“Alex Annie Alexis Ann” Clip

Sheriff Jody Mills is back in the next new episode of Supernatural. Check out this clip of her reuniting with the boys and talking about vamps.

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  1. You know . . . I’d probably appreciate this clip more if it weren’t late in the season. It’s time to stop the MOTW episodes and move the mytharc along.


    Comment by Lisa1 — April 17, 2014 @ 3:08 pm

  2. Hmmmmmmm-Garth a werewolf-Jody a vamp maybe????

    Agree Lisa1 -no reason for these types of episodes at this point in the season-The spinoff especially should have been earlier in the season. I mean how much is Sam and Dean going to be in it if its a backdoor pilot??? I won’t be watching Bloodlines anyway- No way am I getting caught up with this bunch of writers and showrunners again.

    Comment by animal — April 17, 2014 @ 3:40 pm

  3. Hahaha Animal! My sister and I said the same thing. Why in the world would we watch a new show w/these writers when they can’t even do justice to an existing show?

    Plus, I don’t know who’s doing the pilot, but for the past two seasons, there have been more episodes I absolutely hated than enjoyed so I’ll be skipping Bloodlines. Heck, I’m almost to the point of dropping
    this show! This regime is horrible!

    Comment by Lisa1 — April 18, 2014 @ 1:49 am

  4. @ Lisa1: I agree with you. I usually don’t mind Mills in an episode (unless she is the big damned hero over the boys), but at this point in the season, I am still waiting for something about the various stories they have dragged out at glacial speed this season. A one-off and a spin-off with young CW cuties **gag**, and then three episodes to tell a season story ticks me off.

    Dabb wrote the spin-off pilot and is developing (creator) Bloodlines. Unfortunately, I liked his SPN episodes as a general rule, but he’s moving over the Bloodlines and we are stuck with Lemming-Ross and Buckner as the senior writers on SPN. That’s why they are doing so many episodes and have all the mytharc episodes this year. God! I hope when Singer leaves the show (and I cannot remember if he said at the end of S10 or at the end of the 200th episode — which would be 10.5), I hope he takes his wife and her partner with him.

    Comment by Sheri — April 18, 2014 @ 8:18 am

  5. I agree, Sheri. Now is NOT, in my opinion, to be wasting time w/MOTW episodes and lame spinoffs. They need to be spending time on wrapping up this season’s many stories!

    I don’t follow the writers very much, but I just know there are very no episodes I would voluntarily re-watch from this season and only 3 I would rewatch from last season. That’s sad and pathetic, and it doesn’t give me much hope for this spinoff.

    Comment by Lisa1 — April 18, 2014 @ 9:38 am

  6. When “Bloodlines” crashes and burns, which I hope it does fast, maybe Carver and his hacks will realize the success of SN was never about the genre, concept, sets, special effects, and–least of all–their crappy scripts.

    It’s always been all about Jensen and Jared. If it weren’t for those two, I’d never so much as consider watching a CW series, much less one even remotely associated Carver and his team.

    Comment by JT — April 18, 2014 @ 10:31 am

  7. @ Lisa1: There are only 4 episodes that I liked last season, but I haven’t watched them beyond the two times I normally do when an episode airs — once to get a feel for it and once to analyze it. (I haven’t done a second watch of Slumber Party, though. I just can’t do Charming Charlie any more.)

    Variety is reporting that the CW will be re-running this entire season on the CW during the summer starting June 3rd.

    I have no intentions of watching Bloodlines. SPN is the only CW show I will ever watch. I can’t take their 20-year-old Romeo/Juliet stories and all the teenage angsting.

    Every time I hear about bloodlines, I think of Shadow and Two Minutes To Midnight. Even Death wasn’t smart enough to know Chicago was run by monsters, I guess, so how should we expect our intrepid hunters to know? I expect to see the J2s in 9.20 for about eight minutes.

    @ JT: I expect even if Bloodlines doesn’t go over well, the CW will keep it for a couple of years. Maybe TVD and The Original fans will watch it. But I do agree with you that SPN is carried only by the J2s.

    Comment by Sheri — April 18, 2014 @ 10:56 am

  8. lisa1–feel the opposite: must watch it. A MOTW may actually featuring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as Dean and Sam Winchester. It seems that approach to SPN will not appear again this season.
    Sheri–hope CW picks up Bloodlines. SPN will have to get some (hopefully more than one) new writers and some of its herd of producers will exit also.
    Just trying to see something positive for season 10.

    Comment by CaseyT — April 18, 2014 @ 12:12 pm

  9. @ Casey%: LOL!! No such luck. They would just hire some more inferior comic book cronies they worked with in the past.

