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November 2007 News Archives

Friday News!


The CW Source site has a new interview up with Kim Manners! To find out what he has to say, click here!

Meanwhile, we have a new challenge for Supernatural starved fans.

One last fanfic challenge for 2007! Write a short story about the Impala. Show us Metallicar's perspective, or describe any event in the car's life. To join in the fun, go here!

News posted (30/11/07) by kittsbud

Ask Ausiello spoilers...


A reader has asked Michael Ausiello if Supernatural ever plans on exploring the 'good side' as apposed to evil. Michael has the answer from Master Kripke himself!

Click here and scroll down to catch the response!

News posted (29/11/07) by kittsbud

Season 2 Trading Cards review and more...


Last Year Inkworks did an outstanding job with their season one trading cards. Could they better themselves? Or is this year's set all it's cracked up to be? Click here to find out what I thought when my full set arrived...

Meanwhile, don't forget the Supernatural magazine is out this week! Issue 1 hits newsstands November 27!

Eric Kripke –Creator and Executive Producer, on Supernatural and the brand new magazine.

"Supernatural is a freak. It's a mutt. It's a Frankenstein's Monster of pretty much everything I love - horror, comedy, urban legends, classic rock, Joseph Campbell, Route 66, Westerns - all stitched together into one bloody, twitching package. One of the most gratifying things about making this show was learning there were others out there like me. I wasn't alone. There's a couple million people who dig the same things.

This publication is for you and you alone. And we're working hard to make it worthy of your affection. There's dozens upon dozens of artists and geniuses who care so much about Supernatural, who make it the show that it is. Starting with this issue, you'll get to know them."

For more information and to subscribe, click here!

News posted (24/11/07) by kittsbud

Fresh Blood video clips and more...


The video clips for Fresh Blood are now up, and you can view them here! Miss the episode altogether? Then why not also check out Matt's full synopsis on the episode guide?

Meanwhile, the gang over at supernatural_tv livejournal have been bumping into Mr. Kripke yet again on the picket lines! Eric had some cool things to say, so why not check out the post here?

Last, but not least, I'm still adding more pics from the Chicago Creation Con! Many thanks to tngmd, Samjacklover and Purehalo for sharing, and keep an eye out as I'm still uploading! Click here to see what we've got up so far!

News posted (20/11/07) by kittsbud

Fresh Blood audio clips and review!


The audio clips for Fresh Blood have now been added to the media gallery here!

Meanwhile, Bardic's review of the episode is also up! Was it something to sink your teeth into???? Click here to find out...

News posted (19/11/07) by kittsbud

Creation Con Report and Gallery!


I've now added Matt's (Godismydaddy's) report from the Chicago Creation Con! Matt had a great time by all accounts. Click here to read his experiences!

You can also click here to visit the Con Gallery, again with thanks to Matt and renniespice for sharing their images! If you have images you'd like adding to the gallery, just shoot me a mail!

News posted (18/11/07) by kittsbud

Want to support Supernatural's writers?


Well now you can! United Hollywood have set up a campaign for fans to give their shows the support they need during the strike. It's hoped everyone will join in and prove to officials just how passionate we all are from every fanbase!

Click here to give Supernatural and its writers your support. And don't forget to type in just which show you're supporting!!! Oh, and yes, my pencils are on their way lol!!!

News posted (16/11/07) by kittsbud

WGA and Studios back in talks soon!


The WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have mutually agreed to resume talks on Nov 26th! As we all know this is not an end to the strike, but it's a start! (Click here to read more)

Keep up your support and keep mailing the execs, the studios, heck anyone who will listen, and we might just get the end of our favorite show's third season! Not to mention, US TV back to normal before it's too late!!!

News posted (17/11/07) by kittsbud

Fresh Blood Screencaps!!!


Over 1100 screencaps have been added to the gallery from Fresh Blood! Click here to enjoy!!!

News posted (16/11/07) by kittsbud

Friday News!


The Vancouver Sun reports that Supernatural will shut down production on or around Dec 5th due to the WGA writers strike. You can read more about it here. (Thanks Matt!) Remember, folks, keep sending in your mails letting the execs know we want our shows back!

Meanwhile, voting has now opened in the Portrait magazine Jared and Jensen wallpaper challenge! Click here to go make your vote count!

In other news, E-Online has an interview up with Katie and Lauren here!

Don't forget to check back later tonight for Fresh Blood sceencaps!!!

News posted (16/11/07) by kittsbud

Red Sky Audio


I've now added audio from last week's episode Red Sky At Morning to the media section!

Click here to go get an earload!!!

And don't forget to check out the all new episode, Fresh Blood tonight on the CW!

News posted (15/11/07) by kittsbud

Director's Cuts


The CW has now posted two Director's Cuts for this week's episode!

Cut 1

Cut 2

Meanwhile, be sure to catch this week's chilling episode of Multus Tempestas Awakening that is guaranteed to leave you on the edge of your seat!

News posted (14/11/07) by kittsbud

Episode 8 Promo Pics!


We now have stills from episode eight up in the gallery! You just gotta love the last one, awww....

Clcik here to view them!

News posted (13/11/07) by kittsbud

Red Sky Video and more....


Video clips from Red Sky At Morning are now online and can be viewed here in the media gallery, or via the episode guide!

Meanwhile, Bardic's review of the episode is now posted. Did Red Sky sink or swim? Click here to find out!

