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December 2007 News Archives

Audio Clips


I've now uploaded the audio clips from A Very Supernatural Christmas, including the infamous 'Fudgin'!' Click here to acces them.

Sorry for the delay, and as always thanks to Truly Bloom and purplephoenix03!

News posted (31/12/07) by kittsbud

Christmas Goodies


The holiday is almost upon us, and to get you all into the festive spirit, the Virtual Season crew have written six seasonal Supernatural tales to ward off the hiatus blues! Why not kick back once a day and read the Winchesters wintery adventures, starting with today's Bumbles Are Supposed To Bounce?

You know you want to...

Meanwhile, the holiday period is just the time to remember our essay writing competition! Why not set your thoughts down about the show and win a prize? Click here for a reminder of the rules and more info!

Last, but not least, a Happy Holiday to all from the SN.tv crew!!!!

News posted (24/12/07) by kittsbud

Christmas Inside The Legend


The Inside The Legend article for A Very Supernatural Christmas is now online! So, if you want a look at the creepy side of the festive season...

Click here!

News posted (23/12/07) by kittsbud

Friday Snippets


The CW have added a new music section to their site! You can scroll through their various shows, including Supernatural - although at the moment they only have season three details! Click here to check it out!

Meanwhile, while the real show is on hiatus, you might want to check out this week's Script VS episode! Be sure to check out this week's thrilling Multus Tempestas episode 'Mortmain' that leads to an unforgettable mid-season finale...

Not enough? Then don't forget, starting Christmas Eve the regular VS will be posting a seasonal Supernatural tale every night for six days! Watch this page, or the VS index for more details!

News posted (21/12/07) by kittsbud

Supernatural Christmas Review


Bardicvoice's review of last week's episode is now online for your enjoyment! Was Supernatural Christmas a Yuletide hit? Click here to find out...

News posted (17/12/07) by kittsbud

Supernatural Christmas Clips and more...


The video clips are now up from this week's episode! To view them click here, or visit the relevant episode guide!

Meanwhile, Bardicvoice, our resident reviewer, informs me that Supernatural season one is now available on Itunes! Beware, though, if you expect to find the episodes as they were aired! Apparently, some of the music we know and love has been removed! I'll post more on this as I find out the details. :)

News posted (16/12/07) by kittsbud

Supernatural Christmas Recap


If you missed Thursday's episode, or just want a refresher, our full synopsis is now up on the relevant episode guide! Click here to check it out!

News posted (15/12/07) by kittsbud

Supernatural Christmas Screencaps!


I've now uploaded almost 1400 screencaps from last night's episode 'A Very Supernatural Christmas!' Click here to ogle the goodness!

Meanwhile, with just a few days shopping left, you might want to check out supernaturalstore.com as they have a few new SN goodies on offer! I so want the new baseball cap! To check out the merchandise, click here!

More episode goodies to follow this weekend!

News posted (14/12/07) by kittsbud

WGA Strike News


The WGA made its first delivery of pencils yesterday to the media moguls/studio execs, with over half a million pencils going out from the fans! Hopefully we're sending the message for them to get back to the table and make a fair deal! To see a clip of the writers delivering, click here.

In the meantime, we Supernatural fans need to keep up the support to get our show back in production. If you haven't already sent a box of pencils, there is still time. Click here to head on over and show we love our show! And of course, don't forget to put 'Supernatural' in the 'what show are you supporting' box!

News posted (12/12/07) by kittsbud

New Clips!!!


Seat42f has posted not one, but three clips from this week's all new episode! They're defintely worth watching! Click here to head on over! (The clips are in the right hand preview zone box)

News posted (11/12/07) by kittsbud

Got something to say about Supernatural?


BenBella books and sn.tv are calling all budding writers to tell the world what they think makes Supernatural 'tick.' If you think you can write a smart and informative essay about the show (and win a prize/get your essay published to boot) then click here to find out more!

Go on, you know it will be fun!

News posted (10/12/07) by kittsbud

New Kripke Interview


Eric Kripke has given an informative new interview about upcoming episodes to TV Guide! It's a must for all fans who DO want to be spoiled! (Apologies for my earlier typo!) The TV Guide link is currently down, but you can also access the article via the Seattlepi.com site by clicking here!

Meanwhile, if you want to see Bobby and Gordon in the flesh, why not head on down to the Studio City Holiday Parade where Sterling. K Brown and Jim Beaver will be joining other stars on Ventura Blvd. The parade is in L.A. on December 9th and you can click here for more details! (Thanks Gaelic!)

News posted (06/12/07) by kittsbud

Wednesday Snippets...


The CW and Promax/BDA are once again launching a 'Making The Cut' competition for students and Supernatural is a featured show. If you think you've got what it takes to make the ultimate trailer, then click here for more info!

Meanwhile, Multus Tempestas is back with their newest episode Death Wish just in time for exam time...

News posted (05/12/07) by kittsbud

Longer Xmas Trailer...


I've now uploaded the larger, longer version of the promo for next week's all new episode A Very Supernatural Christmas.' View it here!

News posted (04/12/07) by kittsbud

3.09 Promo Images!


Images from episode 9 of this season have now been added to the gallery! Click here to enjoy!

News posted (03/12/07) by kittsbud

Christmas Promo!


I've now uploaded a low-res copy of the promo for episode 3.08! Click here to view!

Higher quality version to follow...

News posted (01/12/07) by kittsbud

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