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3.03 Bad Day at Black Rock


Originally aired: 18/10/2007

Writer: Ben Edlund
Director: Robert Singer

Guest Stars: Lauren Cohan as Bela, Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer

Official CW Description

MEET BELA. Sam and Dean answer a call on their dad's old cell phone, alerting them someone has broken into John's secret storage room in New York. They discover a cursed rabbit's foot has been stolen and call Bobby ) for help. He advises them to beware of the foot because anyone who touches it will receive an extreme amount of good luck, but once the foot is lost that person will die. Unfortunately, Sam has already handled the foot, which causes an overjoyed Dean to buy lottery tickets, but a female thief steals it from Sam causing his luck to plummet and putting his life in danger.

Full Synopsis

A man walks into a the jail, and he is scanned by a security guard standing there. He walks in further, and sits down in front of a cell. “It’s true,” he says as he picks up the phone. “The devil’s gate was opened in Wyoming.” The man in the cell slowly raises his head to look at him. It’s Gordon. “Big,” he says, putting the map up to the window so Gordon can see the Pentagram shape on it. “There’s no solid fix on how many demons got out, but it’s in the hundreds – an army.” “Sam Winchester was there. Wasn’t he?” Gordon asks. “I talked to a guy who knows a guy who knows Bobby Singer,” says the man, “and yeah, it looks like the Winchesters were at ground zero when the gate was popped. But Singer says they went in there to stop it.” Gordon shakes his head immediately. “Bobby ain’t what he used to be. Sam could have him believe anything by now.” “Listen Gordon, as far as talk goes? Sam Winchester checks out,” the man goes on. “He’s a hunter, that’s all.” “That’s all?” Gordon cuts in. “Cubrick. I’m not even sure he’s human.” Cubrick smiles a little. “Think I’m crazy?” Gordon asks. “I told you there was a war coming. Six months ago. Take a look around. It’s here. Now I’m telling you this boy is a part of it. Track him down, Cubrick. You’re gonna see it too. Sam Winchester must die.” Then he hangs up the phone

On the road
“Because it’s a demon, that’s why. The second you find out this Ruby chick is a demon, you go for the holy water, you don’t chat!” Dean is saying angrily, as they drive in the Impala. “No one was chatting, Dean!” Sam replies. “Oh yeah? Then why didn’t you send her ass back to hell?” Dean asks. “Because – because she said she might be able to help us out!” Sam says angrily. “How?” Dean asks. Sam is silent. “No really, Sam, how? How could she possibly help us?” Dean asks again. “She told me she could help you, okay?” Sam finally says. Dean looks shocked. “Help you out of the crossroads deal,” Sam adds. Dean gapes at him. “What is wrong with you, huh? She’s lying! You gotta know that, don’t you? She knows what your weakness is, it’s me. What else did she say?” Dean asks. Once again, Sam is silent. “Dude?” Dean says irritably. “Nothing,” Sam replies. “Nothing, okay? Look I’m not an idiot Dean, I’m not talking about trusting her! I’m talking about using her! I mean we’re in a war, right? And we don’t know jack about the enemy. We don’t know where they are, we don’t know what they’re doing. I mean hell, we don’t even know what they want. Now this Ruby girl knows more than we will ever find out on our own. Now yes, it’s a risk, I know that. But we need to take it.” Dean looks at him. “You’re okay, right? I mean, you’re feeling okay?” “Yes, I’m fine! Why are you always asking me that?” Sam yells. A cellphone rings, and Sam checks his. “It’s not mine,” he says. It isn’t Dean’s either, so Dean tells him to check the glove compartment, because it’s their dad’s. “Dad’s?” Sam says in surprise. “Yes! I keep it charged up in case any of his old contacts call,” Dean replies. Sam takes it out and answers it. “Hello? Yes, this is Edgar Casey… no, no no no don’t call the police, I’ll handle this myself. You know, can you just lock it back up for me? Great. Uh, I don’t have my book in front of me, do you have the address so I can – sure.” Dean hands him a pen and paper. “Okay. Go ahead. Okay. Thanks a lot.” Sam hangs up. “Did Dad ever tell you he kept a container at a storage place?” “What?” Dean asks. “Outside of Buffalo?” Sam adds. “No way,” Dean says. “Yeah. And someone just broke into it,” Sam finishes.

