Season 9 Finale Photos

Check out these photos from the big final showdown in the season 9 finale.

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“Do You Believe in Miracles?” Clip

In the season 9 finale, it’s Sam, Dean and Cas vs. Metatron. Well, it’s Sam and Cas vs. Metatron. In this clip, it seems Sam and Cas didn’t take the “Dean attacking Gadreel” thing so well and try to lock him up. Something tells me that won’t last too long.

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‘Supernatural’ to Keep Time Slot

Two pieces of good news came from Thursday’s announcement of the CW’s fall 2014 schedule. First, unlike last year, Supernatural is keeping its time slot and will return to Tuesdays at 9pm next year for season 10.


Perhaps the better news is that its lead-in at 8pm will be the Arrow spin-off The Flash. Why is this good? Because The Flash is the network’s hottest new show and could provide a boost to Supernatural‘s ratings. That’s a positive sign for SPN‘s long-term chances at the CW.


Also, while the Bloodlines spin-off is dead, the president of the CW announced that he’s already spoken to the show’s writers and producers about trying to develop another spin-off this season. He really loves SPN and is desperate to get something else out of it.

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“Stairway to Heaven” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s penultimate episode of the season. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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Misha Collins Returning as Series Regular

Good news, Cas fans: He’s not going anywhere. THR reports that Misha Collins will stick around for season 10 as a series regular.


Though Collins has been around since season 4, this will be only his fourth season as a series regular. He was credited as a guest star in seasons 4, 7 and 8, but was a series regular (alongside Jared and Jensen) for seasons 5, 6 and the current ninth season.



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‘Supernatural’ Spin-Off Is Dead

Good news to everyone who didn’t like the spin-off episode “Bloodlines.” It’s not going to be a series.

The CW has picked up four new shows for next season, but Bloodlines isn’t one of them. The spin-off is dead, which means all focus will be back on the original Supernatural next season.

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“Stairway to Heaven” Clip

Check out this clip from next week’s angel-heavy episode in which Sam’s whole “I’ll let my brother die” belief seems to be going out the window as he becomes more concerned about the effects of the magical First Blade.

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“King of the Damned” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s episode that gets back to important things like Metatron, Abaddon, Crowley and the First Blade. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“Stairway to Heaven” Photos

Check out photos from next week’s penultimate episode featuring the return of Tessa the Reaper.

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“King of the Damned” Photos

Check out these photos from the next new episode, which gets back to the Supernatural action of Cas, Gadreel and Crowley.

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