BROTHERS…not a brother and their ADOPTED ANGEL.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 2, 2011 @ 3:41 am

  146. I don’t want to see in season 7 , what I saw in season 6….the brothers depending too much on their adopted Angel Castiel Winchester. In season 6 …I saw this…Dean calling for Castiel too many times…and Sam sometimes. This was the joke for me…Dean…Cast! Cast!…What is wrong with Sam? I saw Sam call Castiel for answers…about his problem. If the brothers needed quick answers or to time travel…CAST! CAST!..come on Cast we need you. Balthazar….why are you calling me…call your bff angel? Only when Castiel was too busy or annoyed at the brothers would Sam and Dean use another step in angel. Dean…CAST…I need you to erase Lisa and Bens memories. Cast!…then to see Sam and Dean bend over and Castiel behind them…yup…that’s what I saw in season 6…the Castiel character up front saving the Winchester until he FINALLY became their GOD.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 2, 2011 @ 3:55 am

  147. @Ozzie: Yes, you have made it very clear you HATE Castiel. And you have cited your reasons for that.

    I agree completely that the show is a two-lead show and there is no need for a third lead. I agree also that I got very tired with Cas solving so many problems for the boys it actually got to the point that all they literally did was call “Cas” and the problem was solved. I agree that season 6 lacked the heart and soul of the show, which for me, is the relationship between Sam and Dean.

    And that is all because of the writers and the showrunners. That is what they chose to do with the show, for whatever reason.

    Cas is perfect as a supporting character that is involved in about 3 or 4 episodes a season. Gives the boys another friend and ally and another outlet to turn to.

    I am very opposed to the direction the writers have now aimed the character and I still believe they have no idea where they are going with this entire line of the story and with this character.

    I hope they do return to the main heartbeat of the show: the relationship between Sam and Dean in the 7th season.

    And I hope that Castiel remains a part of the show- a Good part- just not as involved as he has been this season.

    Comment by SL — June 2, 2011 @ 4:27 am

  148. @SL , I was actually very surprised, shocked that the writers told Misha Collins that he would get killed at the end of season 6, because he is a fan favorite among some fans, but after 6 seasons , I should know better.

    Jeffery Dean Morgan is a fan favorite and has been since season 1 , yet EK had him killed off and now many fans want his return from heaven or purgatory…or from where ever papa John is?

    I was 100% sure Castiel would return in season 7. I guess the writers were really going to terminate Castiel , which is why they had pre-posted that some fan favorites would die and fans would be angry and the writers mentionned the clifhanger.

    I liked Balthazar more than Castiel, but because the character had charisma…was funny and was not tagged to either brother like a lost puppy dog….plus he was a new character, and interesting to watch.

    I like Crowley and I’am glad he will return in season 7 for a few more episodes. I’am also so tired of demon Meg after like 4 seasons already. I hope they terminate her in season 7 .

    Like you @SL I want to see a better brother relationship together…Sam & Dean hunting evil, using the impala more …no hocus pocus , or Cast,Cast…we need you? Help us? Tired of all the angel civil war crap going on for 3 years…and Gambles said angels too in season 7, I just hope not too much.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 2, 2011 @ 9:33 am

  149. “Jeffery Dean Morgan is a fan favorite and has been since season 1 , yet EK had him killed off and now many fans want his return from heaven or purgatory…or from where ever papa John is?”

    The reason JDM hasn’t returned is simply because he doesn’t have them time. His imbd page is enough to prove that he seems to be always involved with something. I think he just recently did a movie with Hilary Swank called ‘the Resident’.

    Comment by Woody — June 2, 2011 @ 12:12 pm

  150. I love Kripke, That is all.

    Comment by Johno — June 2, 2011 @ 2:27 pm

  151. @CaseyT (103)- Interesting post about ratings. You probably don’t know, but “fans” at other site blame Jared for the low ratings, because the Soulless Sam story drove viewers away. Though they declined to comment on why the ratings didn’t go wonderful in the second half when Castiel and his Holy War took over.

    122 – Agreed. I always thought it was meaningful that Dean took off the Amulet, which represented the brotherly bond, and gave it to Castiel. I was unsure though whether it meant that Dean was replacing Sam with Castiel in his affection or the brothers gave way to Castiel as the show new star. Maybe both. Now I believe that the second alternative is the true one.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 2, 2011 @ 3:17 pm

  152. Oh for pity’s sake. How can you blame Jared for a story he didn’t write. And his performance as soulless Sam was widely praised. Idgits.

    Also, from what I’ve read the rating’s thing is more complicated than the number of butts in the seat. You have to look at the demographics and the night of the week plus how much money the show makes for Warner Brothers with DVDs and such. In addition, every show loses viewers over the course of a long run as viewers move on to the next new shiny thing.

    The network has stated that it has been more than pleased with how Supernatural has performed on Fridays, a night of the week when fewer people watch TV. And overall, fewer and fewer people are actually watching live TV because of DVR’s and on-line viewing. The ratings from a few years ago are hard to compare to the ratings today with all the new technology and differences in the way people watch their favorite shows.

    Comment by jace — June 2, 2011 @ 6:29 pm

  153. Fan haters always blame Jared for everything wrong that goes on this show. Someone even made a thread over at THE CW SPN forum….as a joke…titled…It’s Jared Padalecki’s fought that the sun don’t shine..then fans add their own personal reasons why Jared is the problem for their lists of things…like it’s Jared’s fought my pc went out for good. It’s a joke thread a fan made because she got tired on how the Sam / Jared haters continue to post their verbal venom at our sweet Sam/JP.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 2, 2011 @ 8:14 pm

  154. I remember reading a few years back, Jared saying that when he played ”DEAN” ,on GG , that he went on the site forums and read negative nasty things about him, so he stopped going into fan forums…good for him. Jared is a ”CANCER”, water sign and cancers are a sensitive people, emo people , who are romantic/ fun loving and very family oriented. Poor JP.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 3, 2011 @ 3:18 am

  155. @Ozzie, I just don’t know how someone can hate Jared. I never met him (sadly!)but based on his public appearances I get the impression that he’s a lovely person. He’s always happy and smiling (and what a smile it is),he always has something nice to say to people or about people,he hugs everyone AND he is always saying to whoever wants to hear how much he loves his wife (adorable!).