On the roadside
In a trailer, Cubrick and a friend are getting things ready for the hunt. “So you got no hard evidence on this Winchester guy,” his friend says. “You’re just working off of Gordon’s instincts.” Cubrick looks up. “You ever hunt with Gordon?” he asks. “No,” replies his friend, “but I heard he’s good.” “Good,” laughs Cubrick, “he’s the best. Saved my ass more times than I can count. So if he says Sam Winchester’s dangerous, I believe him.” “He’s gonna be covering his tracks,” the friend says, “won’t be easy to find.” “Last I got puts him in Nebraska, three weeks back,” Cubrick says. “Ain’t exactly a fresh lead,” the other guy says, taking a little model of Jesus out of Creedy’s cupboard and looking at it. “He ain’t invisible, Creedy,” Cubrick says, checking his rifle. “Some hunter out there knows something. So we start calling our contacts. All we need is one break.” He gets up and looks at Creedy, who is turning the Jesus from side to side and watching its eyes always staring at him. He takes it away. “Don’t play with my Jesus,” he says.

Storage place
Dean and Sam are riding in an elevator going down. “Man,” Dean says. “What?” Sam asks. “Just Dad,” Dean answers. “He had all these secrets. We spent all our time with the guy, and it’s like we barely know the man.” They get out of the elevator and open John’s storage place. Sam shines a flashlight inside – there is a protection symbol on the floor. “No demons allowed,” Sam says. “Blood,” says Dean. There is blood spattered on the floor. “Check this out,” he says, touching a trip line that’s stretched across the path. Sam follows it with his flashlight, it leads to a rifle. “Whoever broke in here got attacked,” he says. “Dear old Dad,” Dean says. “There’s two sets of boot treads here, looks like it was a two man job. And our friend with the buckshot in him looks like he kept walking.” The boys carefully step over the trip line and walk inside. “So what’s the deal?” Sam asks. “Dad would do work here or something?” “Living the high life, as usual,” Dean answers. He looks at the rifle propped on the shelf, and then goes over and picks up a little trophy off the wall. He dusts it off and reads, “1995.” “No way,” Sam says, going over and taking it from him. “That’s my division championship soccer trophy. I can’t believe he kept this!” “It was probably the closest you ever came to being a boy,” Dean replies, walking past him. “Oh wow!” he says, picking up a gun. “This was my first sawed-off. I made it myself. The sixth grade…” He looks as it proudly and loads it. Sam continues on and opens a gate, walking into a room with weapons all over the walls. “Holy crap,” says Dean, “Look at this, he had land mines. Which they didn’t take. Or the guns,” he adds, shining the flashlight around. “Well I guess they knew what they were after, huh?” Sam looks over at the wall. There’s a lot of boxes, with weird symbols on them. “Hey Dean, check this out,” he says. “See those symbols? That’s binding magic.” Dean comes over to look. “These are curse boxes,” Sam adds. “Curse boxes? Those are supposed to keep the evil mojo in, right? Kind of like the Pandora deal?” Dean asks. “Yeah, yeah, they’re built to contain the power of the cursed object,” Sam says. “Well Dad’s journal did mention a whole lot of stuff, dangerous hex diomes, fetishes, he never did say where they ended up,” Dean says. “Yeah. Well this must be his toxic waste dump,” Sam replies. He continues to look at the boxes, and then comes to an empty space on the shelf. “One box is missing,” he says. “Great.” “Maybe they didn’t open it,” Dean says hopefully.

