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3.05 Bedtime Stories


Originally aired: 01/11/2007

Writer: Cathryn Humphris
Director: Mike Rohl

Guest Stars: Sanda McCoy as Crossroads demon

Official CW Description

SAM SUMMONS THE CROSSROAD DEMON TO BARGAIN FOR DEAN'S LIFE Sam and Dean investigate a small town that has been plagued by a number of strange murders that resemble fairy tales, such as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White and Hansel and Gretel. Meanwhile, Sam summons the Crossroad Demon and threatens to kill her with the newly rebuilt Colt unless she releases Dean from his deal.

Full Synopsis

Maple Springs, New York
We open to a new neighborhood community being built in Maple Springs, New York. The sign on the lot reads “Once Upon A Time Community coming in the spring”. Three construction workers who are brothers are on the job late that night. They are walking to their trucks when one of them hears a heavy breathing sound and stops. He walks slowly over towards the crane truck, peaks around the corner just to make sure it was nothing. As he walks back towards the others, he witnesses one of the guys being attacks by presumably a wild animal and his blood is splattered on the windshield of their truck. The second guy is then attacked immediately following the first. The other guy at this point is trying to run for his life and hides in a corner. As he takes a look on the other side and finds his two brothers lying dead on the ground, he is soon attacked himself.

Sam and Dean are cruising down an open road on their way to their next case. It is important to note that at the opening of this scene a green frog is seen standing in the middle of the road, very suspiciously. Inside the impala, Sam is trying to convince Dean that now that they’ve go the colt rebuilt they can summon the crossroads demon and either force it to let Dean out of his deal or they’ll shoot it dead and he will be out of his deal either way. Dean objects strenuously because he knows that if they screw up in anyway, Sam dies and he ends the discussion right then and there. As they then go over this next job, Sam tells Dean that this psychotic killer rips people apart with brut life verbosity. If it is a werewolf, they’ve only got a couple of days to get this job done as this is the last time in the cycle that a werewolf changes form.

Local Hospital
Sam and Dean disguise themselves as detectives with the county sheriff’s department. They speak with one of the brother who survived the construction site attack. They don’t get much information from him except that the guy who attacked him was tall and had dark hair and a tattoo of Willie Coyote on his arm. They also speak to the doctor about the previous victims and all he can tell them is that their hearts weren’t missing but parts of their stomachs, liver, and intestines were. The boys walk away with nothing because this is definitely not a werewolf or demon attack.

Next Victims
A young couple is walking through the woods trying to find their way out. They come across a house very deep into the woods and are approached by a very suspicious old lady acting overly sweet to them. She invites them in to rest for a while and despite the girl’s suspicions, they go inside. After the two of them finish a full meal and start to leave, they both suddenly become weak and fall to the ground barely able to breathe. The old lady is looking at them with a grim smile on her face. She walks over to the sink and grabs a sharpened knife. She walks back over to them and stabs the guys head several times. The girl is hysterical and notices a strange girl in a white dress with a red bow staring the window.

The boys speak with the girl about the murder. She is not able to provide much detail about the murder except that she was just a sweet old lady who just turned psycho. However she did mention to them about the little girl in the window, which she describes as having dark hair, pale skin and appeared to be about 8 years old. The boys then search the house and find no traces of sulfur but high levels of EMF readings. Sam does have a theory. He believes the murders are in some way a reenactment of fairytales. Looking at this care, a guy and girl walking through the woods and an old lady tries to kill them, that Hansel and Gretel. And the three guys being attacked by the Big Bad Wolf, that’s The Three Little Pigs. It’s a crazy thought but it’s about all they’ve got to go on. After spending hours at the public library, they find no records of any pale white girls being killed or missing in the town.

As Sam and Dean are heading back to the Impala, they notice the suspicious frog standing in the middle of the road. They boys then determine that this case really does involve very messed up fairytales. Looking at the house up the block, Sam notices a pumpkin on the ledge of the balcony along with a mouse. Thinking about fairytales, this looks like the set up of Cinderella with the pumpkin that becomes a carriage and the mice that become horses. Dean now very creped out by his brother makes the comment “Dude could you be anymore gay?” The boys head inside and find a woman handcuffed to the stove in the kitchen frantic, telling them her step mom went crazy and tried to kill her. Dean notices the pale girl watching from the next room and follows her, only to witness her turn into a bright red apple, the signs of Snow White.

The boys head back to the hospital and ask the nurse if there area any little girls who are currently patients in the building. The nurse tells them it’s mostly old men and then of course Caley, who’s the doctor’s daughter. The boys find the doctor in Caley’s room reading her fairytales from the Grimm Brother’s book. Inquiring about Caley, the doctor tells the boys she’s been in the hospital since she was 8. She got her hands on a bottle of bleach and her step mom took her to the ER. However the boys have a different theory. They believe that Caley was the victim in Snow White, that her step mom poisoned her and she went into a deep sleep and no one knows the truth about what happened and her spirit has become angrier and angrier. Meanwhile she has to listen to her father telling her these fairytales and it’s enough to drive anyone crazy. As they are walking out of the hospital, another patient is rushed in. It’s an old woman who appears to have been attacked by a werewolf. As the boy are watching through the window, Sam mentions that the last story the doctor read to Caley was Little Red Riding Hood, which according to the story, the woman’s granddaughter will be the next victim. Sam decides to stop Caley while Dean goes after the Big Bad Wolf. However, he is a little late as the wolf has just picked up the granddaughter from school and drives off.

While Dean’s off hunting the wolf, Sam approaches the doctor and gets right to the chase and tells him the truth about both his wife and daughter. He explains to him that Caley’s an angry spirit and she’s going around killing people. Sam tells him that she’s longing for him to listen to her so she can tell him the truth. The only reason the doctor is so quick to believe Sam is because he’s seen Caley’s spirit as well. He wastes no time and sits beside Caley on her bed and let’s his heart do the talking. He is able to communicate with her spirit and tells her that it’s time for him to let go and for her to be put to rest.

Meanwhile Dean is being attacks by the wolf. Once the doctor gives Caley one final kiss, she looses her pulse and her spirit is put to rest. The guy who’s being possessed by the wolf, is released right before Dean is about to stab him to death. That’s when they know it’s over.

Dean returns to the hospital to report to Sam and the doctor the girl was saved and the guy is ok. Although the doctor is crushed about letting go of Caley, he knew it was what needed to be done and he’s he relieved that no one else was killed.

That night after Dean goes to sleep Sam sneaks off to summon the crossroads demon. As soon as the demon appears, he puts the rebuilt colt to her head demanding that she let Dean out of his deal or he’ll blow her head off. The demon says that’s not negotiable because Dean made that deal on his own free will and that her boss wants Dean’s soul bad and he’s not going to let it go. Sam believes she’s bluffing and pulls the trigger on her. She falls dead on the ground and Sam stars at her dead body with the look of anxiety on his face.

Synopsis by Matt (godismydaddy)


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