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3.04 Sin City


Originally aired: 25/10/2007

Writer: Robert Singer & Jeremy Carver
Director: Charles Beeson

Guest Stars: Katie Cassidy as Ruby, Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer

Official CW Description

RUBY VISITS BOBBY AND OFFERS SOME ADVICE Sam and Dean investigate a rash of violent deaths in Elizabethville, Ohio, a once-sleepy town that has been turned into a haven for gamblers and drinkers. Dean discovers demons have infiltrated Elizabethville and are using their powers of persuasion to make the townspeople succumb to their basic instincts. Meanwhile, Ruby helps Bobby rebuild the Colt from scratch and stuns him with some news.

Full Synopsis

It’s night, and a nun is putting away books in a church. A sudden wind blows out the candles behind her, and she looks nervous. As she turns around, a priest standing behind her makes her jump. He smiles. “One more,” he says, giving her another book. She puts it away, and he tells her he’ll walk her to her car. As they start to leave, a voice says, “Father?” “Andy?” says the priest, looking up. A man is standing on a balcony above them. “Father,” he says again, “God’s not with us. Not anymore.” “Andy, of course he is,” says the priest, “Why would you say that, what’s wrong?” “He can’t help us,” says Andy, “and if He can, He won’t.” And he takes a gun and shoots himself in the head.

Bobby’s place
Bobby has taken apart the Colt and is looking at pieces of it under a magnifying glass. Dean is helping him. Sam comes in and starts to tell him about some stuff he’s found that might be a job. He mentions a guy in a church who shot himself in the head, and adds another guy went postal in a hobby shop before the cops took him out. “Might be demonic omens,” Sam says. “Or it might be a suicide and a psycho scrapbooker,” Dean replies. Sam tells him it’s their best lead, and Dean asks him where it is. “It’s a half-dead factory town in Westville,” Sam answers, then asks Bobby how it’s going. “Slow,” Bobby replies. “I tell ya, it’s a little sad seeing the Colt like that,” Dean comments. “Well the only thing it’s good for now is figuring out what makes it tick,” Bobby says. “What makes it tick?” Sam asks, and Bobby gives him a look. “So if we wanna check out these omens in Ohio,” Dean begins, standing up, “think you can have that thing ready by this afternoon?” Bobby glares at him. “Well it won’t kill demons by then,” Bobby says, “but I can promise it’ll kill you.” The boys smile and start to leave, and Bobby tells them if they find anything to call him.

“There’s not much left for the insurance company,” the priest is saying to Sam and Dean, who are pretending to be working for an insurance company. “It was a suicide, I saw it myself.” The priest then shows them the place where Andy killed himself, and tells them that Andy used to come to church every Sunday. Sam asks when he stopped, and the father replies, “Probably about… two months ago? Right around the time that everything else started to change.” He tells them that Andy used to sing in the choir, and one day he just wasn’t Andy anymore. “It’s almost as if he was…” the father begins, “Possessed?” Sam suggests, and the father agrees. He goes on to tell them that he knew the guy who went crazy in the hobby shop as well, and when Sam asks if he thinks that this guy’s personality suddenly changed too, the priest says yes. “About the same time as Andy, about two months ago,” he finishes. Dean and Sam thank the priest and as they leave, Sam reminds Dean that two months ago was the time they opened the Devil’s Gate, and it’s no coincidence.

