“Bloodlines” Photos

Next week’s episode introduces us to the world of the potential Supernatural spin-off “Bloodlines.” Check out these photos of the Chicago-based action of shapeshifters vs. werewolves.

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  1. I know a lot of people are annoyed at a SamnDean-lite MOTW so late in the season, but the pics don’t look awful.

    I don’t know if we can even pin the timing of this ep on Carver. Who decides when to air spin-off pilots for the CW? Could be Carver and the writers wound up hamstrung at this point as well (and then forced to work their plot around this pilot, and thus delay various storylines). Possible?

    Comment by Jaytee — April 22, 2014 @ 11:21 am

  2. I like how it’s clear they put some money into this. One of the things that I would love to see is more locations for the Winchesters and this is probably the only distinctively big city they have visited. So at least there is that.

    But I don’t like how much the original show Supernatural has had to accommodate the spinoff. Changing how monsters are and even affecting the development of the main characters, especially Dean and by default Sam.

    Comment by San Summer — April 22, 2014 @ 11:34 am

  3. I like how they shoehorned pictures of Sam and Dean into the promo photos when, in fact, I don’t expect to see much of them in this pilot.

    I still remember Shadow and Two Minutes To Midnight, the two times the Winchesters have been in Chicago and nobody knew a thing about monster families running the city.

    Honestly, I don’t care if the pilot is picked up for a series or not. I won’t be watching it. Romeo and Juliet from different monster families, the young supposed lead do not do a thing for me and I won’t be watching.

    Comment by Sheri — April 22, 2014 @ 12:39 pm

  4. I won’t be tied to another Carver and company story. I will watch this SPN episode but I won’t be watching the actual spinoff whenever and wherever they put it.

    Comment by animal — April 22, 2014 @ 1:25 pm

  5. Except for Dean and Sam and the Impala this looks like any of the dozen generic CW shows that come and go. Not interested and will not be watching.

    Comment by SL — April 22, 2014 @ 2:50 pm

  6. True, SL Out of a multitude of possible SN spinoffs, apparently all these producers could come up with is another horror show for teeny boppers. That’s like following filet mignon with a serving of popsicle.

    Comment by JT — April 22, 2014 @ 3:16 pm

  7. I watched the last 15 minutes of The Originals like I always do. Guess what-they have 5 warring familes!!! Wow that’s Original. And Bloodlines is going to have 5 warring families. Wow that idea must mean gold to someone. WTH-Bloodlines is going to be a combination ofe The Originals, TVD and all the others on this network. Sheesh. You could probably bounce the characters from one show to the next. lol. LAME.

    Comment by animal — April 22, 2014 @ 6:39 pm

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  9. Can everyone whining in this thread please follow through with their promise to not watch Bloodlines and therefore not fill every discussion thread with constant complaining so that the people who still enjoy Supernatural might start feeling like they can come back to and actually enjoy discussing the show, because honestly right now this place is depressing.

    Although given that animal has been claiming for the past three seasons that he/she is done with Supernatural and is DEFINITELY not going to watch next season (and yet is STILL here complaining) I won’t hold my breath.

    Comment by Just Sayin' — April 23, 2014 @ 8:01 am

  10. @ Just Sayin’ – No one is preventing you from talking about what you enjoy about Bloodlines or Supernatural. Instead of talking about other posters, just post your opinion on the show(s) and see what happens.

    Several threads have contained discussion and speculation btw those who are enjoying the season.

    Comment by Lisa1 — April 23, 2014 @ 10:17 am

  11. But that is just it. You are preventing me, and I can only imagine a lot of other fans of the show, from using this site to discuss the show.

    You maybe don’t realise it but between yourself, Sheri, animal and a few other usual suspects, you manage to take up 90% of these threads with the same repetitive complaints and moaning about the same damn things, week in, week out. Maybe some of the complaints are even justified but it has long since got to the point where I can predict the flow of comments after every new episode with a ridiculous amount of accuracy.

    I’m sorry but the truth is that there is a small group of very negative posters that have made somewhere to avoid. Whether you have the right to your opinions or not is not the point. Of course you have that right. That doesn’t change the fact that you are seriously putting a downer on everyone else, and pretty much ensuring that no one even bothers trying to say anything positive anymore. What’s the point when you just get lost in a sea of complaints?

    Comment by Just Sayin' — April 23, 2014 @ 10:42 am

  12. Well, you’ll never know if there are any likeminded fans such as yourself unless you post and see. There are several regulars here who seem to be enjoying the season and want to discuss the show. You could discuss the show with those posters but blaming me for your decision to not post seems strange. I am in no way preventing you from posting. If the environment here is not one you enjoy, you may want to find somewhere else to post. I stopped posting at IMDb because of the rampant Sam/Jared hate. If you want a place where everyone enjoys the show, try The Winchester Family Business. They are mostly happy fans. You’ll rarely find criticism on those boards.

