“Mother’s Little Helper” Clip

In the next new episode (directed by Misha Collins), Dean seems surlier than ever. In this clip he has a chat with Crowley, who has some theories about the effects of using the First Blade.

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“Blade Runners” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s Crowley-heavy episode that also features a cameo by Snooki. Yes, THAT Snooki. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“Mother’s Little Helper” Photos

On March 25 we get to see what Misha Collins can do behind the camera. The episode is his directorial debut, and here are photos of the episode (including some behind-the-scenes shots) that features flashbacks to the ’50s with the return of Grandpa Henry Winchester.

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“Blade Runners” Clip

Supernatural was a repeat this week, but next week is all-new, and here’s a clip from the episode in which Sam and Dean have to deal with a new version of Crowley, one who doesn’t quite live up to the name “King of Hell.”


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Spin-Off Gets New Title and Female Lead

Over the weekend the Supernatural spin-off got two more pieces into place. First, the title has changed from Supernatural: Tribes to Supernatural: Bloodlines.


Second, the show has cast its female lead, Melissa Roxborough as Violet, head of the werewolves. That makes her sister to Sean Faris’ Julian and the Juliet-like love interest of Nathaniel Buzolic’s shapeshifter, David.


Roxborough is no stranger to the CW. She played one of Thea Queen’s friends in the first season of Arrow and she has actually appeared on Supernatural before. She was the woman that Chronos (played by Jason Dohring) fell in love with in 1944, when Dean and Eliot Ness went back in time.

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“Blade Runners” Photos

The next new episode is all about Crowley’s search for the First Blade. And Snooki. It has Snooki.

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“#THINMAN” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s return of the Ghostfacers. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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It’s Winchesters vs. Ghostfacers in the next new episode, so enjoy this diner reunion between the goofy wannabe hunters and the dismissive Dean.

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‘Tribes’ Adds 2 More Stars

The cast of the backdoor pilot for Supernatural: Tribes is rounding out. The potential show, which will be previewed in the April 29 episode, has added a Heroes cheerleader and yet another former Vampire Diaries star.


Danielle Savre (aka Claire’s cheerleader friend from Heroes season 1 who was killed by Sylar) will play Margo, a former punk rocker who is now the corporate head of the shapeshifter family.


Stephen Martines (tomb vampire Frederick on TVD) will play Freddie Costa, a Chicago detective and mentor to the main character who is secretly on the payroll of one of the monster families. He’s the third former TVD vampire to join Tribes, along with Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol) as Margo’s brother David who doesn’t want any part of the monster business and Sean Faris (Ben the bartender) as Julian, a werewolf and rival to the shapeshifters.


Tribes centers on young cop Ennis Roth (Lucien Laviscount) who becomes a Hunter to avenge his dead fiancee. He attempts to take down the different monster families who secretly control Chicago’s seedy underbelly.


The ensemble cast, single city location and a ton of TVD alums definitely make this feel like more of a regular CW show and less like Supernatural. And that might be for the best, since there’s no way to replicate the formula or popularity of the original.

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CW Sets Season 9 Finale Date

Mark your calendars for May 20, because that’s when the Supernatural season 9 finale will air. It’s one of the later finales on the CW this season.


It also means there will be three more repeats during the second half of this season. One repeat will be March 11, and the other two will be sometime in April.


Other important dates include the directorial debut of Misha Collins on the March 25 episode and the Supernatural: Tribes backdoor pilot (which just added Sean Faris from The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars as a werewolf) on April 29.

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