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January 2006 News Archives

'Route 666' Screencaps and other goodies!

I've now added last night's screencaps to the gallery and you can view them all here!

Meanwhile, some preliminary ratings results are coming in, and the show did pretty well! (Yes, we know the state of the union address helped lol!)



This is for Adults 18-49 only. Household data will be in later. Thanks rozel!

Finally, thanks to Jaime at ABO we now have next week's trailer for 'Nightmare'! Click here to see it!

News posted (01/02/06) by kittsbud

Brits Impressed!

And yup, I'm one of em! ;)

According to Neil Wilkes of DigitalSpy 'Supernatural' is doing good in the UK considering its channel and time slot!

Next, looks like you had unanimous praise for Prison Break and Supernatural... and the ratings seemed to agree: 1.7m for the former (despite C4's cruel act of sabotage) and an impressive 736,000 (ITV2) and 1.4m (ITV1) for the latter.

Thanks to Jenny!

News posted (31/01/06) by kittsbud

It's Official!!!!

Okay, folks! It's official that 'Supernatural' is moving nights!

The comedic drama "Pepper Dennis," starring Rebecca Romijn, will premiere Tuesday, April 4 at 9 p.m. (ET) in the post-"Gilmore Girls" time slot. Current time period holder "Supernatural" will transition to Thursdays at 9 p.m. starting March 16, replacing the latest cycle of the soon-to-be-completed reality series "Beauty and The Geek." Lead-in "Smallville" will remain at 8 p.m.

Here's the source!

YAY, here comes Supernaturalville!!! Thanks to Lauren for the heads up! :)

News posted (31/01/06) by kittsbud

Route 666 Tonight on the WB and more!

Don't forget to tune in to tonight's episode of 'Supernatural,' Route 666. And after its aired, why not stop by and tell us your thoughts on the forums!

Tomorrow, we'll have goodies up from the episode as always!

Meanwhile, there is another article out there on the web about the WB/UPN merger and 'Supernatural's' chances come the fall. Click here to read it.

Finally, some 'as of yet' unofficial news that 'Supernatural' will indeed by changing night's shortly to share an evening with a certain 'Superteen!' ;) We'll keep you posted on the validity of this ASAP!!!!

News posted (31/01/06) by kittsbud

Vote for Jensen and more!

Star Magazine.com has an online poll for 'TV's Hottest Man' and Jensen is in the running! So, what are you waiting for? Go vote! :)

Big thanks to hermitme

EDIT: We now also have a new affiliate, Highway to Hell. It's 'The fanlistings' official site for appreciation of the show, so you might want to sign up and show your love! ;)

News posted (29/01/06) by kittsbud

Yet Another Promo!

There's another Route 666 promo out there, folks, with even more new snippets! Click here to go view it!

Big thanks to Sammysangel!

News posted (28/01/06) by kittsbud

New 'Route 666' promo clip!

MeeVee.com has a new clip up from next week's episode 'Route 666,' and you can head on over and view it by clicking here and then choosing play preview.

If you're a non-US resident and need to enter a zip code, try 95818! ;)

Thanks and huggles to Amy G, Charmedsupernaturalfan and Carmen for alerting me!

News posted (28/01/06) by kittsbud

'Cult Times' Articles

After the usual fight with my scanner, (UGH!) I have now added the 'Cult Times #36' articles to our gallery for you all to read! Click here to go check them out!

News posted (27/01/06) by kittsbud

Extra 'Route 666' Promos and more...

I've added more promotional images to the 'Route 666' file in our gallery, and you can view them here! Speaking of images, my copy of 'Cult Times' has finally arrived, so check back later for the scans!

Last but not least, Renee from SVN has found us this unusual little article on the episode 'Faith.'

News posted (27/01/06) by kittsbud

'Something Wicked...' Spoilers and more...

Dean5339 has summarized the spoilers for the upcoming episode 'Something Wicked' for us, and you can find them by clicking here and scrolling down to the fourth post!

Meanwhile, Jared made the top ten of the 'In Touch Weekly's' list of TV's hottest hunks! Click here for the full list! (Thanks to Angela M!)

Finally, we have a new member's choice up! Well done, Peanut M&M!

News posted (26/01/06) by kittsbud

UK 'Wendigo' Promo Trailer!

After recording half a night's TV to get it, I can now share with you the UK trailer for the episode 'Wendigo.' Personally, I think it's a fun one!

