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March 2008 News Archives

Monday Snippets!


Firstly, SN.tv would like to extend out congratulations to Jared and Sandra on the announcement of their engagement!

Congrats from the staff and members!

Meanwhile, Sci Fi Wire have a new interview up with Sera Gamble! You can read that by clicking here!

Finally, if you are a fan of the song "Crazy Love," you can now officially buy the version sung by Jason Manns and Jensen at last year's Asylum con! Jason will be selling copies at his convention appearances, as well as his upcoming tour. If you can't wait, you can buy it online via his MySpace page here.

News posted (31/03/08) by kittsbud)

LA Con


Reports are starting to filter in from the LA Creation Con! Super-wiki has already started to catalogue them all, and you can catch it all by clicking here and heading over!

Meanwhile, if you have any convention pics to share, don't forget to send them in so I can make a gallery of the whole event!

News posted (30/03/08) by kittsbud)

Sandra Interview!!!


TV of the absurd have a cool interview up with Sandra McCoy where she talks about Supernatural, and of course, Jared! To find out more, click here!

News posted (28/03/08) by kittsbud)

Thursday Items...


Blogcritics.org has a nice article up about our show entitled 'Navigating The Supernatural Online Fandom: A Great Hiatus Time Killer.' We even get a mention! To read the item, click here! (Thanks grkgrl and adder574)

Meanwhile, there are only a few short days left to the SmartPop essay contest! Get your entry in now before it's too late! For more details, click here!

Finally, UK ratings for A Very Supernatural Christmas were up! The show was 2nd in ratings for ITV2 with 763,000!

News posted (27/03/08) by kittsbud)

Wednesday Snippets


Firstly, Ask Auseillo has a couple of spoilers for us about the season finale! A fans asks several questions, to which he says the asnwers to two are yes....

To find out just what the questions are, click here!

Meanwhile, don't forget it's the Salute to Supernatural LA con this coming weekend! And now they've added Sandra McCoy as a guest too Click here to visit the official site!!

Finally, a fan sent in this wonderful piece of artwork, and I just couldn't help but want to share it with you all! Thank you so much angelgaby for sending this in! Click here to see the awesome pic!

News posted (26/03/08) by kittsbud)

EW article and more!


Entertainment Weekly have a new, and slightly spoilery article up about Supernatural! To read what Master Kripke has to say about upcoming episodes, click here!

Meanwhile, thanks to Emma from the Rogueevents boards, I've added more images from last years Asylum Convention! You can check those out here.

And finally, we have a new banner challenge on the forums. Make a banner featuring any male guest star from Supernatural. Deadline is Monday March 31st. Click here to get involved!

News posted (25/03/08) by kittsbud)

Jared gets Friday 13th?


It looks like Jared has landed the leading role in the remake of Friday the 13th! Several sites are reporting the news, and you can find out more over at movieweb here or Hollywoodreporter here!!!

Meanwhile, categories are up for the Supernatural magazine awards! Check them out below and then send in your votes to supernaturalmag@titanemail.com

1. Best Season One Episode
2. Best Season Two Episode
3. Best Season Three Episode
4. Best Overall Episode
5. Best Dean Moment
6. Best Sam Moment
7. Best Brother Moment
8. Best Dean One-Liner
9. Best Sam One-Liner
10. Best Director
11. Best Writer
12. Best Guest Star: Male
13. Best Guest Star: Female
14. Best Winchester Ally
15. Best Demon / Monster / Ghost
16. Best Use of a Song
17. Scariest Moment
18. Funniest Moment
19. Most Shocking Moment
20. Most Romantic Moment

News posted (21/03/08) by kittsbud)

SmartPop Essay Contest Reminder!!!


Don't forget, the deadline for the SmartPop essay contest is now looming!!! Got something smart to say about the show? Then write it down and send it in before April 1st to be sure of a chance to win!

Three winners will get $100—and have their essay included in BenBella’s upcoming Supernatural Smart Pop book alongside Supernatural tie-in writer Keith R.A. DeCandido and many others. Twelve other finalists will get a copy of the book and a mention inside!!

Click here to get in on the action while there is still time!!!

News posted (19/03/08) by kittsbud)

Supernatural Magazine Issue 3!!!


Issue 3 of the Supernatural magazine hits newsstands on march the 25th - and this time its a bumper 100 page edition! Fans can expect interviews with Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Sam Ferris, and the YED himself Frederic Lehne!!!

Here's a snippet from that interview to whet your appetites!...

One interesting trait is that while the YED's menacing, he's also witty. Is there a secret to coming off threatening but not over the top?

Well, good writing helps. He is not a spooky serial killer or a comic book bad guy. He has a sense of humor. If he was the angriest guy in the universe and didn't have one, it would be hard to take. He also enjoys watching people suffer. The more pain - mostly psychological pain - he causes, the happier he is. He has things that make him happy, and it is not whiskers on kittens.

Ironically, in your first few appearances, the Yellow-Eyed Demon never roasts anyone or flays the skin from their bones. Instead, he manipulates, even planting the seeds of doubt about Sam in Dean's mind. In his case, why were words more effective than displays of power?

Well, he gets off on the psychological pain. Anybody can rip someone's head off. He gets off on the power of turning people to his will. He will kill you if he has to, but it is more fun to pull their strings and torture them psychologically.

At the same time, were you pleased you got to fling the Winchester boys around in the finale?

[Laughs] Sure. It was fun, but I just lifted my hand up and the special effects crew made it look like they flew across the graveyard later when I wasn't there. It was fun pretending.

Read the full feature in issue 3 of The Official Supernatural Magazine, on sale March 25. Or visit the official site here for more info!!

News posted (19/03/08) by kittsbud)

Another article from Buddy TV and more...