    Comment by Sheri — April 18, 2014 @ 12:47 pm

  10. Not interested in “Bloodlines” at all. Actually there is not another series on the CW that I am interested in. Sometimes I catch some of “The Originals” because that show comes on right before SN. But I watch nothing else on their but SN. And the ONLY reason I watch SN is because of Jensen and Jared. Otherwise I would never switch on that station at all. I am grateful to the CW for renewing SN for its 10th season. That wouldn’t have happened on another station. But the ONLY reason they did that is because of Jensen and Jared. Remove them from the show and it will be gone in moments.

    Comment by SL — April 18, 2014 @ 3:15 pm

  11. So agree with all you said. The only reason i watch this show is J2. Abslutely the only reason.

    Comment by Tammy — April 18, 2014 @ 8:23 pm

  12. I basically hate the CW. Shallow shows about perfect looking, painfully young, and usually well-off people from what I get anyway, maybe I’m wrong (I’m thinking of shows like “Gossip Girl”). SPN is the only one I have ever been interested in. Ironically, it was my husband, when it first came on, that got interested in it, while it didn’t grab me at all. I didn’t even notice how beautiful Jensen was at first because his hair was(and is still) too short, and my eyes went to Jared because his hair was longer. After a few episodes though, my husband lost interest. I didn’t pay it any mind until a few years later when I was watching reruns on TNT and then BAMM I got sucked right in. Gorgeous brothers (and this time, I DID notice Jensen’s hottness and how, whew!), but more than that, it was the acting, the characters, the deft blend of darkness, drama, and some of the damn funniest comedy I’d seen on any tv show. But mainly, it was the love and bond I saw between the two. It seemed so genuine and unique to me. Usually, when you have such very hot guys on a tv show, they are always shown in romantic or sexual situations almost every other episode it seems or are falling in love. But these two very hot guys, their main concern and their biggest love was for eachother(not incestuous). To me that was a whole new concept. Plus, although J2 did indeed fit the WB/CW criteria of young and beautiful , they were surrounded by characters who were not so young, and not so beautiful who were very important to them and their world, like Bobby, Rufus, Ellen(beautiful but not so young) and any number of other guest and supporting characters who were more like normal real people and not underwear models, characters of all ages and all appearances. Again, a nice change of pace from the WB/CW usual MO. And good stories.
    Alas, that was then, this is now. I’ll keep watching until it’s over, which I’m pretty sure will be next season. But I have no interest in “Bloodlines”

    Comment by roxi — April 18, 2014 @ 10:30 pm

  13. I’m with most people here in that I’m not interested in “Bloodlines” at all. These writers have not impressed me at all w/their handling of Supernatural so I have no plans to watch their new show.

    I do watch “Arrow.” That is actually a very good show, and it my opinion, it easily surpasses Supernatural in quality. I don’t watch any other CW shows though.

    Comment by Lisa1 — April 19, 2014 @ 5:22 am

  14. The Originals and Arrow are both VERY good shows I watch regularly, Tomorrow People is entertaining but probably won’t see a second season.
    Vampire Diaries WAS good in seasons 1-3 but it’s taken a drop in quality, mos current season 5 episodes are just as good or better than current Supernatural.

    Don’t care much about the spinoff, but am interested in the resolution of this season’s plots and will watch season 10, however I hope it’s the last for Supernatural.

    Comment by Scott — April 19, 2014 @ 8:57 am

  15. As much as I think that this episode would have been better suited earlier in the season it’s probably needed now because of intro to the new spin off the following week. It would have been really jarring if they had a big mytharc (whatever the mytharc is this season) episode next week, then an episode which has little or nothing to do with the mytharc following it.

    And Bloodlines might not be the worst. Arrow is a great show. Okay, it had a slow and somewhat cliched start but it’s really picked up. Bloodlines might be nice to watch to get away from the frustration of what SPN is bringing us.

    On an aside, as much as I like Jody, I really dislike her hair here.

    Comment by Orlaith — April 20, 2014 @ 4:46 am

  16. Yeah Jody was really hot when her hair was longer

    Comment by Scott — April 20, 2014 @ 7:53 pm

  17. It really is outrageous that we’re having both (1) a monster of the week episode AND (2) a backdoor pilot so late in the season.

    Season 9 has been horrendously paced, and the fans are getting bored with the storyline. Just look at the collapsing ratings if you don’t believe me. Supernatural hasn’t hit .7s since the leviathan season, when it was on a FRIDAY.

    On a positive note, there really isn’t anything bad happening in the overall storyline. It’s just frustrating to see it be interrupted with pointless stand-alone episodes.

    As for how they should end season 9, I hope they do what they did for season 3: pick ONE storyline and resolve it; leave the rest for next year.

    Comment by JJA — April 21, 2014 @ 10:54 am

  18. The problem I have with S9 is that there were so many stories thrown out and none of them are moving forward — well, Dean’s MoC seems to be moving at glacial speed.