Click here to watch! :)

News posted (25/01/06) by kittsbud

WB/UPN Merger news and More...

There are so many rumors flying around about this right now, and nothing is for definite scheduling wise on the new network. To this end, I don't want to dwell on it until we have concrete information. That said, it wouldn't hurt for everyone to go vote in this and this poll to show our allegience! ;)

If you really want to know more, there are articles, here, here and here!

Thanks to Laura, Dean5339 and Lauren!

Now on to something more fun! We have the new Route 666 trailer for you to peek at, and you can view it here! (Thanks to Ghostrider67)

Finally, MLL has been busy making 'Supernatural' fan vids, and she now has 4 for you to peek at!

This is how a heart breaks


Highway to Hell

Unforgiven II

News posted (25/01/06) by kittsbud

'Supernatural' to get new home?

As I'm sure a lot of fans already know, the WB is merging with another network shortly to form 'The CW.' How will this affect our show? No one is 100% sure yet, but the show has been mentioned already, so it doesn't look too gloomy! Here's a snippet:

" As the top creative executive, Ostroff will have available a line-up of some of the most popular programming that appeals to young adults in the media business. These programming assets range from hit reality series such as "America's Next Top Model" and The WB's "Beauty and the Geek," to hit dramas like The WB's "Smallville," "Gilmore Girls," "Supernatural," and UPN's "Veronica Mars" as well as UPN's hit comedies "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Girlfriends" and The WB's hit comedy "Reba." In addition the WWE's "Smackdown," which has been a mainstay at UPN, is expected to play a role in the schedule."

Click here for the full article! Thanks to Renee, Dean5339 et all for the tip!

News posted (24/01/06) by kittsbud

'Cry Wolf' screencaps

I've finally gotten around to watching and capping Jared's movie, 'Cry Wolf.' To view the pics, click here!

I also added a couple of scans from UK TV mags about the show, which can be found here. Thanks to Gwyrrd!

Last but not least, the audio clips are now up in both the media and episode guide sections for last week's episode, 'Faith.' Enjoy, folks!

News posted (23/01/06) by kittsbud

'Supernatural' in the 'Guardian.'

Following it's premiere in the UK last night, 'Supernatural' gets a mention over at the 'Guardian' newspaper's site. Here's a snippet of what McG had to say:

"I am always fascinated with things I'm afraid of and this is a show designed to make it difficult for you to sleep at night after you watch it," he says. "When I was a kid there was a murder and suicide at the end of my street and the house lay vacant for two or three years - my older brother and sister would leave me out there and that scared me tremendously.Every town has an old road or a lake and stories about what appears there at night.

"I studied psychology in school and I got very involved with the work of Carl Jung and the collective unconscious and just how humanity mythologises what it celebrates and what it's afraid of, and I thought Supernatural was an opportunity to explore that. Every story we tell is grounded in some kind of reality. The show is about the deep dark fears of the human mind."

Click here for the full article!

News posted (23/01/06) by kittsbud

'Supernatural' tonight in the UK!!!

Don't forget, if you're a UK'er, 'Supernatural' premiere's tonight on ITV2 at 9pm! If you can't get digital, fear not, as it is repeated tomorrow on ITV1 at 11pm!

Meanwhile, as promised, I've updated the 'Faith' episode guide with more goodies, and I've also added the true story behind the 'real Benders' to Inside the Legend. If you don't want to be somewhat spoiled about the upcoming eppy 'The Benders', you may want to avoid this till later. ;)

News posted (22/01/06) by kittsbud

'Supernatural' in New York Times

The 'New York Times' has a rather interesting article up about our favorite show! Here's a snippet:

Mr. Kripke said: "In our writers' room, when we're in the middle of a scare or set piece, we'll say, 'Oh, wait, it's just the boys in it.' Because we know they're not going to die, so it's always putting in a guest cast with them, and every so often killing that character. Not every time - you want the boys to be heroes and save the day." "But every so often," Mr. Kripke continued, summarizing what might be the pleasure of watching horror, "you've got to just waste somebody."

Click here for the full article. Registration is required, but it's free!

Thanks to Lauren for the tip. Also, check back later, as I'll be adding the full synopsis for 'Faith,' our second review of the episode, and a flash forward to the legend behind the future episode 'The Benders!'