    People who are full of hate are just sad. Jared is way happier that any of his detractors. It makes me sad that he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, but he’s young and someday he’ll get it.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 3, 2011 @ 4:21 am

  156. Fortunately have never read any negative comments about Jared. Met him at a con just three years ago and found his smile so bright I was almost blinded by it! And though you can clearly see how tall he is on tv, until you actually stand next to him you can not understand how BIG this boy is!! He is adorable, handsome and very, very kind. Nothing negative to say about him at all.

    Comment by SL — June 3, 2011 @ 8:27 am

  157. Jared is da bomb!

    Comment by Johno — June 3, 2011 @ 9:09 am

  158. People that don’t like Jared, bash him on the internet and pretend he is not on SPN are haters…evil bloggers , who dislike Jared and YET have never, ever met him. I can say the same thing about Lady GaGa…and what she is going through herself .

    Comment by Ozzie — June 3, 2011 @ 10:11 am

  159. this is without a doubt the most confusing forum i have ever posted on. i keep thinking the more i read comments that maybe i could finally understand but i just end up scratching my head like huh???

    people hate jared?? where? and why would they??? and castiel let sam out of the panic room, but somehow everything sam chose to do after that was castiels fault? i love sam. i love EVERYONE that is important to dean, and sam is number one on that short list of people.(followed by bobby, lisa, ben) but everything that happened with sam after cass released him was sams decision and at any time he could have made a different choice, he could have told ruby no, to turn around and take him back. of course he was lied to and manipulated into it by ruby and lilith but still at any point in time he could have turned it all around. bottom line is for the plot or storyline to advance SOMEONE had to release sam and the storyline dictated it be castiel. it is like bobby said how he got out isnt as important as where he got to. there is more to that line than meets the eye. i never took bobby saying that to mean just about this one incident, but more like a blanket statement for sam getting loose not being the root of the problem here, but what sam is gonna do next all on his own is the larger concern.

    and i am not sure how we branched into astrology here but i have to say to ozzie, jared is cancer sign and he seems like he is just how you describe him, but not all people under the sign of cancer are that way. i was involved with one years ago that damn near choked me to death with his bare hands. your sign does not determine what you choose to do. i have never met any actor associated with the show and i probably never will but what i do see with my own two eyes is the actors on supernatural from the main to the supporting to the extras are are quality actors and actresses, some higher caliber than others but NEVER have i seen an actor on this show that i felt was just not good at what they did.

    so back to topic. season 6 was AMAZING. i watch it over and over and over again, every single episode. and i am so excited for season 7. i am anxious to find out how the boys are gonna fix castiel. or maybe balthazar was right and this was too much juice for castiel and somehow what castiel did will kill him. but if that ends up being true, castiel will die a hero and a martyr. sacrificing himself once and for all at the end to stop raphael from dragging sam and dean back into all that crap that cost them too much to stop the first time around. sorry for the length here but i came back to check the recent comments and had to put my two cents in….

    Comment by Tricky — June 3, 2011 @ 11:55 am

  160. Tricky,

    I hope too that if Cas has to die that he redeems himself. I have to say though that bringing down Sam’s wall is a biggie in my book but I am willing to keep an open mind ;). I actually like Cas and Misha quite a bit.

    As for When the Levee Breaks, I think what people have an issue with is that Sam absolutely believe that he was doing the right thing in the only way he could. Even Dean and Bobby thought Lilith needed to die; they just didn’t want Sam turn into a monster to do it–well Dean didn’t; Bobby was wavering. If Dean had stopped Sam then Dean may very well have killed Lilith (if that was even possible without the demon blood). Cas on the other hand absolutely knew that what he was doing was wrong by opening the door. He was a soldier following orders that he knew were going lead to a catastrophe. To his credit, he changed his mind and tried to do the right thing but it was too little and too late.

    Comment by jace — June 3, 2011 @ 12:34 pm

  161. oh for an edit button.

    absolutely “believed”

    Sam “to” turn

    Comment by jace — June 3, 2011 @ 12:37 pm

  162. @Tricky, of course everything Sam did was his decision and he was the first to ACKNOWLEDGE that. He sacrificed himself jumping into the pit trying to undo what he had done. The problem with Castiel is that he NEVER takes responsibility for anything he does. Sam is responsible for his actions but Castiel made it possible for Sam to take such actions, knowing perfectly well what would happen. So yes, he sure has his share of responsibility in the apocalypse. But he chose to put all the blame on the brothers, as if he was a victim and a martyr in the whole thing. No matter how much you defend Castiel, you can’t deny any of that. And god help those who stay in his way. Anna, Balthazar and Rachel know that.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 3, 2011 @ 12:39 pm

  163. “people hate jared?? where? and why would they??? and castiel let sam out of the panic room, but somehow everything sam chose to do after that was castiels fault? i love sam. i love EVERYONE that is important to dean, and sam is number one on that short list of people.(followed by bobby, lisa, ben) but everything that happened with sam after cass released him was sams decision and at any time he could have made a different choice, he could have told ruby no, to turn around and take him back. of course he was lied to and manipulated into it by ruby and lilith but still at any point in time he could have turned it all around. bottom line is for the plot or storyline to advance SOMEONE had to release sam and the storyline dictated it be castiel. it is like bobby said how he got out isnt as important as where he got to. there is more to that line than meets the eye. i never took bobby saying that to mean just about this one incident, but more like a blanket statement for sam getting loose not being the root of the problem here, but what sam is gonna do next all on his own is the larger concern.”