    Comment by Lisa1 — April 23, 2014 @ 3:01 pm

  13. I used to comment on here all the time, back when the atmosphere was a little less of a downer. This last two or three seasons though it has just felt like hard work, slogging through all the complaints to find the occasional post from someone who is actually enjoying what they are watching.

    Again, Lisa, obviously no one is physically being prevented from posting here, least of all me, but the general feeling of continuous negativity is just unbearable. I’m not saying not to criticize the show. Not at all. What I’m saying is that there are a number of folk who seem to do nothing but that, or if they do have something good to say, it’s usually accompanied by a whole lot of bad.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if a show I once loved had gone so far downhill in my opinion that I complained about it as much as you all do Supernatural, I’d have walked away long ago. In fact I have done on several occasions. Alias, True Blood, Leverage, White Collar, Covert Affairs, Warehouse 13. All shows I used to love. All shows that I felt lost the plot and so I stopped watching. What I didn’t do was keep up the viewing of shows I didn’t like anymore and endlessly post about that fact online. I just don’t see why any of you would want to waste your time that way. Supernatural is not the same show as it used to be. Bloodlines is not going to be remotely like Supernatural. I’m fine with most those facts. If you’re not then why torture yourself?

    Comment by Just Sayin' — April 23, 2014 @ 4:50 pm

  14. @Just Sayin-your full of BS about me bud-I said last season I wasn’t going to watch this season because of Cas and the gay innuendo garbage but the finale made me curious to see where the brothers story went. I happen to be one of the few on here that like this season with the exception of a few episodes. Cas has been sparse and no innuendo that have screamed at me like last season. So I am liking this season 1000 times more than last. I also don’t post here much-like I used to. Once in awhile I get drawn in but I try not to. Like now-you dragged me in. -good for you.

    By the way I don’t get your idea of “discussion”. All positive -kiss assing of the show makes it a love fest not a discussion. Discussion is different ideas and different perspectives and different reactions. But whatever.

    Dude-stay and voice you opinion. Its called freedom of speech. We still have that in the US at least for a little while yet. peace.

    Comment by animal — April 23, 2014 @ 5:02 pm

  15. Oh and Just Sayin-I am going to watch Bloodlines the episode NOT the show when and if it gets picked up. So if I don’t like it -I will say so.

    Comment by animal — April 23, 2014 @ 5:11 pm

  16. Yeah, animal, you were always pretty good about excusing yourself and justifying every time you claimed to be giving up watching and yet never quite doing so. I lost count of how many times you nearly stopped commenting… but then didn’t.

    And if I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody misinterpret the whole freedom of speech deal. You know that doesn’t apply to privately owned websites, right? You have the site owner’s permission to post here. Nothing else. Freedom of speech does not apply. Really wish people would bother to understand how that works.

    Comment by Just Sayin' — April 23, 2014 @ 5:49 pm

  17. Just Sayin’ – I don’t post here as much as I used to BECAUSE I don’t have anything positive to say, and my interest in the show is at an all-time low. Now, do I get drawn into certain discussions like S8 Sam or whether J2 requesting time off is a detriment to the overall show? Sure, but as far as the episodes are concerned, I’m not saying much b/c I don’t have much to say.

    Comment by Lisa1 — April 23, 2014 @ 6:20 pm

  18. Well Just Sayin I am truly blessed that you have remembered and have been moved by things I have said on this board. I frankly don’t remember what anybody says specifically about anything. When I am in a conversation I am in the conversation -but after that I am done and I leave it on the board and move on. Even when I get in a snit with someone I let it go after the conversation.

    You on the other hand have an ax to grind evidently. Coming on here yapping about negative remarks about a damn show and yet you ATTACK posters causing more negativity than negative remarks about a show ever could. OH well it takes all kinds. I will keep giving my opinion on the episodes as they show up on my tv screen. If you don’t want to read my posts then don’t. Freedom of Speech Dude. Within the confines of the established rules. Just like in society. You can’t call “fire” in a theater.

    Comment by animal — April 23, 2014 @ 7:29 pm

  19. When I found this site, it was great to discover that other people felt some of the same about the show as I did, that is, a general decline in quality. You could say its self-torture to go on and on about negative things. I keep focusing on these things, because the show has meant a lot to me, and therefore it hurts to see it like this. Reading other peoples thoughts is a way to deal with it.

    I really dont understand why other peoples opinions are so important, if you dont agree with them.

    Comment by Nix — April 25, 2014 @ 12:45 pm

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