In the thieves house
“Come on man, let’s open it,” one of the thieves is saying. “Shut up about the damn box!” yells the other thief, who is laying on the couch with a rag pressed to his shoulder, he’s bleeding. “Do you see what’s happening here? I’m literally bleeding to death!” “I’m gonna open it,” says the other thief. “Grossman,” says the injured one warningly. “Look, what if this is really worth something? What, we should just – hand it over to her? We took all the risk. Hell, Wayne, you got shot. And all for a lousy few hundred bucks. Now we can make more, selling whatever it is ourselves.” He pries open the box, then slowly opens it. “Huh?” he says. Inside lies – a rabbit’s foot. “Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?” Wayne says angrily, picking it up. “It’s a rabbit’s foot, it’s a rabbit’s foot, Grossman! I’m gonna die for a damn rabbit’s foot.” He looks around in shock as someone pounds on the door. Grossman opens it and says, “Hey, Foster,” to an older man who’s standing outside. “Hey listen guys, not to be a drag or nothing, but it’s six o’ clock in the morning, can’t you keep it down?” he says angrily. “We just have a situation here, sorry,” Grossman says. “What the hell happened to you?” Foster asks, seeing Wayne. “Shotgun happened to me,” Wayne answers. “Hey Grossman?” says Foster, looking at him. “Under my sink there’s a medical kit. And get some water boiling.” Grossman leaves. “I used to be an army medic, you know?” says Foster to Wayne. “So I guess this is your lucky day.”

In the Impala
The boys pull up beside a car, and Dean leans out to see the license plate. “Connecticut,” he says. “Last three digits 880.” “Yep, that’s it,” says Sam. “Shoulda blacked out the plate before they parked in front of the security camera…” says Dean.

In the thieves’ house
Grossman and Wayne are playing cards. “Four kings,” says Wayne. “You see that?” “Yeah yeah yeah,” says Grossman. “Deal ‘em up again,” says Wayne. Behind them, Sam and Dean quietly pick the lock and open the door. They go in with guns drawn. “Royal flush,” Wayne is saying. “Grossman, that’s the second royal flush in eight hands! I can’t lose. I mean, really, I can’t lose!” He picks up the rabbit’s foot. “Maybe this thing really works! I’m telling you one thing. There is no way in hell, we are handing it over to the stuck up bitch. Come on, let’s go out, let’s have some fun.” Suddenly Sam and Dean burst in. “Freeze! Don’t move! Don’t move!” they yell, pointing their guns at the thieves. “Alright, give us the box,” Dean says. “And please tell me that you didn’t…” “Oh, they did,” Sam says, seeing the box lying open on the table. “You opened it?” Dean yells, shoving Wayne against the wall. “Are you guys cops?” he yells. “What was in the box?” Dean asks. Wayne looks over his shoulder at the rabbit’s foot. “Oh is that it?” Dean asks. “It was, wasn’t it? What is that thing?” At that moment Wayne shoves him off, knocking the gun out of Dean’s hand. It fires, and the bullet ricochets around the room, knocking the gun out of Sam’s hand as well. When they both see the gun on the ground, Sam and Grossman both go for the gun at once, Grossman pushes Sam out of the way and he knocks into Dean, sending him flying onto a table. “Sorry,” Sam says, and Grossman tackles Sam, and the rabbit’s foot goes flying. Grossman begins to choke Sam. Dean goes for the gun, but Wayne gets it first and it fires, and misses Dean, but he falls down again anyway. As Grossman is strangling him, Sam reaches for the rabbit’s foot desperately. When at least he reaches it, he kicks Grossman off of him easily, and Grossman flies off of him onto the floor. “Dean!” Sam yells. “I got it.” “No you don’t,” Wayne says, aiming Dean’s gun at Sam’s chest. He tries to fire, but the gun jams. He reloads, and still, it won’t fire. Dean gets up and heads for him, and he backs up, tripping over a piece of broken wood, falling over the couch, and knocking himself out. Dean sees that Grossman has a gun, and yells “Sam!” just as a pile of books fall on Grossman’s head, knocking him out, and the gun flies neatly through the air and into Sam’s hand. The boys stare at each other and the knocked out thieves in shock. “That was a lucky break,” says Dean. “Is that a rabbit’s foot?” “I think it is,” says Sam, looking at it in his hand. “Huh,” says Dean.