Finally, the Superwiki crew are collecting all the best reports and photos from the Creation Chicago Con so you don't have to scour the web for them!

Click here to visit Superwiki and indulge yourself!

News posted (12/11/07) by kittsbud

Chicago Con News!


The CW Source is covering the Supernatural Convention in Chicago this weekend, and they've already posted some interesting scoops!

Click here to head on over and check 'em out!

If you've visited the con yourself and have tales to recount or pics to share, we'd also LOVE to hear from you! Sadly, being a Brit I couldn't make it to this one myself to meet Jared. *sniffle* (I met Jensen last year at Asylum) Come on, share those piccies, you know you wanna! :)

News posted (11/11/07) by kittsbud

Inside The Legend and more...


This week's Inside The Legend is now up! So, if you want to know all about real ghost ships, click here!

Meanwhile, the end of the month see's the release of the Supernatural magazine, and Titan have shared both tentative covers with us! Click the thumbs for the full images!

You can check out some of the goodies in the first issue here, or visit Titan here!

Don't forget to stop back tomorrow for Red Sky At Morning video clips and more!

News posted (10/11/07) by kittsbud

Eric Speaks to the fans!


As many of you may know, some of the gang over at supernatural_tv livejournal have been feeding the Supernatural writers as they picket over at WB! Yesterday, they were lucky enough to bump into Eric Kripke and he spoke to them about what might happen to our beloved season! Click here to head on over and read what he has to say!

Meanwhile, if you want to contribute to feeding our very special writers, click here!

News posted (10/11/07) by kittsbud

Red Sky Screencaps and more!


I've now added a huge amount of caps from last night's episode to the gallery! For Red Sky At Morning screencaps, click here!!!!

Meanwhile, if you missed the episode or just want a recap, the full synopsis is now available on the relevant episode guide here!

Finally, if you want a sneak peek of next week's 'Fresh Blood' then click here or visit our media gallery to to watch the trailer!!! (Thanks to Ghostrider67)

News posted (09/11/07) by kittsbud

Wednesday Snippets


As promised the audio clips for Bedtime Stories are now up and can be found here!

Meanwhile, Seat42F have two videos about the behind the scenes work on Supernatural! It's a fascinating look into the FX and makeup that goes on to make things look so real! Click here to head on over!

Finally, this week tune into the pain of the past with the Multus Tempestas virtual episode 'Suburbia.'

News posted (07/11/07) by kittsbud

WGA Writers Strike!!!!


As some of you are probably aware, the WGA have called all their writers to strike from today. This action will not only affect Supernatural in the weeks to come, but any scripted US TV shows! As completed scripts run out, production will be forced to close down.

The last WGA strike lasted 22 weeks, and we don't want this to happen again!

Talks broke down between both sides yesterday, and I'm asking all fans to make the effort to get both sides back together! What can we do?

I'm asking that we all mail/e-mail the Governor of California and ask for his intervention in this matter. If not resolved, it will, after all, cost the state possible billions! And who better than someone who is used to Hollywood to help bring this to a close? PLEASE take the time to send something (Be polite and constructive!!!) It may make the difference between watching Reality TV for months or having all your regular shows!!!

E-Mail Contact or:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

News posted (05/11/07) by kittsbud

Monday Snippets


The Inside The legend article for Bedtime Stories is now up and can be found here!

Meanwhile, I've also added the review for last week's Sin City!!!

Finally, Power Star Collectibles have a new Supernatural T-Shirt up for grabs! Click here, or the above banner to take a peek/order!!!

News posted (05/11/07) by kittsbud

Bedtime Synopsis now up!


The full synopsis for Bedtime Stories is now available on the relevant episode guide here! So, if you missed the episode or just want a recap, head on over!

News posted (04/11/07) by kittsbud

Red Sky Trailer


The trailer for this Thursday's episode, Red Sky At Morning is now online! Anyone feeling some Carpenter vibes????

Click here to watch!

Many Thanks to Ghostrider67!!!

News posted (03/11/07) by kittsbud

Video Clips!


Video clips are now up for Bedtime Stories and they can be viewed here in the media gallery!


News posted (03/11/07) by kittsbud

Sera Gamble interview...


The Fandom Rocks has a podcast interview with Sera Gamble! There are some mild spoilers, and Sera does cover the possible writers strike too! Click here to head on over and listen. Beware, it is over 43mins!

Thanks to Ghostrider67

Meanwhile, I've finally gotten last week's Inside The Legend up! Dean5339 has left the site for awhile due to other commitments, but the articles will continue! Click here to read Sin City.

News posted (02/11/07) by kittsbud

Screencaps and more!!!


Screencaps from Bedtime Stories have now been added to the gallery and can be viewed here! Enjoy, folks!

Meanwhile, Tv Guide have posted the second part of their Jared interview! Click here to hear the rest of what he has to say!!

Mediablvd also have a cool interview up with Katie Cassidy and Lauren Cohan. Click here for that!

Finally, ratings once again held this week with 3.28 million viewers! Great news!!!

News posted (02/11/07) by kittsbud

Jared interview and more!!!


TV Guide now have an interview up with Jared to match the one they did last week with Jensen! There are some spoilers! Click here to check out part one!!!

Meanwhile Portrait magazine is having a Jensen & Jared wallpaper challenge. Why not head on out and have a bash? Click here and check the left hand column for details!!

News posted (01/11/07) by kittsbud

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