    Metatron is boring, and Metatron’s story is boring, and that seems to be the focus now. I find the Gadreel one much more interesting. Is he good or bad? He claims to love humanity, but he continues to make the wrong decisions by doing Metatron’s wet work for him. I would have liked to explore that character more.

    I have no idea what the angels or Abaddon and Crowley are doing. I have no idea why Crowley wants to use Dean as his tool.

    There has been no movement on Sam’s big mad and Dean allowing the possession. Sam seems to be worried now, but is he still angry?

    Why does Metatron want Cas specifically to lead his the faction of angels? He seems to be powerful enough, what with creating alternate universes, being able to make illusions of Gabriel or perhaps bringing him back from the dead…or something…and being able to blow out holy oil. Why does he need Gad or Cas?

    I don’t care how the season ends. I figure in 9.21 the season will start to get interesting, which means I could have watched the premiere, and the last two or three episodes and that would tell the season’s story…or stories, if the writers don’t drop some of them.

    Comment by Sheri — April 21, 2014 @ 1:11 pm

  19. I’m hoping that Carver and Co. have a wake up call because of the ratings drop, and realize that the “Cas and guests stars” show is not the big draw they think it is, and start to care again about what was originally the draw for the majority of viewers, that is, write GOOD stories for Sam and Dean, focus on THEM, and repair their relationship once and for all.

    Comment by roxi — April 21, 2014 @ 4:46 pm

  20. @ roxi: I don’t think the ratings drop is unusual for SPN on an Easter weekend and beautiful weather. It still tied Arrow and TVD in the demo for first place and was the 3rd watched show on the CW. I doubt that any of TPTB will be concerned or learn anything from it.

    I’ve reconciled myself to the fact we will have Cas and every other recurring guest next year and through S11, if the show is renewed (and I bet it is) just like we’ve had them in the past. I’m bored with all of them.

    Comment by Sheri — April 21, 2014 @ 5:25 pm

  21. I don’t think “Cas and guest stars” are the problem with Supernatural. I think it’s an issue of pacing and too many monster-of-the-week episodes.

    And True, the CW ratings have collapsed across the bored, but a lot of that may be the schedule. There are too many weeks off. In retrospect, there probably should have been a second long hiatus followed by 9 weeks of new episodes in a row (starting after March Madness).

    Also, in terms of quality, other CW shows have been pretty bad this year too. Vampire Diaries fans are in outright revolt over some of the decisions the writers of that show have made.

    Arrow too has been lackluster for most of season 2, BUT it has bounced back nicely the past few episodes.

    Although, The Originals and Reign have been pretty strong all season.

    Comment by JJA — April 21, 2014 @ 9:15 pm

  22. Without the MOTW Spn would be pure soap opera; its syndication value much diminished. Krepki’s formula worked well with the MOTW because he managed to tie even those episodes, open to casual viewers, somehow connected to the overall arc. Carver’s absentee oversight lets the MOTW’s be almost totally disconnected from the arc, and his obsession with angels has made this season even more disjointed because Castiel is the key player in the arc, not the Winchesters. Their MOTW’s seem unrelated to the series themes and Carver’s emphasis on Dean and Sam feuding runs counter to them working together. 9 to me is much worse than 8; 9 has a wretchedly developed angel war interspersed with episodes of two figures who don’t like each other hunting and supposedly having each other’s backs. It just doesn’t have any coherence. And, Carver brings back actors, not characters. What they did, said, experienced in other appearances seems not to matter. Carver and his writers seem to believe the audience recognizes past faces, not past dialog or action. Canon is irrelevant.

    Comment by CaseyT — April 22, 2014 @ 6:39 am

  23. @ CaseyT: Your point about Carver bringing back actors, not characters, is well-said, Casey. That is exactly what is going on.

    Kim Rhodes tweeted: If periphery characters weren’t rich and vital, they would have no lasting impact on the boys. We are SUPPOSED to love them too. Clarification: a show being “about” the brothers does NOT render others unworthy of their own story. It’s a world. Not a moment. IMO.

    While I understand this and often like a support character more than a lead in a show. If the show was, in fact, building a world, it would be one thing, but they are not. They are simply writing an episode with an actor in mind and, as you say, no past action or dialog is irrelevant.

    Did you notice in Meta Fiction that the guy in the hunter’s supply story was a young druggie. Do you really believe that young junkie was an ex-hunter, because that are the people that run hunter stores. Someone with knowledge and experience. That guy was on the level of Garth; an idiot shoehorned in as a character. I also wondered why the greatest “repository of all things supernatural” would not have those supplies somewhere in a box. Stupid, stupid writers!

    Comment by Sheri — April 22, 2014 @ 8:21 am

  24. @23- The young stoner hunter reminded me more of Ash than Garth.

    Comment by roxi — April 23, 2014 @ 6:50 am

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