Outside a store
Dean comes back from inside the store with their lunch, and gets into the Impala with Sam. “I’m not finding anything on it in Dad’s journal,” Sam says as Dean takes a bunch of lottery tickets out of the bag. He shows Sam. “Dean, come on,” says Sam incredulously. “What? Hey that was my gun he was aiming at your head, and my gun don’t jam,” Dean says. “So that was a lucky break. Not to mention them taking themselves out, also a lucky break. Here. Scratch one.” He holds it out to Sam. Sam gives him a look. “Come on, Sam!” Dean says. “Scratch and win,” he adds, handing Sam a coin. “Dean, it’s gotta be cursed somehow,” he says, as he scratches it. “Otherwise Dad wouldn’t have locked it up.” He hands the card back to Dean. “Twelve hundred dollars,” says Dean, shocked. “You just won twelve hundred dollars.” Dean laughs, and then whoops loudly. “I dunno man, it doesn’t seem that cursed to me.” He holds out another ticket to Sam.

The thieves’ house
Wayne wakes up. “Grossman?” he says. “Grossman, get up.” He kicks a beer bottle into the kitchen. “Grossman, get up.” He goes into the kitchen, stepping over the beer bottle and going to the sink. He takes the dishes out of the sink, along with a big meat fork, standing it up in the dish rack. He begins to wash his face in the sink. “Hey,” he says. “Grossman. Grossman!” He steps forwards only to step on the beer bottle, fall backwards, and the meat fork stabs him right throught he back of the head. Grossman stands up and looks into the kitchen only to see Wayne with the fork coming right through his mouth. He begins to scream.

Outside the store
“Oh man…” Dean is laying the tickets on the hood of the Impala, looking very happy. “Bobby, we didn’t know,” Sam is saying into his phone. “You touched it? Dammit, Sam,” Bobby says. “Well Dad never told us about this thing. I mean, you knew about a storage place at Black Rock?” “His lock up? Yeah I knew. Hell, I built those curse boxes for him,” Bobby replies. “Listen. You have got a serious problem.” Meanwhile Sam leans down and nudges aside a piece of paper to find a gold watch underneath. “That rabbit’s foot ain’t no dime store notion,” Bobby goes on. “It’s real hoodoo.” Sam holds up the watch to show Dean and Dean gapes in excitement, mouthing “awesome”. “Old world stuff. Made by a conjur woman about a hundred years ago.” “It’s a hell of a luck charm,” Sam says. “It’s not a luck charm, it’s a curse. She made it to kill people, Sam. You touch it, you own it. You own it, sure, you get a run of good luck to beat the devil. But you lose it, that luck turns. It turns so bad that you’re dead, inside a week.” “Well, so I won’t lose it, Bobby,” Sam says. “Everybody loses it,” Bobby says. “Well then how do we break the curse?” Sam asks. “I dunno if you can,” Bobby replies. Sam quickly pockets the rabbit’s foot. “Lemme look through my library and make some calls. Just sit tight.” Bobby hangs up. “Dude,” says Dean, smiling at Sam. “We’re up fifteen grand.” Sam smiles weakly.

Inside restaurant
“Don’t worry, Bobby will find a way to break the curse,” Dean says, and says he wants to go to Vegas. Sam says they’re just sitting tight until Bobby calls back. He turns to the counter and says, “Table for two, please.” “Congratulations!” yells the man. He hands them a huge check that says “Our one millionth customer” on it. Balloons and confetti rain down on them as people snap their picture and cheer. Dean is grinning, Sam doesn’t look so happy.

Roadside, Cubrick’s trailer
“Alright, if you hear anything, give me a call,” Cubrick says, hanging up. “Well that clears my book,” he says. “The word’s out. “Now we wait.” “Now we eat,” says Creedy. “Good idea,” says Cubrick. “What do you like? I got canned everything.” “No, man, we’re not eatin’ in the RV,” says Creedy. “Look, I know a good place. Wide menu? Good service? Homey atmosphere? Garlic knots… menu’s on their website.”