Dean and Sam enter their motel room, and as Dean goes to close the door, he recognizes the man that comes out of the room across the hallway. “Richie?” he says, and the guy looks up. “Hey! Dean… Winchester, right?” Richie is joined by a woman at his door, and Richie introduces her as his sister, Cheryl. Then he hands her some money, and she walks away. Dean looks down the hallway after her, she is wearing a very short skirt and a low cut top. “Well… stepsister,” Richie says with a laugh. “Come on in,” Dean says, and Richie follows the boys into their room as Dean introduces Sam. “How do you guys know each other?” Sam asks, and Dean tells him they went to school together. Richie starts to talk about a Succubus they hunted together, and Dean reminds him that it was himself that killed her, not Richie. “I forgot what a comedian this guy was,” Richie says as his phone rings. “Richie, I keep telling you you’re not cut out for this job, you’re gonna get yourself killed,” Dean says, but Richie ignores him and answers his phone instead. “So you find anything in this town anyway?” Dean asks him after he’s hung up. “Ah, no, I got nothin’,” Richie replies, then looks at the boys again and says “Oh you mean demons and what not?” “Yeah,” Dean says, “Ah, no, I got nothin’,” Richie repeats, and Dean nods. “Typical. So what about your sister back there?” “Oh, honestly? She had the devil in her. But she wasn’t no demon, you know what I’m saying?” he says, and the boys stare at him. Richie then tells them at he checked out the two guys in the church and hobby shop too, and he found nothing. Dean then wonders if they were possessed, why would Andy blow his brains out? “For fun? Wrecks one body, gets into another? Like taking a stolen car for a joyride,” Richie suggests. Sam asks if there’s anyone else in town it could be, and Richie tells them about Trotter, a rich guy who used to be the head of the rotary club, but people say has gone crazy. Richie also tells them that he started bringing in gamblers and hookers, and that he practically owns the whole town. Sam asks where they can find him, and Richie tells them he’ll be at his bar in a few hours.

Trotter’s bar
Dean and Sam pull up and go inside the bar, surprised at the amount of girls around the place as Sam said it was some boarded-up factory town. “It is,” says Sam, “At least it’s supposed to be.” The boys head inside, there are a lot of people around – especially women – all drinking. They meet up with Richie, and he points out Trotter to them. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve got some investigating to do with that bartender,” Dean says, looking over towards the girl at the counter. “Easy, me and her have a little somethin’ somethin’ lined up for later,” Richie says, and Dean replies “Yeah right.” “Stings, don’t it?” Richie says, and then he goes off to do some work, telling them he’ll see them later. “No way he gets a girl like that,” Dean says, looking over at the bartender. “I mean, look at her. You could fit that ass on a nickel.” “Think so?” says a voice, and they turn to see the priest from the church sitting behind them. “Whoa, sorry, Padre,” says Dean. Sam asks him why he’s there, and the priest replies, “Like it or not, you go where your flock is.” He then turns to the bartender and says she owes him a confession, apparently they know each other. “I better see your butt on Sunday,” he says, standing up. “Nickel or no nickel,” he says in Dean’s direction, and leaves. The bartender asks what she can get the boys, and Dean asks her what her specialty is. “I make a mean Hurricane,” she replies. “Guess we’ll see about that,” Dean says, and she walks off with a smile. “You drink Hurricanes?” Sam asks. “I do now,” Dean answers. Behind them, a man walks in and goes over to another guy who’s playing pool. The one who’s playing pool asks if everything’s okay with him and he replies, “I dunno. I’m just not feeling myself today.” “Hey,” says Sam, spotting that the guy is holding a gun. They move to stop him but it’s too late, he shoots the guy at the pool table and kills him, then goes to shoot himself in the head but Dean tackles him. Sam quickly splashes him with holy water, but nothing. “He slept with my wife,” the guy is saying, looking over at the dead guy. “Somebody call 911,” Sam says, and the bartender rushes to do so. Sam looks over at Trotter, and the guy looks right back at him.

The cops come and arrest the man, and Dean and Sam speculate that maybe no one’s getting possessed, it’s just a town full of crazy people. When one of the cops tell Dean and Sam that a photographer is coming to get a picture of them to put in the newspaper, the boys leave quickly, but not before Dean realizes that Richie is gone.