    Goodness gracious me, I do so hate comments like that.

    You are right, Tricky, this thread is unbelievably strange. You went from not hating Jared, straight to hating Sam, or at least hating Sam’s actions and the decisions that he made, in no time at all.

    That comment, like so many out there concerning Jared/Sam creates a separation and conflict between fans. You say you love Sam, but then contradict that by claiming that you love everyone that Dean loves. In other words, you really don’t care for Sam, you just love Dean and the interactions that other characters bring to the process for Dean. As for all that complete garbage about Sam not making the right decisions, I will say this; Dean also had a choice to not torture, and if he had made the (excruciatingly impossible) right decision, the burden would never have fallen upon Sam’s shoulders. Now let me clarify, I am not criticising Dean in an attempt to take blame away from Sam, nor do I intend to create a Sam vs Dean debate. I love Dean as an individual, and not simply because he’s Sam’s brother. I am merely paralleling the similarities of their situations, in the chance that you will realise that neither Sam nor Dean had committed any transgressions that went beyond what they’d already committed in seasons 1-3. The only truly terrible thing they did in S4, was to not trust in each other.

    Dean went to hell for his brother, and spent 50 years getting tortured before turning into the torturer, no doubt turning other victims into torturers. The sick vicious cycle of hell.

    Sam took demon blood in order to kill Lillith and end her IMMINENT plans for the apocalypse. Angels knew all along that Ruby was breaking the seals, and they were breaking them too, yet we’re supposed to believe that Cas didn’t a have clue about anything. He was a loyal foot-soldier, why would he NOT know? Castiel released Sam from the panic room. Sam continued on his self destructive plan to save the world. At the last moment, he’s about to change his mind, and listens to the voice of the only person who’s ever been there for him tell him that he’s a monster beyond saving. Another neat trick from the angels.

    Was Sam’s metaphorical hell much better than Dean’s literal hell? I doubt that very much.

    The ONLY blame lies with angels and demons. To those who criticise Sam or Dean’s role in the apocalypse: stop throwing shit that doesn’t stick.

    Comment by Johno — June 3, 2011 @ 1:16 pm

  164. @Johno – Thank you! My thoughts, exactly.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 3, 2011 @ 2:39 pm

  165. @Tricky (Post #159): Good Post.

    I love Sam and Dean. Have since day one. And will to the last episode- and beyond. However, no character is perfect and no character can be blamed for everything that has happened since the angels joined the show.

    The blanket blame other posters shove on Castiel in reference to every single thing that has happened to Sam and Dean and the World since Dean’s rescue from Hell is completely irrational- and stupid.

    Sam was told by Dean- the 1 person in existence that had killed for him and died for him- not to work with Ruby. No matter what Sam believed he could do by working with Ruby, Dean told him he was wrong and he should stop.

    Sam chose to ignore him and to walk away from him and to work with a demon to do what he thought was right.

    He was wrong.

    He realized that, acknowledged that, apologized for that, and sacrificed himself for that.

    And he suffered for that.

    That is FACT.

    For the same old posters to constantly and consistently ignore these facts and/or shift the blame for Sam’s actions completely on Castiel and the angels is ridiculous.

    And notice the demons are never “blamed” for Sam’s actions. Just Castiel.

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Put a fork in it,please, it is done.

    Sam is back and- hopefully- he is better and he and Dean will return to the friendship and partnership they had always had (not including the blood-drinking days) and bring back the very joy of this show- the relationship between Sam and Dean.

    Castiel, I hope, will return for some of the episodes and will be rescued/redeemed for his actions this season.

    For no one is perfect and we all do things we shouldn’t and wish we didn’t do. Even fictional characters.

    That is what makes them so easy to relate to and to care about and to like.

    And, I will repeat again, YES, it is possible to like Castiel and Love Sam. No one has to choose one over the other. Each of us here can like who we like and dislike who we choose to.

    Even if some posters tell you you can’t.

    Freedom of thought and opinion and expression. For all of us.

    Comment by SL — June 3, 2011 @ 3:07 pm

  166. “For the same old posters to constantly and consistently ignore these facts and/or shift the blame for Sam’s actions completely on Castiel and the angels is ridiculous.”

    @SL – No one is saying that Sam’s actions are Castiel’s fault. Please don’t try to twist the words of other posters. Like I said, Sam did what he intended to do. The point here is that CASTIEL PLAYED A PART IN THAT, which neither him nor his fans will admit. I don’t think it’s so hard to understand that point, unless you’re determined not to.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 3, 2011 @ 3:21 pm

  167. i have never hated sams actions. i know he had all the best of intentions, but a bad choice made of your own free will even if you are trying to stop some evil thing is still in the end a bad decision. sam was clearly manipulated into the circumstances that caused him to make these choices but they were still his choices. it doesnt make sam bad or even wrong, just misguided. i see castiel the same way over this purgatory stuff. the exact same. of course castiel played a part in it. the same is true for dean and sam however. all 3 of these characters had a part to play in it, and bobby too. the plot had to have SOMEONE let sam out…and they chose for it to be castiel. they could have written dean or bobby possessed to let sam out, but it was inevitable it had to happen. i miss the castiel that was a sharp tool for his superiors. the one that followed his orders. i mean look what has come of angels having the ability to choose and free will. it is not preferable. it has played right into crowleys hand and he has created a monster out of castiel.

    the angels never knew ruby was involved. ruby told us that herself. no one knew but her and lilith. i do not know what or if castiel knew anything but as far as what we have been told i have to think he didn’t. and when he did figure it out at the 11th hour he did what he could to help and got dean to where sam was and after all it wasnt castiel who planted the fake voicemail it was zachariah with the little nudge in the right direction zachariah told dean sam would get.

    neither sam nor dean can be blamed for this being their fate or destiny. they have been screwed with over and over again with demons, then angels. but i have to see them for what they are and love them for those flaws. they are human. they make mistakes. and this humanized version of castiel with his free will has now made some serious mistakes which he will have to atone for the same way sam did. the same way dean did. i believe castiel should have to make up for his mistakes but i do not think it fair to make castiel pay for every mistake all these other angels made. i look forward to the telling of the continuing saga of these winchester boys and all that it entails. S7 please hurry!!!!!!