Inside the restaurant
“Bobby’s right,” Sam is saying, “This goes way back. Pure hoodoo.” Dean is eating ice cream happily. “And you can’t just cut one off any rabbit. It’s got to be in a cemetery, under a full moon, on a Friday the 13th.” “I say from now on,” says Dean, “We only go to a place with Biggerson’s.” Then he flinches as he gets a brain freeze. Sam laughs. A waitress walks over. “Can I freshen you up?” she asks. “Yeah, yeah sure,” Sam pushes his cup over and she fills it with coffee, but accidentally spills it. “Oh,” she says. “Oh,” says Sam. “That’s okay, don’t worry about it. I got it.” “It’s no trouble. Really,” she says, smiling at him, as she cleans up the coffee with a cloth. “Okay,” says Sam. “Sorry about that,” she says, smiling at him, then she walks away, still smiling at him. Sam and Dean both lean forward to look at her. “Dude,” says Dean. “If you were ever gonna get lucky.” Sam goes to pick up his coffee and then accidently spills it, all over himself. “Oh, geez,” he says, standing up and crashing into a guy walking by with a tray. He turns to look at Dean in shock. “How was that good?” Dean asks. Sam reaches down and pulls out his pocket, it’s empty. “Son of a bitch,” Dean swears, standing up.

Meanwhile, outside, the waitress, with the rabbit’s foot wrapped in the cloth she used to clean up the coffee, pockets it and pulls off her wig, dumping it in the dumpster and running off, smiling.

Dean and Sam run out after her. “Come on,” says Dean, and they run after her, only to have Sam suddenly trip and fall. Dean turns around to look at Sam, who is laying on the ground wincing. “Wow,” says Dean, “You suck.” He helps Sam up. “So what, now your luck turns bad?” Dean asks. Sam’s knees are all scraped. “I guess,” says Sam. “I wonder how bad,” Dean says.

Roadside, Cubrick’s trailer
“It looks good,” Cubrick says, as he looks at the menu on Creedy’s laptop. “I like that when they drop the whole onion in the fryer.” “Here is the location…” says Creedy, clicking something on the screen, then he stops suddenly. He turns the screen towards Cubrick. “You seeing that?” It’s the picture of Sam and Dean, with the millionth customer check. “Yes I am,” says Cubrick with a smile.

The thieves’ house
Grossman is looking at a picture of him and Wayne, and toasts him with a beer. “Adios, compadre,” he says. At that moment, the door opens, and Dean and Sam walk in. “Oh man,” says Grossman. “What do you want?” “Heard about your friend,” says Dean. “That’s bad luck.” “Piss off,” says Grossman. “We know someone hired you, to still the rabbit’s foot,” Dean goes on. “A woman.” “Oh yeah? And how do you know that?” Grossman asks. “Because she just stole it back from us,” Dean says. Grossman starts laughing. “Listen man this is…” begins Sam, taking a step forward and catching his leg in a wire, pulling down a whole machine and he trips, knocking over a lamp and falling down behind the chair. “Sam you okay?” asks Dean. “Yeah I’m good,” Sam replies from the floor, pulling himself up. “I want you to tell us her name,” Dean says. “Screw you,” says Grossman. “It wasn’t a freak accident that killed your partner,” Dean says. “What?” Grossman asks. “It was the rabbit’s foot,” Dean goes on. “You’re crazy, man,” Grossman says with a little laugh. “You know I’m not,” Dean says. “You saw what happened, what it did, all the flukes, all the luck. When you lose the foot, that luck goes south. That’s what killed your friend. My brother here is next. And who knows how many innocent people after that. And if you don’t help us stop this thing, that puts those deaths on your head. Now I can read people. And I get it. You’re a thief. And a scumbag. And that’s fine. But you’re not a killer. Are you?” Grossman shakes his head a little.

Roadside, Cubrick’s trailer
“No one saw which way they went,” Creedy says, walking back up to Cubrick, where he’s leaning on the trailer. And their meal was free, so there’s no credit card trail.” “Don’t worry, we’ll find him,” says Cubrick. “What makes you so sure?” Creedy asks. “Cause there’s a higher power at work here,” Cubrick says with a smile. “I know it now.”

