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August 2007 News Archives

New Jared Interview on CW!


The CW have a cool new interview up with Jared talking about season three! To view it head on over by click here, and then hit 'A to Z' followed by 'Supernatural season 3.'

I'll also be adding a wmv version to the gallery tomorrow for those of you who can't view flash!

Meanwhile, if you've been waiting of the season 2 trading cards from Inkworks, just a little note that they've been delayed slightly. New release date is set for the 19th of September!

News posted (31/08/07) by kittsbud

Season 1 Official Companion and more...


Titan books are releasing the very first Supernatural Official Companion next month (Oct in the UK) and they've kindly shared with us the cover as well as some information as to what fans can expect! Click here to find out more!

Meanwhile, Inkworks now have the free Supernatural promo card up for grabs! You can snag yours by visiting them here! Inkworks have also released information about the two retailer incentive cards they'll be including again. This years are to be call "22 Years Later" and will no doubt be as elusive as last years!

News posted (28/08/07) by kittsbud

Nevermore review!


Our very own irismay42 gives us the lowdown on the first ever Supernatural novel!

Want to know exactly what iris thought? Then click here to read on...

News posted (27/08/07) by kittsbud

The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls reviewed!


As promised, we're giving you the lowdown on the new book from HarperCollins! Click here to read my take on the latest addition to Supernatural merchandise available on the market!

Special Thanks to Nicole at HarperCollins for letting Sn.tv have a review copy. :)

Stay tuned for our competition in affiliation with HarperCollins early next month. We've goodies to give away!!!

News posted (22/08/07) by kittsbud

New Spoilers!


We now have spoilers and a title for the fifth episode of season 3! Click here to go check out the details! Thanks to Tracer as always!

Meanwhile, I'd just like to once again say a BIG Thank You to everyone who has sent in donations to keep the site running. I couldn't do it without each and every one of you!

Finally, stay tuned tomorrrow, because I'll be reviewing the upcoming HarperCollins book release The Supernatural Book of Monsters, Spirits, Demons, and Ghouls!

News posted (21/08/07) by kittsbud

CW Comic Con Interview


The CW now have a video up from the San Diego Comic Con! To watch it visit their video hub here and select the A to Z option at the end! If you have trouble loading it, I've also uploaded a copy to the site gallery for future viewing here!

Meanwhile, Jensen Ackles Fans have some really cool photos from the event taken by the fans! Click here to head on over and view them!

News posted (18/08/07) by kittsbud

New Zine...


GriffinSong Press have a new fanzine out and they now have Paypal too! Here's a little info...

Rooftop Confessions #2 (A SPN Gen Anthology Zine) 190 pages 8.5X11 Color Cover Art by JKay. With 11 stories by: Thru Terry's Eyes, Gaelicspirit, EveSong, K Hanna Korossy, Swellison, Kaliope, candygramme, drumgoddess, and J.M. Griffin.

Found within: Intense stories that explore the connection between the brothers, with an emphasis on hunting and owies. Lots of owies.

Price $23 US

To order click here, or visit GriffinSong's lj community here!

News posted (16/08/07) by kittsbud

Wednesday News!


HarperCollins publishers are getting together with SN.tv to do a fantastic prize giveaway to promote upcoming and current Supernatural releases, including the season 2 DVD's, the novel Nevermore, and the new Supernatural Book of Monsters ! Stay tuned in the next few weeks as we'll be reviewing all three items and giving you all the details on how to win them!

(Thanks to Nicole at HarperCollins!)

Meanwhile, in some Asylum Convention news, Wayne at Rogue Events has confirmed they've sold over 500 tickets - over 60% of the total allocation already! Go SN fans!!!

News posted (15/08/07) by kittsbud

New Sera Gamble Interview


Eclipse Magazine has a new interview up with Sera Gamble! It's pretty spoilery about season 3, and Sera even talks about the infamous amulet getting some airtime!

Click here to read!

News posted (13/08/07) by kittsbud

More from the ComicCon


Fearnet.com have a video interview up from the San Diego Con. It's not spoilery, but you do get snippets from Eric, Jensen and Ben Edlund!

Click here to head on over and watch!

News posted (12/08/07) by kittsbud

Asylum 2008 tickets now available!


You can now book for next year's Asylum Convention in the UK! The Con is being held at Birmingham and tickets are priced at £85 for the full weekend!

For more details and to book head on over to Rogue Events!

News posted (10/08/07) by kittsbud

Supernatural goes Christmas?


In a recent snippet with Sci Fi.com, Eric Kripke talked about season 3 once again, AND there's mention of a possible Christmas episode!

Click here to read! (Thanks Stacey)

News posted (07/08/07) by kittsbud

Tuesday Snippets


Classic-horror.com has an article up again from the ComicCon in San Diego. It is spoilery, but if you want to check it out, click here! (Thanks Emily)

Meanwhile, the show has gotten a mention on this month's TV Guide! Yup, it's listed under one of the 66 Hot Shows to watch this fall!

In other news, Inkworks have now started listing some of the rarer cards for their season 2 sets! It looks like Jensen and Jared autos are literally on the cards again, along with Jason Gedrick, Samantha Ferris, Alona Tal, Samantha Smith, Amber Benson, Aldis Hodge and Chad Lindbergh. Click here for more info!

Finally, some Virtual Season reminders! The regular VS continues this week with the bloodchilling episode Extinction! Try not to miss it. Meanwhile the script season has a questionaire they'd love everyone to check out here!

News posted (07/08/07) by kittsbud

Jensen on Leeza


I've now added screencaps to the Jensen gallery from his Leeza appearance during his Days of Our Lives Years. Click here to view them!

As always, Many Thanks to Lady Rosebud for sharing!

News posted (03/08/07) by kittsbud

S3 Episode 4 Spoilers!!!


We now have spoilers and a title for S3 episode 4! Click here to get the scoop!

Thanks to Tracer as always!

News posted (02/08/07) by kittsbud

Another Mediavillage article!


Mediavillage have another article up form ComicCon, this time with a short audio clip from Jensen! Click here to read that!

Meanwhile, it looks like Jason Manns, Jensen's singing buddy from the Asylum Con will be back in the UK next year. The event takes place on 6th & 7th February 2008 in Brighton...

For more information contact Victoria Chandler!

News posted (01/08/07) by kittsbud

More ComicCon goodies


Bardicvoice has a great article up on her blog about her ComicCon visit! It's a great read, so why not check it out here!

Meanwhile, Mediavillage.com also have an article about the Con here with Eric Kripke. Beware there ARE spoilers!

Finally, don't forget the Supernatural Virtual Season returns this week with the second part of the mid-season episodes "Valhalla" Click here for a sure fire angst-fest!

News posted (01/08/07) by kittsbud

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