“The Chitters” Discussion

There are no more hiatuses. Starting tonight, SPN will finish out season 11 with five straight weeks of new episodes. It’s almost hard to believe the season is almost done. Post your thoughts on tonight’s episode. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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‘SPN’ Earns First-Ever Hugo Award Nomination

In the world of sci-fi/fantasy writing, few awards are as prestigious as the Hugo Award, given out starting in 1953 and named after the founder of the Amazing Stories magazine. And this year, Supernatural has been nominated for the first time ever in the Short-Form Dramatic category (for TV episodes).

The show was nominated for the recent “Just My Imagination” episode, in which Sam reconnects with his childhood imaginary friend. The nominees are the director, Richard Speight, Jr. (who played Gabriel, aka the Trickster) and writer Jenny Klein, who started as a writers’ assistant in season 3 and worked her way up to story editor and eventually a writer.

The episode is nominated against four other sci-fi/fantasy TV episodes:

“Headache” from Grimm
“AAKA Smile” from Jessica Jones (the season 1 finale)
“Heaven Sent” from Doctor Who
“The Cutie Map” from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Yes, the Winchesters are competing against fairy tales, a super hero, a Time Lord and cartoon horses.

The ceremony for winners will be held Saturday, August 20.

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“Don’t Call Me Shurley” Photos

Check out these photos from the May 4 episode in which Sam and Dean try to stop another outbreak of Amara’s Black Vein Virus from the season premiere. Also, as the title suggests, Chuck is back!

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30 Actors You May Have Forgotten Were on ‘Supernatural’

As we wait yet another week for the return of season 11 and the arrival of the final five episodes of the season, take a look back at 30 notable actors who you may have forgotten or never even realized were on SPN. Some you’ll definitely remember, but others maybe not, like the soon-to-be Tony nominated star of Broadway’s biggest musical, Hamilton.

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“The Chitters” Photos

Supernatural is on its final hiatus of the season, but returns April 27 when Sam and Dean investigate a case and run into another pair of Hunters.

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“Hell’s Angel” Discussion

We’re finally getting back to Amara and Lucifer, so post your thoughts on tonight’s episode. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“Hell’s Angel” Photos

After three stand-alone episodes dealing with wrestlers, Bobby and Rufus and werewolves, Supernatural is getting back to the bigger problems at hand, namely Cas becoming Lucifer and trying to stop Amara. In these photos from “Hell’s Angel,” Casifer and Crowley are both back in the mix with Sam and Dean.

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“Red Meat” Discussion

Post your thoughts on the show’s latest werewolf episode. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.



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“Red Meat” Video

In tonight’s episode, Sam and Dean try to run away from a pack of werewolves, which isn’t easy since Sam’s been shot. Again. Check out this action-packed clip.

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“Red Meat” Photos and Trailer

In next week’s episode, Sam and Dean hunt some werewolves, but Sam ends up getting shot. Will Billie the Reaper make good on her promise to finally claim a Winchester soul?

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