    Comment by Tricky — June 3, 2011 @ 3:52 pm

  168. @Tricky (#167): Good Post.

    @Brotherlylove (#166): Ruby played a MUCH bigger part than Castiel- where’s the blame? Zachariah also played a Much bigger part than Castiel- where’s the blame? Lucifer played a MUCH bigger part than Castiel- where’s the blame? Even G-D may have played a part- Where’s the blame?

    EVERYTHING Castiel has done he did because he believe it was the right thing for the safety of humanity. He asked for help because he didn’t believe ONLY he could save the world. Sam believed it was up to him- and only him- to stop the apocalypse. He refused to listen when those who cared about him most told him to stop and to work with them. In the end he nearly destroyed the world.

    Castiel needed help and did not get it. And now (because writers have no idea what to do with him) he has gone to far with his power. Just like Sam.

    The stories are alot alike no matter how many Cas-haters and/or Sam-fanatics don’t want it to be. And, considering the same showrunners and writers worked on both stories, they are bound to be alike.

    Just like Sam is not the worst person in the world and just like he was not redeemable, Castiel is not a bad character at all. And he could very well be redeemed if the writers decided to do so.

    Dislike the character for whatever reason you choose (taking too much time away from the boys; seperating the boys; replacing Sam; having wings, whatever!) but don’t try to make your opinions into facts and make the character something he has never been.

    Don’t twist the reality of the show into your fictional account. It was written the way it was.

    And Brotherlylove these comments are not written directly at you. They are written at whomever decides their own opinion is more worthy than anyone else’s and tells other posters what their opinion should be.

    Comment by SL — June 3, 2011 @ 6:15 pm

  169. Meant to say Sam WAS redeemable. Sorry.

    Comment by SL — June 3, 2011 @ 6:16 pm

  170. Well when you have the writers bringing out a fat cupid revealing to Sam and Dean that John and Mary actually hated eachother , so much so that Dean got pissed and when you see Sam calling up Dean to talk to him one more time before he killed Lillith, but Zachariah changes the conversation to further anger an already demon addicted Sam and when Sam’s demon possessed college college ex-friend reveals to Sam that he killed Jessica and Lucifer reveals to Sam in EK’S SWAN SONG….that Sam has been watched, groomed and manipulated to become the one and only true vessel of Lucifer when on earth top side…then how in,… the Hell can anyone say that Sam was never manipulated by the angels or demons working for the angels.

    The BIG difference between Sam and Castiel’s actions are that Sam was given demon blood and grew with that demon blood and was reinforced with more demon blood to prepare him to become one with Lucifer , and Sam wanted to kill the demon that killed his brother Dean,… unlike Castiel who killed his brother Balthazar to get to also kill his other angel brother bad Raphael.

    Castiel too was not addicted to demon blood or angel blood or possessed by the souls of purgatory when he killed Bobby’s dragon lady friend and attacked Sam’s soul for the 2nd time.

    I’am also certain that Castiel wanted Sam’s soul to help defeat Raphael…as in the more souls Castiel could harvest the better for him.

    Castiel also told Dean that Sampa had his soul…but I think he lied to Dean and Sampa and the other Campbells were also souless.

    I think Castiel took the Campbells souls and demon Crowley then used Sampa to hunt down more monsters for him and souls for Castiel.

    Castiel changing the fate of the sinking Titanic for all those souls aboard proved to me , that Castiel would have done anything to defeat Raphael , even risk Sam’s life and soul.

    Castiel crossed the line when he not once but twice messed with Sam’s soul, and I hope that for his actions that Sam never forgives him. Why?

    Because Sam was trying to kill one major demon and in doing so , Sam was unaware that killing Lillith meant bringing up the King of all demons LUCIFER.

    Castiel was demon blood free and purgatory soul free when he comitted his souless acts of crime.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 3, 2011 @ 6:22 pm

  171. Is Castiel that dumb/dumbo of an angel that when he grabbed Sam from Lucifer’s cage…he actually thought he was trying to save Sam and bring him to Dean in one piece.?

    Is Castiel that dumb/dumbo of angel that when he brought Sam’s wall down , he again thought that he was doing this to protect and help Sam????

    As Sam said , Castiel has done a poor pissed job of things and done so, before and after he was filled with purgatory’s souls.???

    Comment by Ozzie — June 3, 2011 @ 6:30 pm

  172. @SL – You may not be addressing me, but I’ll speak for myself. It’s not “my opinion” that Castiel opened the door for Sam to go and kill Lilith and then hid his hand. It’s a fact, no matter how you choose to read it. I’m not twisting anything. And we’re not discussing Ruby, we’re discussing Castiel. Ruby is one of the bad guys, it’s her job to be bad. Why do you compare Castiel with Ruby?

    I don’t want to pick a fight here, but for one who defends free expression you don’t show great tolerance when others express points of views that are not the same as yours.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 3, 2011 @ 7:00 pm

  173. @brotherlove (#172): I TOLERATE all the nasty, irrational and hateful posts that are constantly spewed on here since this season began. For the LONGEST time I said nothing but finally, one day, I got so fed up with a handful of people here preaching their gospel to everyone else on this forum like it was the one and only word that I decided to speak up.
    No one is denying you your freedom to express your thoughts and opinions here. Just because I disagree with them does not mean I don’t tolerate them. I read them and I respond to them and yet if I say I feel the post is irrational or nasty- my opinion- you claim I am intolerant.
    Not trying to cause a fight either, but it works both ways. Perhaps you should learn some toleration on your end.
    As far as mentioning Ruby and Lucifer and even Crowley (who everyone seems to think is the greatest thing since white bread!) I was using them to point out that Castiel is not the sole reason all the evil in the world happened. Which alot of posters here seem to preach in their non-factual comments: Castiel is the Big Bad Evil Force. Get over it already!
    Castiel was a GOOD character and a GOOD and LOYAL ally of Sam and Dean. Fact in a fictional show.