Outside, the thieves’ house
The boys are walking back out, and Dean’s cellphone rings. “Hello?” he picks it up. “Dean. Great. It wasn’t easy, but I found a heavy-weight cleansing ritual that should do the trick,” Bobby says. Meanwhile, Sam has stepped in gum. “Bobby, that’s great, except… Sam lost the foot.” “He what?” Bobby says. “Bobby, listen, listen. This hot chick stole it from him. I’m serious, mid-twenties, and she was sharp, good enough with the con to play us.” Sam is trying to scrape his foot off in a storm grate. Dean says that she only gave the guys one name, probably an alias, Luigi. Then he remembers it was Lugosi. “Lugosi? Lugosi? Oh crap, it’s probably Bela,” Bobby says. Meanwhile Sam accidentally loses his shoe down the grate. “Bela Lugosi? That’s cute,” says Dean. “Bela Talbott’s her real name. I crossed paths with her once or twice,” Bobby goes on. “Well she got the rabbit’s foot. Is she a hunter?” Dean asks. “Pretty friggin far from a hunter,” Bobby says. “But she knows her way around the territory. She’s been out of the country, last I heard she was in the middle east someplace.” “Well I guess she’s back,” Dean says. “Which means seriously bad luck for you,” Bobby replies. “Great,” Dean says sarcastically. “But if it is Bela,” says Bobby, “At least I might know some folks who know where to find her.” “Thanks, Bobby. Again,” says Dean. “Just look out for your brother, you idjit,” says Bobby, hanging up. Dean turns around to see Sam looking at him miserably. “What?” he says. “I lost my shoe,” says Sam quietly.

“Alright, Bobby, thanks. We owe you. Another one,” says Dean, pulling up in front of a motel and hanging up his cellphone. “Alright, Bobby’s got it on pretty good authority that this Bela chick, lives in Queens,” Dean says to Sam, stopping the car. “So it’ll take me about two hours to get there.” “So what are we doing then?” Sam asks. “You, my brother, are staying here,” says Dean. “Because I don’t want your bad luck getting us killed.” He keeps driving, past Cubrick’s trailer, which is parked right outside the motel.

Inside the motel
The boys walk inside. “What am I even supposed to do, Dean?” Sam asks. “Nothing, nothing. Come here,” says Dean, pulling Sam over to a chair. “I don’t want you doing anything. I want you to sit right here, and don’t move, okay? Don’t turn on the light, don’t turn off the light, don’t even scratch your nose.” Sam waits for him to leave, before quickly scratching his nose.

Queens, Bela’s house
“Because we shook on one point five,” Bela is saying into her phone. “Well maybe I should just take it somewhere else,” she says, feeding her cat a treat. “Don’t threaten me, Luke. Despite your reputation, you don’t scare me. Well I’m glad you see it that way. I’ll see you at the airstrip in an hour.” She hangs up, and sees something moving on her tv screen, which is obviously hooked up to a camera in the hallway. She picks up the rabbit’s foot, which is held in a pair of tongs, and looks at the screen again, it’s obviously Dean. She sets down the rabbit’s foot and reaches into her cupboard, taking out a gun. She walks toward her door, and then sees that her alarm is flashing “Error”. Underneath is a yellow note, that says “turn around”. She quickly turns around, but too late, Dean already has a gun on her. “You left without your tip,” he says, and she smiles in spite of herself.

Motel room
Sam is sitting in the chair, when suddenly he sees smoke coming out of the heater. “Oh come on,” he says. “I didn’t…” He walks over to it slowly, and suddenly something sparks inside and flames start to come out. Grabbing the comforter off the bed, he quickly pats it out, and stands up, only to have more flames come out and his sleeve catches on fire. Grabbing at the curtains, he frantically smacks at his arm, only to get tangled up in the curtains and fall over, knocking himself unconscious. Outside the window, looking in, is Cubrick and Creedy.