Outside, night
Richie and the bartender have pulled up in front of a big house, covered in vines. Richie asks her where she got the place, and she replies “My parents left it to me. I don’t come out here much, unless I want to be alone.” She leads him inside. She takes him downstairs, and begins to light candles. “You don’t get scared, down here by yourself?” Richie asks her. “Of course not,” she says, “not when I’ve got a hunter to protect me.” She blinks, and her eyes are black. Richie grabs out a knife, but she stops him easily and then breaks his neck with her bare hands.

Trotter’s bar
Dean is trying to call Richie, he’s obviously worried about him. “Dean, you’re assuming he’s missing,” Sam says. “He’s a moron,” says Dean, “I mean he’s a sweet moron but he’s not a coward, he wouldn’t just bail. I think I’m gonna go look for him.” Sam tells him that he’s going to trail this Trotter guy, because there’s something about the way he looked at him last night. “Maybe there’s something going on here,” he finishes.

Bobby’s place
Bobby is trying the Colt, he’s put it back together and is firing at targets. Suddenly, he looks up, and Ruby is standing there. “Who are you?” he asks. “It won’t stop a demon, if that’s what you think,” she says. “How the hell would you know?” Bobby asks. “Oh, I don’t know,” she says, and then blinks, showing her black eyes. “Call it an educated guess.” “Well ain’t I lucky then,” says Bobby, “I found a subject for a test fire.” “Luck had nothing to do with it,” she says with a laugh, “but hey. By all means, take your best shot.” Bobby aims the gun, but doesn’t shoot. “Are you going to stand there like a panty-waist, or are you gonna shoot…” she begins, but Bobby fires and she stops. “Ouch,” she says, “That smarts a little.” “What do you want?” Bobby asks. “Peace on earth,” she says, walking towards him. “A new shirt. Now, do you want me to help you out with that gun, or not?”

Trotter’s place
Sam is following Trotter, he stands behind a wall and watches him talking to one of his men, just as his phone rings. He quickly answers it, and it’s Dean. Sam tells him to meet him at the bar in twenty minutes, and then hangs up.

Trotter’s bar
“I gotta tell ya,” a woman is telling Dean, “every woman in this place? They wanna eat you up.” Dean says that anybody could have tackled that guy. “Here’s what I’m gonna do,” she says, and leans close to his ear. She tells him that she usually charges 400 a night, but for him she’ll make it an even deuce, and asks if he wants to get out of there. Dean looks at her. “What do I look like?” “What do I look like?” she says, and walks away, saying, “Cheapskate.” “Did I just see you strike out with a prostitute?” asks the bartender, coming over. “How does that work?” “Well I just told her I had a thing for the bartender. Pretty easy,” Dean says. “Who says the bartender’s available?” she asks, smiling. “That’s a good question,” he says, and describes Richie, asking her if she has something going with him. “Who?” she says. “My mistake,” says Dean, “Hey what do you say you and me grab a drink after your shift?” She tells him why wait when they can go now, and they leave together. The other bartender that works there sees them leave.

Trotter’s place
Trotter and his henchman leave together, and Sam goes into Trotter’s office. He searches through all the drawers but doesn’t find anything, and suddenly the henchman comes back and attacks him. Sam fights right back and easily wins, but Trotter aims a gun at him and stops him in his tracks. “What are you doing here?” he asks. “I think maybe you know,” Sam replies. “Yeah? Well I think I’m calling the cops,” Trotter says. “Cops?” Sam says. “Breaking and entering, assault? You’re in a pack of trouble, my friend,” Trotter goes on. Sam easily gets the gun from Trotter and aims it at him and his henchman, and then squirts both of them with holy water. When nothing happens, Sam, embarrassed, quickly tells them that he’s made a minor mistake, and, taking the bullets out of the gun, he leaves it behind, tells them to have a nice day, and leaves.