    And, as a reply to Ozzie’s above comment: Sam and Cas’s situations are EXTREMELY similar if you go by just the facts and not the opinion. Saying it isn’t so doesn’t make it not so.

    Comment by SL — June 3, 2011 @ 8:22 pm

  174. “The blanket blame other posters shove on Castiel in reference to every single thing that has happened to Sam and Dean and the World since Dean’s rescue from Hell is completely irrational- and stupid.” – SL

    Did I blame Cas for everything? No, I stated exactly what he did, which is that he opened the panic room for Sam. @ Tricky, Zachariah and the angels DID know what ruby and the demons were up to. Watch the season again. If the angels had no knowledge of what the demons were doing, then what they were doing amounted to sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the apocalypse to happen, which could have taken forever. That’s not what happened, Zachariah knew of every detail. Cas may well not have known, and he’s been painted in that way by the show, but in the context of the show and the story, it’s a dubious line to take.

    “Sam was told by Dean- the 1 person in existence that had killed for him and died for him- not to work with Ruby. No matter what Sam believed he could do by working with Ruby, Dean told him he was wrong and he should stop.

    Sam chose to ignore him and to walk away from him and to work with a demon to do what he thought was right.

    He was wrong.” – SL

    And was Dean right when he brought Sam back from the dead? Was Dean in the right when he tortured souls in hell? Was Dean in the right when he bought Ruby’s story half way through season 4. Was Dean in the right for gulping down the angels propaganda all the way through season 4? Cas was a tool used by the angels to separate Dean from Sam, and to paint Dean as the saviour of the world, all the while manipulating Sam into setting Lucifer free. If you pour blame on Sam, you also have to pour blame on Dean, and vice versa.

    I don’t blame either of them, just like I don’t blame the masses when they gulp down the latest bullshit propagated by the mainstream media.

    It’s always been the angels and the demons.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 4:52 am

  175. Great post @Johno and you are right , Sam & Dean’s problems have always been because of the angels & the demons around them even before they were born. Cupid himself told the brothers that their parents actually hated eachother when they met, but that cupid had orders from above to plant point and his arrow of love at Mary and John , because the boys were needed by heaven to start the apocalypse , to become the human vessels of Lucifer and Michael…the angels plans not Sam and Dean.

    We all know that the two families have a connection to the angels bloodlines , which go way back before Sam and Dean were concieved…so acyually you can’t even blame the brothers for being used by angels and demons and thinking their entire lives that they were free living.

    Even Lucifer pointed out to Sam in Swan Song that he since 6 months was being groomed, pointed in a fixed path…until Lucifer’s plans went into full action.

    Dean asked Sam , in THE FRENCH MISTAKE,…why not stay in this life and be these J’s…actors? Dean told Sam here you’d be free of Lucifer/ demons/ demon blood (something like that), but Sam said no, because in that world they wouldn’t even be brothers. The fact that Dean has forgiven Sam for his past union with Ruby, is because Dean knows now that everything that has happenned to him and Sam was planned out by the annoying angels because of their civil war.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 4, 2011 @ 5:35 am

  176. The point I was trying to make was that Cas does have culpability in releasing Lucifer. That was his whole purpose in letting Sam out of the panic room. If say you are a bartender and let someone with impaired judgment walk out of your bar do you not share a portion of the blame if someone is killed by the impaired driver? Cas is a freaking angel and I do hold him to a higher standard. He had more knowledge than Sam or Dean about the situation. He didn’t just stand by and watch, he actively participated. I guess I don’t understand why people absolve Cas of any guilt in the situation. And I like Cas.

    Yes, Sam ignored Dean about Ruby because he thought Dean was wrong (not uncommon for either brother, Dean sure didn’t listen to Sam in Long Distance Call and almost killed an innocent man>) Is Sam guilty of arrogance? Maybe. But here’s the sticking point with me. If Sam and Dean had the information that they needed which CAS withheld, Sam wouldn’t have killed Lilith (who EVERYBODY thought should die.)

    In Dean’s mind, Lilith needed to die but Sam should not do it Ruby’s way because that turns Sam into a monster. In Sam’s mind, Lilith needs to die and Sam is the only one who can do it Ruby’s way.

    So yes, I hold Cas more responsible than Sam. He is the one that knew the whole story. He chose to do what he knew was wrong. Sam chose to do what he thought was right.


    Comment by jace — June 4, 2011 @ 6:40 am

  177. As ususal, the usual posters come out and attack to defend their false and ofttimes irrational claims about Castiel. I guess they think if they say it enough times -like the asses of politicians we have in this country- it will become truth.

    It doesn’t.

    Just like you all pick through the facts to twist things to fit your propaganda, you also then attempt to right a wrong by accusing others of doing wrong also.

    No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and alot of us choose to do things even though we know we are wrong to do so.

    Hence Sam.

    And, at the end of this season, Castiel.

    Both did wrong things for- what they believed- were the right reasons.

    BOTH are redeemable. BOTH are forgiveable.

    Castiel is worthy of forgiveness and redemption and I hope the writers give it to him even if they cowardly (imo) kill him off.

    You all so quickly rush to give so-called valid excuses for Sam’s actions. I could do the same for Castiel. I do not need to for two reasons:

    1) The FACTS as they were written by the writers of Supernatural support his actions and his reasons.

    2) He is a Fictional character.

    Rationality makes me step back and remember that he doesn’t exist but on a piece of paper and therefore can be written any way someone wants to. (Thank Goodness for Fanfiction!).

