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February 2007 News Archives

Finale Spoilers and new promos!

We now have spoilers up for part one of the season finale! Click here to get the scoop! Many Thanks, as always to Tracer

Meanwhile, I've also uploaded some new promos from the upcoming episode Roadkill! Click here to view those!

Finally, if you want the scoop on season one, why no pre-order the season one companion? For more details, check out Amazon.com!

News posted (28/02/07) by kittsbud

Wednesday Snippets!

Firstly, apologies! The server that host's our video clips section is currently down. I have contacted the relevant people, so fingers crossed things will get fixed soon! Media section is now back online!

Meanwhile, if you read the Weekly World News article last week, you'll want to check out the second item this week! Click here to see what the boys have to say!

Finally, the Virtual Season script team invite you to their latest episode...

Rev your engines and prepare to encounter the Headless Horseman! In Multus Tempestas' exciting new episode Head Hunter that is guaranteed to give you your Impala and motorcycle fix.

News posted (28/02/07) by kittsbud

UK Season 2 DVD Release Date!

Play.com are now listing Supernatural Season 2 Part One, with a release date of 14th of May 2007! Uk'ers click here for more details or to pre-order!

So far, no US release date, but at least America gets one cool boxset with all the extras when it does hit the stores!

Meanwhile, Andreas over at e-median has added more season one stills! Check them out!

News posted (25/02/07) by kittsbud

Spoilers for Episode 20 & WWN snippet!

Spoilers are now up for episode twenty! Click here to go read them!

Meanwhile Weekly World News has another article up with our boys! Click here to go read that!

Many Thanks to Tracer!

News posted (22/02/07) by kittsbud

Jared not at Fangoria...

Due to Supernatural filming schedules, Jared has had to cancel his appearance at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors. Click here for more information! (Thanks to Caroline & SO)

Meanwhile, I've added two more reviews for Tall Tales. Click here to read those...

News posted (21/02/07) by kittsbud

UK Figures for S2 Premiere

BARB have finally posted viewing figures for the 4th Feb premiere of In My Time Of Dying in the UK. Supernatural came in second to American Idol with 653,000 viewers on ITV2. Considering it's a digital only channel, I think we faired pretty well!

And now, a quick message from the VS Script camp...

Travel to the CIRCUS in Multus Tempestas' fresh new episode exploring the legend of the phantom clowns of Boston, Massachusetts.

News posted (20/02/07) by kittsbud

Tall Tales Clips and Audio

Video clips are now available for Tall Tales via the episode guide or media section! Audio clips are also now online!

Meanwhile, tracer has also added yet more spoiler info for episode 19. To read that, click here! Thanks tracer!

News posted (18/02/07) by kittsbud

Tall Tales Inside The Legend and Review!

The Inside The Legend for this week's episode is now online! It's a pretty in-depth look into aliens, alligators, and of course, the bad guy of Tall Tales! Click here to go check it all out!

Meanwhile, our first review of the week is in from Amber D. Was Tall Tales a hialrious hit or a sad flop in her book? Read the review to find out!

News posted (17/02/07) by kittsbud

Tall Tales Screencaps and Roadkill Trailer!

I've now uploaded almost 1000 screencaps from last night's episode Tall Tales. To view them click here! The full synopsis is also now online if you missed the show or just want a recap! Visit the episode guide to read!

Meanwhile, if you want a sneak peek of the next new episode, Roadkill, which airs on March 15th, click here! That one looks a doozy!

Finally, TV Guide have a very cool interview up with Eric Kripke! It's a must for all fans! Click here to head on over...

News posted (16/02/07) by kittsbud

More Spoilers and VS News!

A few more spoilers have surfaced for episode 19! Many thanks to tracer again. Click here to check out the additions...

Meanwhile, all of you waiting eagerly for the next Virtual Season premiere date need wait no longer! The second season will begin on Tuesday April 3rd! Stand by for a totally amazing double episode to start us of!

More VS news to come over the next few weeks...