News posted (22/01/06) by kittsbud

'Faith' Clips up and fanart news...

I've now added this week's video clips to the 'Faith' episode guide, and you can view them by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom! (They'll be added to the media section shortly also)

Meanwhile we have several fan art challenges on the message boards!

Avatar challenge

The theme is characters and/or quotes associated with characters. Avatars should be about human characters, so no ghosts, spooks, demons, etc. Each person may submit three avatars, each no larger than 100x100 pixels. Click here for details!

Our first music video challenge!

Each person may submit 2 different videos. Videos should be about current episodes or a montage. Submissions will be accepted until Jan. 31. Click here for details!

For further voting and challenges, click here!

News posted (21/01/06) by kittsbud

'Route 666' Promos and Australian promo trailer!

I've finally gotten the 'Route 666' promo pics up, and you can view them here!

Meanwhile, Jaime over at ABO has the Australian promo clip up! If you're one of the unlucky ones who I know can't get it to load, (it's a large, good quality vid) I've added a smaller file version here. Hopefully that will help. ;)

Thanks Jaime!

News posted (20/01/06) by kittsbud

'Faith' Review and more!

This week, we're having not one, but 2 reviews of the episode 'Faith.' Tonight, we have our first review from newcomer, Noah! Click here for a pretty in-depth look at the going's on! Thanks, Noah. ;)

As well as reviews tonight, we also have our 'Inside the Legend' article up, looking at the myths behind 'reapers!' Thanks to Dean5339 for all the hard work on this!

Finally, we have a new member's choice up in the left column. Enjoy, folks!

News posted (19/01/06) by kittsbud

Jared at Convention!

Jared Padalecki is listed as being in attendance at GRAND SLAM XIV:
THE SCI-FI SUMMIT! If you can get to California Fri. Sat. & Sun. March 10 - 12, then you have a chance of meeting Sam himself! ;)

Click here for more details!

News posted (19/01/06) by kittsbud

'Faith' Screencaps and more news items...

I've added over 600 screencaps to the gallery from 'Faith' and you can view them here!

Meanwhile, there are several new articles on the net about our favorite show. The Courier-mail has an item about Jared, and the Australian site News.com has an item about the show! (Thanks to Jaime from ABO for both these items )

Finally, our guys will be at the 23rd annual William S. Paley Television Festival, which will be held February 28 through March 15 in Hollywood. This is how it's scheduled so far: -

"Supernatural," 7 p.m. Saturday, March 4. Scheduled: stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki , among others.

Click here for the full line up. Thanks to Lauren for the tip!

News posted (19/01/06) by kittsbud

More from the boys...

Sci Fi Wire has an interesting article on where 'Supernatural' will take us towards the end of the season! Here's a snippet from Jensen:

"Everything's going to kind of come close to the surface, and things are going to start coming together more. We actually get to interact with our father in the episode that we're filming now, which is a huge step for us. Now where that takes us we're not quite sure, but it's definitely a big step in the right direction, I think."

Click the link for the full article!

Meanwhile, there is a Q & A with Jensen over at 'People' that let's us gals know just what he likes about us... (Thanks to Jaime from ABO for both these items )

Finally, the preliminary ratings are in from last night. 'American Idol' pretty much killed ALL the competition, (as we knew it would) but just for the record:

Lead in "Gilmore Girls" 9:00 - 2.3/6 9:30 - 2.6/6

"Supernatural" (5th of 6 networks) 9:00 - 1.5/3 9:30 - 1.4/3

Number one in time slot "American Idol" 9:00 - 16.7/36 9:30 - 17.1/36

Thanks to rozel!

News posted (18/01/06) by kittsbud

WB All Stars Pics and other snippets!

I've added a few pictures to the gallery from the WB All Stars Party and you can view them here! Thanks to Renee from SVN for the heads up!

Meanwhile, IFmagazine.com has an item up about our favorite show. It's slightly spoilery, although, if you've been keeping up with site spoilers I doubt there is anything shocking there. ;)

Thanks to Lauren :)

News posted (17/01/06) by kittsbud

Monday Snippets

The new 'Inside the Legend' section is now finished! You can now check up on the myth behind each episode of the show by clicking the relevant button in the right hand column, visiting the reviews/columns section, or via the relevant episode guide! (Many Thanks to Dean5339)

Meanwhile, you can all kick my butt for not posting this earlier, (yes, I know I was informed) but according to the WB press release, our fav show is still doing okay in the ratings!

