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1.11 Faith


Originally aired: 17/01/2006

Writers: Sera Gamble & Raelle Tucker
Director: Allen Kroeker.

Guest Stars:  Aaron Craven as David Wright, Colin Lawrence as Jason, Julie Benz as Layla Rourke, Erica Carroll as Nurse, Rebecca Jenkins as Sue Ann Le Grange, Tifany Lyndall-Knight as Doctor, Conrad Whitaker as cop, Alex Diakun as The Reaper, Rikki Gagne as Holly Morton, Kevin McNulty as Roy Le Grange, Gillian Barber as Mrs Rourke

Official WB Description

While battling a demon, Dean is electrocuted, resulting in permanent damage to his heart and leaving him with only a couple of months to live. A despondent Sam searches desperately for a way to save his brother and believes he may have found an answer through a preacher who claims to heal the incurable. However, Dean and Sam discover that the preacher is getting help from the Grim Reaper who is trading one life for another he feels is less worthy.

Full Synopsis

CABIN SOMEWHERE: Sam and Dean pull up to what appears to be an abandon cabin. They go into the trunk and take out guns. They go into the cabin and down to the basement. Once down they find a cabinet with a brother and sister inside. Sam asks "Is it still here?" The two children nod their heads, yes. Sam then takes the children upstairs while Dean searches around. A monster then attacks Dean from behind and knocks his gun out of his hands. It falls into a stream of water. Dean drives and gets the gun and shoots the monster. The gun is actually a taser, so the electricity traveled through the water and ended up shocking Dean. Sam comes down to aid Dean.

HOSPITAL: At the hospital Sam gives the secretary a credit card with a fake name on it. While she is using the credit card Sam walks over to two police officiers and tells them what happens, minus the monster. He then sees Dean's doctor and walks up to him. The doctor explains that the eletricity gave Dean a massive heart attack and that there is no treatment, it's fatal.

Sam then walks into Dean room. Dean is watching day-time television. Dean understands what will happen to him and tries to make humor of it. Dean tries to explain that it's what happens in their line of business. Sam refuses to give up hope.

3 DAYS LATER, HOTEL: Sam called his father to explain the situation with Dean over his voicemail. Sam then hears a knock at the door and it's Dean who signed himself out of the hospital. He refused to die in a hospital where the nurses aren't hot. Sam explains to Dean that he has been looking over the internet and his father's contact list to find a way to help Dean. Sam did find one person that knew of a specialist in Nebraska.

"Your not going to let me die in peace, are you?"-Dean
"I'm not going to let you die, period."- Sam

ROY LE GRANGE: Sam and Dean pull up to a tent where sick and injurged people seemed to be roaming. Dean looks over at a sign to find that its a chruch. Dean thinks that this is all false and Sam argues with him. An attractive girl, Layla walks up too the two brothers and questions why they are here and try to tell Dean that the Faith Healer can really heal.

Inside the tent, Sam and Dean get a seat near the front. A blind man, The Healer, comes up to the podium and starts to talk about everyday life and "The Lord." Dean makes a sarcastic remark and the Healer, Roy, hears it. He then calls up Dean to the front where he was to be healed. Dean at first is a little hesitant but Sam tells him to get up there. Once up there Dean explains that he isn't a believer but Roy has no doubt that he will be.

Roy tells everyone to pray and then he puts he hand on Dean. Dean then falls to his feet and Sam runs up to him. Dean half awake now looks up and sees a "spirit" hovering over the Healer.

HOSPITAL: Dean is being check out by a doctor who says that there aren't any signs of his heart failing. She also mentions its strange, because a man his age was brought in earlier and died of a heart attack. Sam believes that it was the Healer who saved his brother but Dean does not. Dean says he has a bad feeling so he goes to go check out the Healer, Roy. In the meantime, Sam goes to check out how the heart attack victim died.

ROY'S HOUSE: Dean is talking to Roy and his wife, Sue-Ann about how he feels great after the healing. Sue-Ann says that its a "miracle." Roy then explains to Dean his situation. Roy had cancer yet he kept praying and was healed but he remained blind. Dean then questions why Roy chose him. Roy answers by saying that he saw Dean as a man with a job and purpose that wasn't finished.