    Thus it is Irrational for me to attempt to “prove” his innocence. One written word could change his path in a second and even erase anything that has already been done. And that could drive a person crazy.

    So I will continue to Love Sam and Dean and hope for them to come back stronger than ever and I will continue to support Castiel and easily state my opinon about him here whenever I feel I need to.

    Comment by SL — June 4, 2011 @ 7:01 am

  178. Everything that Jace said. (except that I don’t like Castiel)

    @SL – You’re always accusing other people of “nasty, irrational and hateful posts”, just because you don’t agree with their point of view. If this is your kind of tolerance, I dodn’t want to learn it, thank you.

    I never said that Castiel is the sole reason for all the evil in the world. These are your words. I said that he had a participation in what happened so it was hypocritical of him to blame the boys alone. Lucifer, Crowley and Ruby are the “BADDIES”. So now any wrong that Castiel does is OK because the bad guys did it too? Isn’t Castiel supposed to be an ally to the boys instead of acting behind their backs?

    As for Crowley, yes, here I have to go with the crowd. He’s is AWESOME. He has all the charm and charisma of a great villian. Everybody also thinks to think that Castiel is the greatest thing since the world was created. Not in my opinion. Feel free to disagree, but stop calling others hateful, childish and whatever.

    As for Sam and Castiel’s situation being similar, Johno, Ozzie and Jace said it all.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 4, 2011 @ 7:17 am

  179. Sorry, “seems to think”.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 4, 2011 @ 7:19 am

  180. @SL

    I have no idea why you keep jumping back to Castiel and making points concerning the angel. I’m not even making points for or against Castiel. I have simply stated fact about him regarding Sam and Dean’s circumstances. He opened the panic room for Sam, and was being used as a tool by the angels to break Dean and Sam up while they manipulated Sam into starting the apocalypse. I have also stated that Cas was depicted as not knowing the truth, but that I think that was a dubious line to take. It’s one that probably would have been different if Cas had not become popular. I really don’t know what your beef is here.

    Yes, Cas is redeemable, and forgivable, to some. There are some who don’t want to forgive him and who don’t want him to be redeemed, and you have to accept that. I’m fine with their opinion. I’m fine with Cas as long as he’s depicted as a cosmic entity, and doesn’t interfere with the show and the brothers as much. Of course, I’m also fine with him being a villain or being killed off. He has little story left to be told, and has always been a questionable and duplicitous character, and just because you point out that the writers ultimately marked him as a friend to the brothers doesn’t mean that his questionable nature evaporated. If season 6 proves anything, it’s that it didn’t.

    You seem to be willing to take the writers canon and fit it to your mentality of who you want Cas to be, but when the writers go down a route that you don’t agree with, you suddenly deem that a diversion from the canon and not acceptable.

    This discussion all started with me defending Sam from Tricky’s statement, and in my comments and in my defence, I barely mentioned Cas. Yet, you’ve jumped at the opportunity to criticise Sam, all the while vehemently defending Castiel.

    You keep stating that you don’t need to dislike Cas in order to like Sam, and I’ve always completely agreed with that (as long as you’re not a Cas-Dean shipper), but your left hand is doing something completely different to your right.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 9:12 am

  181. “And notice the demons are never “blamed” for Sam’s actions. Just Castiel.
    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Put a fork in it,please, it is done.”

    Eh? I’ve been blaming the angels and DEMONS all along.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 9:28 am

  182. “As ususal, the usual posters come out and attack to defend their false and ofttimes irrational claims about Castiel.” – SL

    I’m sorry but that’s simply not true, at least not in my case, and if anyone is going on the attack here, it is you.

    “I guess they think if they say it enough times -like the asses of politicians we have in this country- it will become truth. It doesn’t.” -SL

    The exact same could be said of you, in your attempt to tar the writers, and your claims that they are not following canon.

    “Just like you all pick through the facts to twist things to fit your propaganda, you also then attempt to right a wrong by accusing others of doing wrong also.” – SL

    Oh, of course, so it’s okay for you to do it, it terms of Cas and Sam — that Sam has done bad things and is forgivable, and the same goes for Cas — but others aren’t allowed to parallel that argument with Sam and Dean. You’re becoming increasingly hostile.

    “No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes and alot of us choose to do things even though we know we are wrong to do so.

    Hence Sam.

    And, at the end of this season, Castiel.

    Both did wrong things for- what they believed- were the right reasons.

    BOTH are redeemable. BOTH are forgiveable.” – SL

    I couldn’t agree more, though my stance could change very quickly and very strongly, depending on what happens to Sam.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 9:42 am

  183. And to the souls.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 9:46 am

  184. Brotherlylove, perhaps you should practice some and learn to tolerate differences of opinion.

    Johno, you always believe everytime I am making a post it is directly to YOU. And you respond in kind.

    My posts deal with the subject matter: Castiel, Dean, Sam, Crowley.

    And then they deal with the way my posts are recieved and responded to.

    Some of your posts are very well-thought out and expressed, Johno. Some of them make very good points- even ones I don’t agree with. And Taz and Ozzie have also made posts in the past that have been well-expressed- even when I didn’t agree with them.

    But some of the posts the three of you have made have been nasty and impulsive and thrown out in such a way that ANYONE would feel slighted by them even if they were not directed at that specific person.

    I try to avoid using specific names but when I feel I have to, I do.

    I am not going to go into specifics again here about Castiel. I don’t have to. My former posts speak for themselves, as do the written words of the show’s writers.

    And my comments about Sam (who, by the way, can clearly do NO WRONG in your mind) were not crictisms of him but factual statements about the character.

    Sam and Dean are the only reason I watch the show but I am not blind and I know they each have faults. And I love them more for that.

    But everytime someone does point out those faults about Sam you and your companions quickly attack Cas, Dean and the poster.

    Yep, Brotherlylove: very CHILDISH.