Freshman phenom SUPERNATURAL, #1 in its time period among female teens (3.6/11), also improved its time period compared to the parallel week last season. SUPERNATURAL was up in every key demo including +73% in adults 18-34 (1.9/5), +73% in persons 12-34 (1.9/5), +89% in adults 18-49 (1.7/4) and achieved triple digit gains in all male demos and total viewers (4.2 million, +118%). For the night, The WB improved in all key demos including gains of +100% in adults 18-34 (2.4/7), +100% in persons 12-34 (2.4/7) and +108% in total viewers (5 million).

Hopefully, as long as they're gaining that's good news for our show's future!

News posted (16/01/06) by kittsbud

New 'Faith' Preview

Meevee.com have a new preview clip up for 'Faith' and it's a doozy! You may need to enter your zip code and then search for 'Supernatural' to find it, but it's well worth the hassle!

If you don't come from the US, you can still view the clip by entering any valid US zip code. (95818 worked for me)

Many thanks to Leah8723, Gwyrdd and the rest of the board gang!

News posted (14/01/06) by kittsbud

Scarecrow clips

As promised, I've now added five video clips from this week's episode 'Scarecrow' to the relevant episode guide. (They'll be added to the media gallery shortly too) So, if you missed the episode, or just want a recap, check em out. ;)

News posted (14/01/06) by kittsbud

Saturday Snippets...

Theage.com has another article up about 'Supernatural' to coincide with the show's debut in Australia. There's nothing earth shattering, but if you're obsessive about the show (like me) who knows, you might want to take a read.

Meanwhile, I've updated our Inside the Legend section with two more episodes, as well as updates to 'Pilot' and 'Scarecrow.'

News posted (14/01/06) by kittsbud

A few additions...

For those of you who missed 'Scarecrow' or if you just want a recap, the full synopsis is now up on the relevant episode guide! (Thanks to RealityCheck) Also, we've added audio clips to the guide! You can find it here!

Pop back tomorrow for the video clips and more!

Also, a lot of you have been asking what the song is played during the UK promo for the show. Thanks to Gwyrrd, I can tell you it is 'Killing Moon' by Echo and the Bunnymen!

News posted (13/01/06) by kittsbud

'Hell House' Spoilers!

Spoilers are now up for the episode 'Hell House.' This one looks like it might be quite fun...

Click here to go read them! Please note, you must go to page 2 of the thread and scroll down to my post for FULL spoilers!!!

News posted (12/01/06) by kittsbud

Thursday Round Up!

Firstly, I've added a new member's choice to the site! If you check the left column, we now have twillite's picks for this week! :)

Talking of a different kind of 'pic,' I've also added more promo images to the Faith folder now the gallery is fixed after the hack! Hopefully, I will be redesigning the gallery in the very near future as well as adding more images.

We're also in the process of adding a new section to the site called 'Inside the Legend.' There, you'll be able to check out the real spook stories behind the basis of each episode! You can check it out here, and remember there's more to come until we've covered each eppy! (Thanks to Dean5339)

More goodies to come...

News posted (12/01/06) by kittsbud

'Faith' Trailer and a few figures...

If you want to catch out next week's action, click here! Meanwhile, we have a breakdown of viewing figures for last night's 'Scarecrow.'

Primetime Preliminary Fast National Data:

Lead in Gilmore Girls (8:00 PM 2.4/7, 8:30 PM 2.7/7)

Supernatural (9:00 PM 1.8/4 9:30 1.7/4)

Leader in time slot House (9:00 PM 5.3/13, 9:30 6.1/14)

Thanks to rozel and Victoria for these items!

News posted (11/01/06) by kittsbud

'Scarecrow' Screencaps!

It's piccie time! I've just added a whole bunch of yummy screencaps from 'Scarecrow' to our gallery. Click here to go view the 'fugly one'. ;)

News posted (11/01/06) by kittsbud

News And Pics!

In a slightly spoilery comment, "Ask Ausiello" on TV guide.com had this to say when asked for info on upcoming items:

Ausiello: Oh, Great Darquez: We'll meet Dean's first love (played by That '70s Show's Megalyn Echikunwoke) in the Jan. 24 episode, and I'm told it'll bring out a whole new side of him.