POOL: Sam talks to someone present when the young man had the heart attack. Apparently, the guy ran around as if he was being chased by something invisible before he died. As he is leaving Sam notices a busted clock on the wall that stopped at 4:17, the same time the man died and Dean was healed.

ROY'S HOUSE: Leaving the house, Dean bumps into Layla and her mom. Layla's mom is not happy because Roy didn't heal Layla. Apparently, she's dying of a brain tumor, and her mom thinks she deserved to live more than Dean did.

MOTEL: Dean walks into his motel room where Sam already was. Sam found out that during a healing, another person dies of the disease that supposedly was healed from another person. Dean feels responsible for the person that died for him. Dean then puts together that Roy isn't killing the people, but a Reaper is.

While they are figuring everything out, another healing is going on and a woman in the woods dies.

Now that Sam and Dean know what the "spirit" is, they research on Reapers. Dean wants to kill Roy because he feels that Roy is responsible for the deaths. Sam says that they won't kill a human being. Since they can't kill Roy or the Reaper that have to find a reverse spell to Roy's black magic controlling the Reaper.

ROY LE GRANGE: Sam and Dean pull back up to the tent. There is a protester outside the tent trying to expose Roy as a "Fraud." Sam and Dean tell him to "keep up the good work."

ROY'S HOUSE: As Roy is leaving his house to go to the tent, only a few feet away, Sam sneaks in the house. Sam finds a book and reads up on the cross that Roy uses to control the Reaper and finds out about it.

Sam calls Dean and tells him that Roy seeks out victims that he sees as immorale. They figure out that the next victim would be the protestor outside.

TENT: Dean has to stop the next healing. Unfortunately, the next one is Layla's. Dean tries to talk Layla out of the healing, but she goes up anyway.

OUTSIDE: Meanwhile the protestor outside is pleading for help. Sam tries to protect him but is unable too.

BACK INSIDE: Dean then yells that there is a fire causing the healing to stop.

OUTSIDE: Dean calls Sam to tell him that he has stopped the healing, but the Reaper was still after the protestor,

INSIDE: Dean then searches in the tent to see Sue-Ann still doing an enchantment. Dean stops her but she calls for help as two police officers come to take him out.

OUTSIDE THE TENT: Sue-Ann says that she wouldn't press charges and that "The Lord" would deal with dean. The copsleave Dean alone, but then Layla confronts him. Layla was very disappointed and sad with Dean and ends up walking away from him. While Dean was walking back he overhears Roy telling Layla's mother than he would give Layla a private session.

MOTEL: Sam and Dean then talk about what happened. Sam took an ancient book from the library inside Roy's house. They then notice a coptic cross that Sue-Ann had, and make the connection that once she dropped it the Reaper walked away. They come to the conclusion that they need to destroy both the cross and the altar where the healings take place.

ROY LE GRANGE: Sam and Dean pull up to the tent. Dean questions their motives and wonders what would have happened if Roy chose Layla earlier. They then exit the car and see the healing already taking place, but no Sue-Ann. They go to check inside the house, but Dean has to make a distraction for the two policemen that were standing outside the house.

Sam searches around the house but is unable to see Sue-Ann inside. He notices a light coming from an underground cellar right outside the house. He goes underneath and searches around to find Sue-Ann. She leaves and locks Sam in and tries to explain to him how "god" "chose" her to punish the wicked. Sam then smashes a window to escape.

Just as Layla is about to be healed Dean is confronted by the Reaper. Sam luckily finds Sue-Ann to destroy her cross along with her powers. The Reaper does come back to take away Sue-Ann's life. Sam and Dean get into the car and leave.

MOTEL: Dean questions if they did the right thing. Sam believes they did. Layla then comes to visit Dean for a goodbye, curtosy of Sam. Layla explains that she didn't get healed, but that she has faith even when miracles don't happen. She is then about to leave, but before she does Dean said that he would pray for her, and she thinks that in itself is a miracle.

Synopsis by RealityCheck

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Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult


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