Bartender’s place
Dean and the bartender have gone to her place, Dean comments on how dirty and old the place looks, then asks her if everything’s ok. She kisses him, and tells him to make himself comfortable. “Oh, I forgot to mention.” Dean says as she walks away. “Richie was a friend of mine. When I realized I could track the GPS on his cellphone, I swung by earlier. Gave him a proper burial. It’s better than rotting in some skank’s basement.” She runs at him, but is suddenly thrown backwards without him even moving. Dean lifts the edge of the rug, revealing a devil’s trap. “Oops,” he says, “Sorry sister, but you’re going back to where you came from.” He takes out his book and begins to read the exorcism, but she closes her eyes and suddenly wind begins to blow, blowing away all the pages of Dean’s book, as well as crumbling the building around them and blocking the exit. She starts to laugh. “What are you laughing at, bitch?” Dean asks. “You’re still trapped.” “So are you. Bitch,” she replies.

Dean is lighting candles, and tells her that he’s sending her back to hell. “Without your little exorcism book? Go ahead,” she says. Dean starts to say the exorcism, but forgets. He starts again, but still can’t remember it. “Nice try, but I think you just ordered a pizza,” she says. “Maybe you should pay more attention in Latin class.” “I don’t know what you’re smiling about,” says Dean, “you’re not going anywhere.” “And apparently, neither are you,” the demon replies. “Yeah, but I got someone coming for me,” Dean says, “and he paid attention in class.” “Oh right, Sam. Everyone says he’s the brains of the outfit,” she says. “Everyone?” Dean asks. “Sure. You Winchester boys are famous. Not Lohan famous, but you know,” she continues. Dean says he’ll be sure to tell Sam when he gets there, and she replies, “If she shows up first.” She tells him that she hasn’t been working alone, of course, and they have to wait and see who shows up first – the cavalry – or the indians.

Trotter’s bar
Sam is at the bar, and he starts talking to the bartender, asking him if he’s seen Dean. Of course the bartender wants money, so Sam quickly pays him and he tells Sam that Dean left with Casey, the bartender, about an hour ago. When Sam gives him more money, he tells him the address of her house.

Casey’s basement
Dean is piling up stuff so he can see out the grate that’s on the ceiling of the basement, and tries to get a signal on his cellphone. “Why don’t you relax?” Casey says. “Why don’t you kiss my ass?” Dean asks. Casey replies that they won’t be able to do anything about the outcome of this, so they might as well be civil. “Civil, huh?” Dean asks. “Killing Richie, that was civil? The guy was harmless.” “That knife he pulled on me? Didn’t look so civil,” she replies. “That knife wouldn’t have hurt you,” replies Dean. She replies that it would hurt the body, and Casey is such a fine body, she doesn’t want it ripped. Dean laughs and says, “A demon with a heart. Well there’s a bunch of dead people in town who might disagree with you.” “Hey,” she says, “I didn’t pull any triggers.” “You did something,” Dean replies. “You wanna know what I did?” she asks. She tells him that she had lunch with Trotter, and pointed out a bunch of businesses that could cater to harmless vice. “So Trotter built it, and boy did they come. Supposedly God-fearing folk. Booze, sex, gambling… “That’s it?” Dean asks. She tells him that all you have to do is nudge humans in the right direction and they’ll walk right into hell with big fat smiles on their faces. She says that humans are weak, and demon’s wills are stronger. “That’s why we’ll win,” she says. “And that’s how it ends,” Dean says. “No, that’s how it begins,” she corrects.

Casey’s house
Sam goes into Casey’s house, and looks around. He calls Dean, but gets no answer. He sees a picture of her with her boyfriend, and then finds sulphur behind it.

Casey’s basement
Dean and Casey are talking about the Bible, she tells him it’s only a book. “Not everyone would agree,” Dean says, and she asks him if he believes in God. He says he doesn’t know, but he’d like to. She says that in the past century, humans have racked up a body count that surprised in the demons. “It’s our turn now,” she says. “And we’re going to do it right this time.” They hear a sound outside and Dean is hopeful, but she tells him it’s only the wind.