Bela’s house
“You’re gonna give it back,” says Dean, backing up slowly with his gun on her. “Sweetie, no I’m not,” she says, pointing her gun at him as well. “Yeah we’ll see. Bela, right?” Dean says. “That’s right. Dean,” she says with a smile. “You know the thing’s cursed, don’t you?” Dean asks. “You’d be surprised what some people will pay, for something like that,” she says. “Really,” says Dean. “There’s a lucrative market out there,” she says. “A lot of money to be made.” Then she laughs. “You hunters with all those amulets and talismans you use to stop those big bad monsters. Any one of them could put your children’s children through college.” “So you know the truth. About what’s really going on out there, and this is what you decide to do with it?” Dean says. “You become a thief?” “I percule unique items for a select clientele,” she replies. “Yeah. A thief,” Dean replies. “No. A great thief,” she replies with a smile.

Cubrick and Creedy are tying Sam up. “He’s awake,” says Creedy. “Back with us, huh?” says Cubrick, standing up. Sam looks up at them. “We didn’t even have to touch you,” says Creedy. “You just went all spastic, and knocked yourself out. It was like watching Jerry Lewis try to stack chairs.” “Who are you?” asks Sam. “What do you want?” Cubrick snaps his fingers to stop Sam. “I used to think your friend Gordon sent me.” “Gordon, oh come on,” says Sam. “Because he asked me to track you down, and put a bullet in your brain,” Cubrick goes on. “Great. That sounds like him,” Sam says. “But, as it turns out,” Cubrick says, “I’m on a mission from God.” He hits Sam across the face.

Bela’s house
“Look, Bela, my brother, he touched the foot. And when you took it from him, his luck went from…” Dean is saying. “I know how it works,” she interrupts. “So you know he’s gonna die, unless we destroy it,” Dean says. “Oh,” she says. “You can have the foot. For 1.5 million.” “Nice,” says Dean. “I’ll just call my banker. How did you even find the damn thing? Stuck in the back of some storage place, in the middle of nowhere?” She looks over at a strange object on the wall, with symbols and numbers. “I just asked a few of the ghosts of people it had killed,” she replies. “They were very atuned into it’s location.” “So you’re only out for yourself,” says Dean, looking surprised. “It’s all about number one?” “Being a hunter is so much more noble? A bunch of obsessed, revenge-driven sociopaths trying to save a world that can’t be saved?” she answers. “Wow,” says Dean. “Aren’t you a glass half full.” “We’re all going to hell, Dean,” she replies. “Might as well enjoy the ride.” “I actually agree with you there,” Dean says, “Anyhoo, this has been charming, but, uh, look at the time. Oh and this?” He pulls out the rabbit’s foot from his pocket – “looks like you’re not the only one with sticky fingers. If it’s any consolation, I think you’re a truly awful person.” He turns to leave and she tries to shoot him, but the bullets simply go everywhere but at him. Dean laughs. “See ya,” he says, running out the door.

Sam has obviously been getting beaten, he has a bloody nose. “You were part of that demon plan to open the gate, weren’t you?” Cubrick asks, standing up. “We did everything we could to stop it,” Sam says, but Cubrick says “Lie, lie, lie! You were in on it. You know what they’re next move is, too, don’t you?” “No I don’t, okay? You’re wrong about all of this,” Sam replies. “Where are they gonna hit us next?” asks Cubrick, and when Sam doesn’t answer, he hits him again. “Where?” he asks again. “Gordon told me about you, Sam. About your powers? You’re some kind of weirdo psychic freak.” “No, not anymore, no powers, on visions…” begins Sam, but Cubrick hits him again. “No more lies,” he says. “There’s an army of demons out there, pushing at a world already on the brink. We’re on deck for an end game, right? So maybe, just maybe, you can understand, why we can’t take any chances.” He pulls out a gun and aims it at Sam. “Whoa, whoa, no…” begins Sam, “Cubrick…” starts Creedy. “No, you saw what happened,” Cubrick says to him, “Why are we here? Because you saw a picture on the web? Because we chose this motel, instead of another? Luck like that doesn’t just happen.” “Look, I can explain all of this,” Sam begins. “Shut up,” Cubrick says, without looking at him. “It’s God, Creedy. He led us here for one reason. To do his work. This – is destiny.” He turns to shoot Sam and then “Nope.” They all stop. “No destiny,” says Dean, aiming his gun at Cubrick. “Just a rabbit’s foot.” “Put the gun down, son, or you’re gonna be scraping brain off the wall,” Cubrick warns. “What this thing?” says Dean, waving the gun. “Yeah, that thing,” says Cubrick. “Okay,” says Dean, putting it down. “But you see, there’s something about me you don’t know.” “Yeah? What would that be?” asks Cubrick, as Dean picks up a pen off the table carefully. He turns to aim his gun at Dean instead. “It’s my lucky day,” he says, throwing his pen at Cubrick, and it lodges in his gun. “Whooaaa, God, did you see that shot?” Dean says excitedly as Cubrick tries to get it out, and Creedy lunges at him. Dean steps neatly out of the way and Creedy collides with the wall behind him. “I’m amazing,” Dean says, throwing a remote control at Cubrick and hitting him in the head with it, he falls down. “I’m Batman,” he says. “Yeah,” says Sam sarcastically. “You’re Batman.”