    Comment by SL — June 4, 2011 @ 9:47 am

  185. “And my comments about Sam (who, by the way, can clearly do NO WRONG in your mind) were not crictisms of him but factual statements about the character.”

    Sam can do wrong in my mind, and has done wrong. I disliked what he did at the end of When The Levee breaks (which is a stunning ep), far more so than anything he’d done before that and far more than anything Dean has ever done. But I also very much disliked Dean’s approach to the Sam problem in that episode. He should of agreed to go along with Sam, to protect him from himself, even though he was with Ruby. He didn’t do so because he felt spurned that Sam had chose Ruby. Sam didn’t choose Ruby. He chose the demon blood and her as a means to end Lillith’s plan. Dean could, and should of gone along with that in attempt to stop him.

    “Sam and Dean are the only reason I watch the show but I am not blind and I know they each have faults. And I love them more for that.”

    The same here.

    “But everytime someone does point out those faults about Sam you and your companions quickly attack Cas, Dean and the poster.”

    But I didn’t attack Cas! And I didn’t attack Tricky! I opposed her comment. Here’s the thing SL. I find it hard to like the views of any one person who overly favours one of the brothers. It creates conflict, and it did on this occasion. WHY WHY WHY bring up Sam and the poor decisions that he made, when people were discussing Jared? It’s just asking for conflict and strife and trouble. At the time of Tricky’s post, there was no discussion going on about Cas and the decisions he has made. So, why bring up and point out the faults of Sam? If people are so intent on finding fault with Sam, why not also at the same time find fault with Dean? It’s only fair. I opposed Tricky’s comment because it’s a blatant example of a one brother fan looking unfavorably upon the other while being blinded to the faults of their favoured brother. It’s tired, it’s old, it’s inaccurate, and it’s biased, and it creates a never ending conflict between fans.

    I respect your comments always SL, and enjoy what you bring to the discussion, but I do feel that sometimes you don’t quite respect others views as they do yours.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 11:11 am

  186. OK, SL, I’ve been biting my tongue not to say that, but the only person in this forum being childish and irrational is you. I’m not attacking any other posters, I’m just saying what I think about Castiel and his doings. Your feelings for him are touching, but don’t demand that everyone else share them. And I want you to tell me where did I attack DEAN.

    Johno is right, you’re becoming more and more hostile. If you think that other posters are nasty, take a look at what YOU write. You keep insulting every person that dares to say a word of criticism about Castiel.

    If you think that I and others here are Sam fanatics, maybe you should pay a visit to one of those Sam hate forums out there and see by yourself what fanatism really means. Hate goes much beyond expressing dislike for one character. Trust me, you’ll learn the difference. This place here will be like Paradise.

    Comment by brotherlylove — June 4, 2011 @ 11:17 am

  187. “Cas, Dean and the poster.”

    I didn’t attack Cas, I didn’t attack Dean, and I didn’t attack Tricky. I stated that I hated her post, and I defended Sam from her biased attack on the character. I don’t know why you have to throw into the discussion what is not there. Who here has attacked Dean? If Tricky’s post was about Dean, I would of responded in the exact same way.

    Comment by Johno — June 4, 2011 @ 11:44 am

  188. sorry if anyone ever felt i attacked sam. i do not think i ever posted anything againest him. i can see clearly when these characters are wrong but that doesnt mean i blame them or hate. in fact their mistakes or flaws just make them more beautiful. i do not feel i showed any bias toward sam. i love the people that are important to dean and they are in this order.
    1. sam
    2. bobby
    3. lisa and ben
    those are the people that are important to dean. so they are important to me. i want them all to be safe and happy.

    sam has made mistakes. dean has made mistakes. and castiel has made mistakes. bobby too. i do not fault them. they have all been manipulated into these situations. they have all been forced to do things they maybe knew was not right but it was for the greater good or so they believed at the time. so you cannot really lay blame on any of them. but just because they cannot be blamed does not mean there are not consequences to their choices and actions. they were lied to, manipulated into all of this but they still have to pay for their own choices. dean has had to suffer for his choices though they were not his fault he felt he had to make those choices at the time, the same is true for sam and bobby. and the same will be true for castiel. he made bad choices because he got manipulated into a situation where he felt he had to make that choice and he will have to pay for them, but that does not make it his fault. deans bad choice making a deal for his soul, he had to do it right? it was wrong and he knew it, but he had to have his brother back. cannot fault him for that but he still had to pay. sam made a bad decision trusting ruby. he was manipulated by her into killing lilith. he had no choice but to kill her. but he still had to pay for what he did, even though you cannot say it was his fault. and bobby. made that deal with crowley for the location of death, it was wrong to do it, he knew it, but felt he didnt have a choice so you cannot say it was his fault but he still had to pay. and castiel. clearly manipulated into this whole purgatory deal. he made bad choices but all along was trying to do the right thing, and like dean, sam, and bobby before him it wasnt his fault but he will have to pay.

    so just wanted to clear up any misconception that i hold bias toward any of these characters. i just do not. i see them clearly for what they are. they are flawed, they make bad choices and misguided decisions. they do things that they know is wrong, and that is what makes them perfect and i feel nothing but intense love for them all. and that will never change no matter how many times they are manipulated into bad choices.

    Comment by Tricky — June 4, 2011 @ 12:49 pm

  189. @Johno: No disrespect to YOU personally. Like I said, I do find some of your posts very well-expressed and the points you put forth well-thought out. Even when I don’t share those thoughts. A civil, well-written and respectful argument is always appreciated by myself even when I am on the other side of the fence.

    I am not going to deny that some of my responses in this forum have been mixed with anger and irritation and, sometimes, disgust.

    I stand by those responses. The posts they were in reply to warrented those responses.

    It is wrong to ATTACK any poster here because they choose to express their thoughts and their views and their opinions. Attacking Tricky’s post because she brought up her own thoughts about the character and/or the actor that did not go along with the other comments posted is childish and wrong.