Meanwhile, I've been busy adding some piccies to the gallery, including the recent 'Teen People' article! (Watermark free as always) Check back later for screencaps from 'Scarecrow' too!

Thanks to Jaime from ABO and Lauren for the first item, and special thanks to Krissy G for the scans!!!

News posted (11/01/06) by kittsbud

'Scarecrow' Tonight!

Don't forget to watch the all NEW 'Supernatural' episode, 'Scarecrow' tonight on the WB!

Want to know what it's all about? Then why not check out our 'Inside the Legend' article by Dean 5339, that looks at the origins of tonight's bad guy? Don't forget, it may be considered spoilery! You can also check out episode info here in our episode guide. Expect even more goodies there tomorrow after the episode airs!

News posted (10/01/06) by kittsbud

Caption contest winner!

It's time to announce the winner of our caption contest! Without further ado, Congrats to tracer2032! Here's the winning caption:

He wont kill me if i'm smiling. Where the heck is Sam? He wont kill me if I'm smiling.

Well done!

News posted (10/01/06) by kittsbud

Jensen on TV Guide and KTLA plus more!

TV Guide has an article up talking to Jensen! Click here to go read it! Meanwhile, Jensen was also interviewed on KTLA before appearing at the Critic's Choice. If you'd like to watch it, click here!

Want to see more? Well, our affiliate ABO also has the actual video from the Critic's Choice awards, and some yummy pictures too! Click here to go visit!

Many thanks to everyone who mailed some of this info to me and to Jaime as always! You guys all rock ;)

News posted (10/01/06) by kittsbud

New Previews and news snippets!

Jensen is scheduled to appear at tonight's 11th Annual Critic's Choice Awards on the WB, so don't forget to keep your eyes glued to the screen, folks!

Meanwhile, Jaime at ABO has more video clips, including the new trailer with Route 666 excerpts! Click here to head on over and check out the goodies!

Jaime also let me 'borrow' the new UK trailer for the show. Being a Brit and still not having it, I'm eternally grateful! Click here to watch.

Finally, speaking of the UK, Supernatural got a mention in The Sunday Times Culture magazine. In an article about all the new spooky US dramas, this is what they had to say:

"The most gruesome of the bunch, Supernatural, is actually on ITV2. It stars Smallville's Jensen Ackles and relative newcomer Jared Padalecki as two brothers who travel the country looking for their missing father and, um, battling evil spirits along the way. It's a bit like The Fugitive meets Poltergeist, but shot as a buddy movie. Now why didn't someone come up with that before?"

Thanks again to Jaime for the wonderful vids and info, and Jenny for the Times snippet!

News posted (09/01/06) by kittsbud

'Supernatural' Hits UK TV!

Supernatural is to hit UK TV screens on ITV2, Sundays at 9pm from January 22! It will also air on ITV1 Mondays at 11pm from January 23. (News courtesy of DigitalSpy)

In other news, we've started a new fanart challenge.

Fanart Challenge #3 "Action packed"

Each person may submit three banners, each with at least one action pic (running, jumping, fighting, shooting, etc.). Text is optional. The contest will run for about three weeks. Click here for more details.

News posted (08/01/06) by kittsbud

New 'Scarecrow' Preview!

AOL has an exclusive preview trailer online now for the next new episode, 'Scarecrow!'

The trailer is pretty spoilery and adds more intrigue to what is going on with Sam and Dean's dad! Click here to head over and check it out. It's the first video on the page!

News posted (08/01/06) by kittsbud

Saturday Snippets

The WB are now hosting the trailer for 'Scareccrow' over at their site, and you can watch it in high quality there by clicking here!

Meanwhile, our favorite show gets a mention in the Jan 13th issue of 'Entertainment Weekly' as the top show to watch from 9-10 on Tuesdays! Here's a snippet from their 'WHAT TO WATCH A day-to-day guide to notable programs.'

Tuesday: January 10

9-10 PM
Supernatural (The WB, TV-14-LV)

The Scoobies find Daddy, but who cares? The Cigarete Smoking Man (William B. Davis) is back as a pagan gods prof in town rife with human sacrafice.

Many Thanks to Dean5339 for the last item!

News posted (07/01/06) by kittsbud

Member's Choice

This is just a little something to allow members to share their favorite 'Supernatural' moments! As you can see, we've added a new section on the left- hand side if you scroll down.

