New Trailer: The Winchesters Keep Grinding

The Hellatus is over and SPN returns Wednesday for the second half of season 11. The first episode back, “The Devil in the Details,” will find Dean and Cas trying to save Sam from Lucifer’s Cage in Hell while also figuring out whether the Darkness is really dead.


Besides the trailer for this episode, there’s also a new trailer for several upcoming episodes with a lot of bad news for Cas. We also get our first look at an episode centered on indie wrestling and a time travel episode with the boys on a WWII submarine,


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“The Devil in the Details” Photos

Check out these new photos from the mid-season premiere where Dean and Cas try to rescue Sam from Lucifer in the Cage.


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Which 2 Dead Characters Are Coming Back?

The good thing about Supernatural is that even when someone dies, they can always come back. And in season 11, TWO dead characters will make a return appearance. Keep reading to find out who.


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Jensen Ackles Wins People’s Choice Award

It was another good year for Supernatural at the People’s Choice Awards. This year, Jensen Ackles won the award for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor, beating out last year’s winner, his co-star Misha Collins. While the show didn’t win for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show (that went to the CW’s Beauty and the Beast), the victory for Jensen is big since it’s his first PCA despite being nominated for the past three years as well. Fourth time’s the charm, and to celebrate, he posted an acceptance video online with a hilarious cameo by Misha.

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Winter Finale Discussion

Say goodbye to the Winchesters in 2015 by posting your thoughts on the mid-season finale, “O Brother Where Art Thou?” Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“O Brother Where Art Thou?” Photos

Sadly, it’s already time for the show’s winter finale. And the last episode of 2015 is a doozy as Dean reconnects with Amara and Sam teams up with Crowley to go back to the Cage. And as revealed in the trailer, a certain character who hasn’t been on the show for the past three and a half years is back!

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“Just My Imagination” Discussion

Post your thoughts on this week’s episode about imaginary friends directed by Richard Speight, Jr. (who played Gabriel/the Trickster). Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick analysis.


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“Just My Imagination” Clip

This week the Winchesters take on imaginary friends, and it requires them to wear Mr. Rogers sweaters and talk to kids about a dead man-icorn named Sparkle.

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“Just My Imagination” Photos

Check out these pictures from the next new episode, airing December 2, featuring Sam’s childhood imaginary friend Sully. The episode is also directed by Richard Speight, Jr., who played Gabriel, aka the Trickster.

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“Plush” Discussion

Post your thoughts on this weeks furry-filled episode with the return of Sheriff Donna. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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