    You respond negatively whenever anyone says anything that could be seen as negative about Sam. There ARE negative things about Sam- not many about the character himself but alot about his actions. It is not wrong to comment on them and to bring them forth. Because they are true.
    We don’t like everything about every character because no character is completely perfect. That is what makes the character stronger and more alive. They are not cartoon characters; they have layers and they have strengths and weaknesses. That is what fleshes them out and makes them more human.

    Whenever something is said that may be critcial of Sam’s actions you immediately say the poster should then bring up Dean’s imperfections also.
    Go ahead. He has them and that makes me love him even more.

    However when the comment is related to Sam AND Castiel (like several of my own have been) how bringing up Dean’s imperfections is going to matter is beyond me.

    I feel that whenever a poster here supports Castiel he/she is immediately attacked. You say you do not do that but you have. Perhaps, with you “attack” is not the right word. It is more like you immediately HAVE to rebutt their words and their own opinions. And sometimes your own responses come across as nasty and impulsive.

    Ozzie and Taz have posted many comments here that have been vividly hateful of Castiel. Now I am not going to tell you that I am a Castiel fanatic because I am not. But I do like the character and the way he is portrayed by the actor. So even though I am not a fanatic about him I do resent the nasty and hateful comments that are made both about the character and the actor. I clearly do understand how Ozzie feels because she has come right out and expressed her feelings. I RESPECT her feelings; sometimes I do not respect the way she chooses to express them.

    Brotherlylove finds it perfectly ok for her to share her negative thoughts about the character but resents it when I state my own negative thoughts in response. She finds her comments respectful and open-minded? I find them negative and narrow-minded. And I respond in kind.

    I would rather focus on Sam and Dean and the relationship they share and the hope that the 7th season will strengthen that and center on that. It is a long Summer and I would relish the chance to hear civil, inviting posts dealing with the positive aspects of the show we all love. For I, generally, do like hearing other people’s thoughts and reading their comments and sharing my own. I learn alot from information posted here by James and Ozzie and others that post here regularly. And I look forward to reading more of them.

    I try to respond calmly to comments that are posted here that I share an interest in. But if I feel a post is made that is either disrespectful to the poster more so than their opinion or is filled with nasty, hateful false comments, I will respond in my own way.

    Johno, you and I don’t always agree by any means, but I feel you are a knowlegeable person about the show and the characters and alot of your comments I have found informative and worth commenting on. But we do disagree on our thoughts and opinions also. As long as respect and civility are used in our posts I find it enjoyable to exchange views with you.

    But I can’t tolerate outright negativity and uncivil attacks upon characters, posts, and posters by some of the others contributing here. Sadly, it does tend to be the same people over and over again.

    Respect is a two-way street. Show me it and I do the same in kind. I am not here to preach to anyone or seek their agreement or treat people with hostility. I am here to share my love and enjoyment of Sam and Dean Winchester and the show they live on.

    Comment by SL — June 4, 2011 @ 3:47 pm

  190. Today was a great day for Supernatural fans around the world. Jared joined twitter and took a picture of Jensen to use as his twitter profile and this all took place when the J’s were at @nashcon and misha already twitted @jarpad about his testicles…let the pranks between misha and pada begin. Lol.

    Comment by Ozzie — June 4, 2011 @ 6:28 pm

  191. SL, Tricky some absolutely fantastic points. So much has been said–so i’ll just do a quick sum up of my responses to it all for now. Firstly I love both Sam and Cas–i’ll say that since this seems to have largely(not totally!) turned into one or the other.

    Sam and Dean are the heroes of the show–as are Cas and Bobby in support. The show is fantastic when it has these 4 guys against the world–again with Dean and Sam in the lead.

    SPN also has a tendency to dirty up their heroes too much–they’ve done this too Sam too much specifically AND to Cas in season 6. AND I FORGIVE THEM BOTH AND ALWAYS WISH FOR THEIR REDEMPTION. Remember as Sera said Cas was such a goody 2 shoes before season 6 that they decided to dirty him up in S6.

    Comment by James — June 6, 2011 @ 12:49 am

  192. Jared and Jensen were asked at @Nashcon what they tought about Castiel being the new ”GOD”on SPN and both looked and said nothing. Lmao! You know that old saying….that silence can say so much.?

    Comment by Ozzie — June 6, 2011 @ 10:14 am

  193. Ozzie they said they’ll have to see how it turns out–until then no real comment. Obviously they were told to keep everything secret–if they know anything at all.

    Comment by James — June 6, 2011 @ 11:10 am

  194. @Ozzie (Post 192) & @James (Post 193): I saw the same session at Nashcon and heard the same question and saw the same response and it amazes me how we can all get different views from the same thing.
    Ozzie, you make it seem like Jared and Jensen thought the idea of the character of Castiel as “G-D” being either ridiculous or unbelieveable.
    And if I hadn’t seen them myself I would have had to go with your comment.
    But that is not what they imitated or said and I go by what words are actually spoken by the two actors.
    This is how rumors and falsehoods get posted and how people think things are true when they are not.

    Comment by SL — June 6, 2011 @ 12:15 pm

  195. I never take too seriously what fans say/ blogg/ post …not even what I say/blogg or post, but I do listen and enjoy reading what the J’s say , because Sam and Dean are their TV characters.

    I remember during season 3 , how Buddy TV had interviewed the J’s on set , and in a Jensen interview …Jensen was asked if he was like Dean? Jensen said NO, that he saw Dean as a goofball, and that he was not like him. As soon AS HE SAID THIS….two fans blogged after Jensen’s interview ,…OMG! Jensen is so much like Dean, my friend saw the interview on the internet with me and how this two fans posted the opposite of what JA had just said. My friend Maria…was like WTH, are those 2 nuts,dumb asses…the guy just said the opposite of what they think. I just laughed and explain to Maria that there are crazy fans out there. Go figure???

    Comment by Ozzie — June 6, 2011 @ 1:27 pm

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