News posted (14/02/07) by kittsbud

Tuesday Snippets & Spoilers!

Audio clips for Born Under A Bad Sign have now been uploaded to the media section here!

Meanwhile, thanks to tracer, spoilers for episode 19 are now available. Click here to read those. You know you wanna!

Finally, it looks like Jensen is going to be on the Jimmy Kimmel show on March 14th! Click here to see the schedule!

News posted (13/02/07) by kittsbud

Born Under A Bad Sign Song

Hi everyone

Since Born Under A Bad Sign aired I've had a deluge of e-mails asking for the song and artist when Sam walks into the bar where Jo is working.

With Many Thanks to Winson over at the WB I can tell you the song is called Ashes to Ashes, and it's by Tarbox Ramblers!

Hope that helps, everyone!

News posted (12/02/07) by kittsbud

Monday Goodies!

Video clips from Born Under A Bad Sign are now available in the media section here! Audio should be up tomorrow!

Meanwhile, our Inside The Legend section is also up, along with Amber D's review! Enjoy, folks!

News posted (12/02/07) by kittsbud

Saturday Snippets!

The full synopsis for Born Under A Bad Sign is now available on the relevant episode guide! If you missed this week's episode or just want a recap, click here to go read!

Meanwhile, Bardicvoice's review of the episode is also up! Can it be another good review? Click here for the lowdown...

Finally, more news about next week's episode Tall Tales. Check out the Weekly World News for a pretty funny article to promote the show...

News posted (10/02/07) by kittsbud

Born Under A Bad Sign Screencaps and more...

I've now uploaded almost 1300 screencaps from last night's excellent episode Born Under A Bad Sign! Click here to go view them!

Meanwhile, I also have the trailer up for next week's episode, Tall Tales. In Dean's words, that one looks pretty weird hehehe....click here to take a peek!

News posted (09/02/07) by kittsbud

Multus Tempestas News...

The VS script team would like to invite you all on a voyage somewhere beyond the sea with Multus Tempestas' swimming new episode SIREN.

Meanwhile, don't forget to tune into the all new real episode tonight on the CW! Born Under a Bad Sign looks awesome!

News posted (08/02/07) by kittsbud

UK Everybody Loves a Clown Trailer

I've now uploaded this week's UK trailer for Everybody Loves a Clown to the media gallery!

If you want a peek, or are a UK'er and have just missed it, click here!

News posted (06/02/07) by kittsbud

Sunday Goodies!

It's that day of the week again, folks! I've now uploaded the Houses of the Holy video and audio clips to our media gallery! You can find them here and here!

Meanwhile, the fans are getting together to create a scrapbook for Jensen's upcoming birthday! The Jensen Ackles Birthday Project needs your submissions in by Feb 17th so they can get everything compiled and sent off, so what are you waiting for! Click here to head on over and get started!

Finally, UK'ers, don't forget! Season two begins airing tonight on ITV2 at 9pm!!! Don't forget to tune in...

News posted (04/02/07) by kittsbud

Inside the Legend and more...

This week's Inside the Legend takes an in-depth look at Houses of the Holy and the concepts behind it! Want to know more? Then click here...

Meanwhile, both Bardicvoice and Amber D have their reviews up and ready to read! Did they agree about the episode, or was there a difference of opinion? Visit the reviews index and scroll down to catch up with their musings!

News posted (03/02/07) by kittsbud

Houses of the Holy Goodies and more!

Screencaps for last night's episode Houses of the Holy have been uploaded to the gallery and can be viewed here! Enjoy, gang!

Meanwhile, if you missed the show and want a recap, this week's full synopsis is now up on the episode guide here!

Fancy seeing the trailer for next week's episode Born Under a Bad Sign? I've upload that too and you can watch it here. Oh...and it looks soooo angsty...

News posted (02/02/07) by kittsbud

Sequential Tart Interviews...

Sequential Tart now have six new Supernatural interviews up! To view them, click here!

News posted (02/02/07) by kittsbud

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