Each week, a board member will get to post their choice of favorites! Usually the member to be chosen will be the winner of a game on the board. This week, Amelia won the ghost hunt!

I look forward to seeing your different choices, folks!

News posted (06/01/06) by kittsbud

Fan Reviews/Columns

As I rebuild the site after the hack, I'll slowly be introducing new items along with old favorites. One thing I was asked about was the possibility of fans writing/submitting articles and reviews on episodes/the show/characters etc.

So, just for you guys, we now have a 'freelance' area to our reviews section. All you have to do is get creative and send in your articles! Please keep them well written, clean, and objective if you want them to be considered for inclusion!

Articles can be mailed in here.

News posted (05/01/06) by kittsbud

DVR Included Ratings News!

For all you folks out there worried about the show's ratings, it seems like the new DVR included version from Nielson is actually working for our fav show! (If not for most others)

The Dec. 28 episode of the WB's "Supernatural" received the largest boost of any network show through Thursday, with a 3.1 percent increase via DVR viewing in the adults 18-49 demo.

Click here to read the full report!

News posted (04/01/06) by kittsbud

Wednesday Goodies!

We've one or two goodies to share today, peeps! Firstly, Theage.com has an article up about 'Supernatural' to correspond with its premiere in Australia. Click the link to read the article.

Thanks to Renee and riotgirl77!

Meanwhile, Jaime from our affiliate ABO has the Star! TV special video up for grabs. Be warned, though, its a dang huge file, so you'll need to be patient! Click here to head on over.

Finally, Jensen and Jared are both in 'Teen People's' February editon. I'll try to get scans ASAP! (Thanks again to Jaime for the heads up)

News posted (04/01/06) by kittsbud

Fan Art Challenge News

Voting for our fanart challenge #2 will end on January 6. There is still time to make your vote count!

Click here to go choose your favorite!

News posted (03/01/06) by kittsbud

A Little Fun and more UK News!

Okay, so, while we wait for 'Scarecrow' next week, I thought it might be cool to have a little fun! No prizes for knowing where the pic to your right is from. (Click it to see the full image) However, how about putting your hand to playing a little caption game? Put some fun words into Dean's mouth by either mailing them to me, or adding them to the thread on our board here! (Keep it clean, folks) We'll have a vote for the best caption before 'Scarecrow' airs and the winner's name and caption get posted on site. No prizes this time, but who knows if you all enjoy it there might be next!! ;)

On a side note, both Digitalspy and TheGreatLink are now saying January for 'Supernatural' in the UK!

News posted (02/01/06) by kittsbud

New 'Scarecrow' and 'Faith' Promo Pics!

The WB have released more pics from the next new episode 'scarecrow' along with several from the following episode 'Faith.' There's even a behind the scenes shot!

Click here for the 'Scarecrow' pics, and here for 'Faith!' I should have more piccies later, so why not stop back? ;)

News posted (02/01/06) by kittsbud

'Supernatural' in the UK

According to an article on Digital Spy 'Supernatural' is set to air on ITV2 in the New Year! Still no exact date, though. I've been pestering ITV about this for awhile now being a Brit myself, so let's hope I hear something soon!

Meanwhile, work continues here on repairing the site and gallery glitch after the hack.

Happy New Year everyone!

Dawn :)

News posted (02/01/06) by kittsbud

More 'Asylum' Promos

The WB have released more images from the episode 'Asylum,' and some of them are pretty creepy! Click here to visit the gallery and view them!

On a side note, we are aware of an error in the gallery system brought on by the site being hacked, and we are working on it along with the site problems. ;)

News posted (02/02/06) by kittsbud

More 'Home' Promos

As I promised earlier, we now have more promotional images from the episode 'Home.' You can find them by visiting our gallery here!

On a side note, I would like to thank all our visitors for your patience why we try and get the site back to normal.

News posted (01/01/06) by kittsbud

TV Guide Poll

After getting hacked last night, I feel like some fun to bring a smile back to my face. So, how about all you 'Supernatural' fans joining me in voting for our favorite show over at 'TV Guide?'

Click here and scroll down to the bottom to make your vote count!

News posted (01/01/06) by kittsbud

New 'Scarecrow' Promos!

We've now got promotional images from the forthcoming episode 'Scarecrow' in our gallery! Click here to go view them!

The WB have also released new images from the episode 'Home.' Check back later for those!

News posted (01/01/06) by kittsbud

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