Outside, night, cemetery
Sam and Dean are going to burn the rabbit’s foot, Sam has built a fire. Dean is scratching some last minute lottery tickets. “Alright. Cayenne pepper, that should do it,” says Sam, standing up. “Dean…” begins Sam, but “Hey! Back off, jinx,” says Dean. “I’m bringing home the bacon. Alright…” he says, pulling out the rabbit’s foot, “Say good bye, whaskery wrabbit.” Suddenly a gun loads behind him, and he turns. “I think you’ll find that belongs to me,” says Bela, with her gun trained on him. “But… whatever. Put the foot down, honey.” “No,” Dean says. “You’re not gonna shoot anybody. See, I happen to be able to read people. And sure you’re a thief, fine, but you’re not gonna…” He’s cut off as Bela shoots over his shoulder at Sam, hitting him in the shoulder. “Son of a…” he cries, turning around towards her again. “Back off, tiger,” she says. “Back off. Now. You make one more move, and I pull the trigger. You’ve got the luck Dean. You, I can’t hit. But your brother, him I can’t miss.” “What the hell is wrong with you?” asks Dean, looking back at Sam, who’s standing up and holding his shoulder. “You don’t go around shooting people like that!” “Relax. It’s a shoulder hit, I can aim,” she says calmly. “Besides, who here hasn’t shot a few people. Put the rabbit’s foot on the ground, now.” “Alright!” Dean says angrily. He slowly leans down toward the ground, and then quickly throws it at her, saying “Think fast!” She instinctively catches it, and Dean smiles triumphantly. “Damn,” she says. “Now,” says Dean, “What do you say we destroy that ugly ass piece of dead thing.” Reluctantly, she throws it in the fire. “Thanks very much,” she says. “I’m out of one and half million, and on the bad side of a very powerful, fairly psychotic buyer.” “Wow,” says Dean. “I really don’t feel bad about that. Sam?” “Nope,” Sam says firmly. “Not even a little.” She starts to leave. “Maye next time,” she says, turning back one last time, “I’ll hang you out to dry.” “Oh, don’t go away angry, just go away,” says Dean. “Have a nice night, boys,” she says.

“You good?” Dean asks Sam as they leave the graveyard. “Yeah,” says Sam. “I guess we’re back to normal now, huh,” says Dean. “No good luck, no bad luck… Oh! But we’re up 46 thousand dollars, I’m almost forgot about the…” He stops, patting his pocket. “…scratch tickets,” he finishes, realizing they’re gone. At that moment, Bela drives away, beeping her horn.

In her car, she smiles slyly as she looks down at the scratch tickets, on the seat beside her.

The boys look at each other. “Son of a bitch!” Dean yells.Jail
“You were right,” says Cubrick. “Sam Winchester is more than a monster. He’s the advisary.” “What was it that convinced you?” asks Gordon. “God led me to him,” Cubrick continues. “And his will is clear.” “Oookay,” says Gordon. “That’s great. Good to have you on board. But first things first. We gotta get me the hell out of here. Cause like I told you before, Sam Winchester must die.” Gordon hangs up the phone.

Synopsis by Meghan

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