Season 10 Finale Clip

In the finale, “Brother’s Keeper,” Sam is fed up with Rowena’s stalling tactics. He wants her to cure Dean, but the witch calls his bluff. In addition, EP Jeremy Carver talks about how Sam’s quest to save his brother mirrors Dean’s quest to save the world from himself.

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Season 10 Finale Photos

Check out these photos and an extended trailer from the season 10 finale, “Brother’s Keeper.” There are two interesting trios as everything comes to a head. Sam and Dean meet up with Death, who might have a cure for the Mark of Cain, but it would definitely have dangerous strings attached. Elsewhere, Cas is stuck in the middle of the family feud between Rowena and Crowley.

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‘SPN’ Returning Wednesdays at 9pm for Season 11

I hope you like where Supernatural currently is on the CW’s schedule, because it will be staying on Wednesdays at 9pm when it returns for season 11 in the Fall. Arrow will continue to serve as its lead-in, keeping the night stable for the network.

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“The Prisoner” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s penultimate episode of season 10. Click HERE for my full recap or continue reading for my quick thoughts.


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“The Prisoner” Clip

In this clip from the penultimate episode of season 10, Rowena shows some interest in Cas before Sam shows up to deliver the bad news. As expected, he blames himself. Hunting isn’t the family business, guilt is.

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Extended Trailer for the Final 2 Episodes

The CW released a new extended trailer that provides a little more info on the final 2 episodes of season 10. For starters, it seems Sam and Dean are blaming each other for Charlie’s death, which isn’t good for their relationship. And the trailer ends with Dean pointing a gun at Cas. He’s definitely going off the deep end.

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Charlie’s Funniest Quotes

To celebrate our favorite ScarJo-obsessed lesbian hacker, here’s a look back at Charlie Bradbury’s funniest zingers during her adventures with the Winchesters.

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“The Prisoner” Photos

Check out these new pictures fro the penultimate episode of season 10 featuring a Hunter’s funeral. Also, find out who “The Prisoner” is.

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“Dark Dynasty” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s episode that gets back to the Book of the Damned and the search for a cure. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“Dark Dynasty” Clip

For the final three episoides of season 10, the show is all about the Book of the Damned and the Mark of Cain. In a new clip from this week’s episode, we see Sam recruiting Charlie to join his secret operation to use Rowena and the Book to cure Dean without Dean’s knowledge. Charlie’s reaction is basically the same as us fans: Oh jeez, not this again, one brother going behind the other’s back.

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