Buddy TV has posted a follow up article from last week's Does Dean Winchester Need to Die? To find out what the beloved and sometimes rabid fans had to say, click here!

Meanwhile, the CW looks set to launch a new reality show with a bit of a supernatural spin. Don't get too carried away, though, you're not likely to see the Winchesters join in the fun lol! Click here to read the lowdown!

Finally, don't forget that Supernatural Media are continuing to add new images to their "Legacy" site. To visit click here!

News posted (18/03/08) by kittsbud)

New Article...


Buddy TV have a new article up about the fate of our beloved Dean! Click here to read and see if you agree with their columnist!

News posted (13/03/08) by kittsbud)

Supernatural will not get Lost! THANK YOU!!!!


As the CW has picked Supernatural for a fourth season, the campaign has come to an end.

We want to thank all the fans who read the posts. All those who posted them elsewhere. All those who commented.

We want to thank all of you who watched the series on Thursdays, 9 pm/ET, telling your families, friends and co-workers to do the same.

We want to thank all the fans who sent us fanart, giving permission for their creations to be used by others, in a joint effort to spread the word. We want to thank all the fans who used the campaign fanart, giving their creators due credit.

We want to thank everyone who emailed the CW, making themselves heard. All of you who emailed the media with any Supernatural question, opinion and/or comment you could think of.

We want to thank Supernatural fans for their encouraging words and ongoing support in the campaign.

Our gratitude goes to BuddyTV and Firefox News for helping to advertise our efforts.

Our thanks to all of you who kept knowing, kept believing, kept spreading the word: Supernatural will not get Lost!

Supernatural.tv and Winchesterbros.com

News posted (11/03/08) by kittsbud)

Finale spoilers and more...


Kristin from E!Online has posted a spoilery snippet about the season three finale! Click here to head on over and see what she has to say!

Meanwhile, don't forget today is VS day! Click here to read virtual episode three 'Hole in The World!'

Finally, Supernatural Media has launched a new site for unseen promo images. They have some excellent pics, and they're adding more every day. Click here to visit The Legacy!!!

News posted (11/03/08) by kittsbud)

Friday Snippets


First off, it looks like Inkworks have decided to tease us again with yet more trading cards! This time they're doing a Supernatural 'Connections' set which is tentatively due out in May! To find out more click here to visit the official site!

You can also pre-order some of the cards via TV Merch!

Meanwhile, WinchesterBros.com will be doing a radio interview with Jared and Jim Beaver tomorrow! For more information on that head on over to their main page!!!

News posted (07/03/08) by kittsbud)

Thursday Goodies!!!


First up, we now have a full spoiler summary for episode 3.13! If you want to know the scoop, click here! (Thanks Tracer!)

Speaking of spoilers, want to know if Ellen will be back this season? Sam Ferris has posted to her blog, and if you can't wait to know, why not head on over and see what she has to say here?

Meanwhile, Jensen has done yet another interview while he was over in Oz, this time for "Who" magazine. Click here to check that out!

Finally, sn.tv has a new fan fiction challenge up! Write a short story involving vampires! The deadline is Monday, March 17th and you can click here for more details and to join in!

News posted (06/03/08) by kittsbud)

Blogcritics article!


Here's a fun little article entitled Supernatural: How A Show Manages To Succeed Despite Its Network. I'm sure it mirrors a lot of our feelings on our "super" little show. Click here to read!!

Especially for Astrid and Rhesa ;)

News posted (05/03/08) by kittsbud)

Wednesday Snippets!!!


It looks like the good people at the CW have decided to give us our Supernatural re-runs after all! The Futon Critic is reporting that the show will be back on Thursday April 3rd in the usual 9pm slot. Click here to read the article! (And thanks to everyone who mailed in!)

Meanwhile, Rogueevents, the people behind the upcoming UK Asylum convention have announced a joint OTH and Supernatural convention to take place in October named Ravens. So far they have Jim Beaver as their first Supernatural confirmed guest.

For more details, click here!

News posted (05/03/08) by kittsbud)

VS Reminder!


Don't forget! Today is Virtual Season day! Check out the all new virtual episode Dark Territory by clicking here!

Meanwhile, Sam and Madison made TV Guide.ca’s top 10 steamiest love scenes for the episode Heart. Click here to check out their competition! (Thanks Redrum!)

News posted (04/03/08) by kittsbud)



Supernatural fans can sigh with relief and cheer on their favorite show for yet another season! E!Online's Kristin just posted the breaking news that the CW has renewed several shows already, including our boys!!!! To check out the full and VERY good news, click here!!!

To read the full CW press release, click here.

Thank you CW and Master Kripke for another season!!!

(Thanks to Stefanie for the quick heads up!)

News posted (03/03/08) by kittsbud)

TV Week Jensen Interview


The Australian site TV Week has a very cute interview up with Jensen! He talks about what he's been upto during the strike, what kind of movies he'd like to make in the future...and um...why Supernatural motels rarely have bathrooms, but always have wireless internet lol!!! Click here to read the scoop!

News posted (03/03/08) by kittsbud)

New Firefox interview!


Firefox news has a VERY interesting interview up with Sera Gamble! She talks about the strike, it's effect on the show, as well as what we can expect from the final four episodes this season. It IS spoilery, and we DO get to find out if the season finale deals with Dean's um...deal or not!

Click here to head on over and find out!!!

In other news, TV Guide have a photo gallery set up today for Jensen's birthday! Check it out from their home page here.

News posted (29/02/08) by kittsbud)

Happy Birthday Jensen!!!!


The staff and members of Supernatural.tv would like to wish Jensen Ackles a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

We hope you have another wonderful and very successful year!!!

Kitts & the crew!!

News posted (01/03/08) by kittsbud)

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