Trotter’s bar
Sam calls Bobby and leaves him a message, telling him that he found sulphur at Casey’s and now he can’t find Dean. He approaches the bartender and tells him that they weren’t there. The bartender goes to give him a drink, but Sam gets angry and then he suddenly sees the priest from the church. He goes to talk to him.

Casey’s basement
Dean is telling Casey he’s not sure he’s buying what she’s saying, and she says “Why would I lie?” “Demons lie,” Dean replies. “Some do. Some are true believers,” she says. When Dean asks her if demons have their own God, she says yes. Lucifer. “He was once the most beautiful of all God’s angels. But God demanded that he bow down before man, and when he refused God bannished him. Tell me Dean, how do you like bowing before lesser creatures?” “So Lucifer’s really real,” says Dean. “No one’s seen him. But they say he made us into what we are, and that he’ll return,” Casey replies. “Oh yeah? And you believe that?” Dean asks. “I have faith,” she says. “So you see? Is your kind really that different from ours?” “Yeah, except demons are evil,” Dean says. “And humans are such a lovable bunch,” she says. “Dick Chaney.” “One of yours?” Dean asks, and she says not yet, but he has a parking spot reserved for him downstairs. Dean then asks her what hell is like. “That’s right,” she says, “You booked a one way ticket with that deal. And judging from the trouble you’ve caused, I don’t think you’ll be getting a presidential suite.” She looks at Dean for a moment and then says, “It’s a pit of despair. Why do you think we want to come here?”

Trotter’s bar
Sam finds out that the priest has known Casey since she was very young, and then tells him that he thinks Dean and Casey might be in trouble. He asks if the priest knows any other places that they might have gone, and the priest says yes. Sam starts to leave, but the father comes with him. When Sam says that he doesn’t need to come, the priest replies that if Casey’s really in trouble, then there’s nothing to talk about.

Casey’s basement
“It’s kind of funny, don’t you think?” Casey says to Dean. “You and me, sitting here together like two normal folk.” “Yeah, it’s hilarious,” says Dean, “In that apocalyptic sort of way.” “You’re alright, Dean,” she says, smiling. “The others don’t describe you that way. But you know… you’re likable.” “A demon likes me,” Dean says. “Sorry, I don’t know how to respond to that.” “You could say thanks,” she suggests. “That deal you made for Sam? A lot of others would think it’s weak or stupid. I don’t.” “It’s been kind of liberating, actually,” Dean says. “I mean, what’s the point in worrying about a future, when you don’t have one! Huh?” “Still,” she says. “A year left. You’re not scared?” “Nahhh,” says Dean. “Not even a little?” she asks. “’Course not,” Dean says.

Priest’s car
“So, insurance investigating,” says the priest as they drive. “You enjoy your work?” “Yeah. Yeah, I like being able to help people,” Sam says. “Ever think about doing anything else?” the father asks. “Like what?” Sam wonders. “Anything. You seem like a pretty smart kid. Somehow I see you out in front of the pack. You could do some great things.” “I dunno. I like doing what I’m doing I guess,” Sam says. “Well, it’s your life,” the priest says. “Your brother,” he continues. “Dean? Does he find trouble often?” “Yeah. Yeah, he finds his fair share,” Sam answers. “Well it’s a good thing he has you,” the priest goes on. “His brother’s keeper.”

Casey’s basement
Casey stretches out on the floor and looks at Dean, then says “Why, Dean. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that was lust in your eyes. Well, that would be one way to spend the time. But I don’t think you’d respect me in the morning.” “That’s okay,” says Dean, “I mean hey, I barely respect you now. Hey, can I ask you a question?” “I’m an open book,” she replies. “The gate opened. The demon army was let out. So what now? Huh? I’m not seeing a big honkin’ plan here,” Dean says. “Honestly? There was a plan. Azaza was a tyrant. But he held us all together,” she replies. “Azaza?” Dean says. “What, you think his friends just called him Yellow-Eyes? He had a name. After you did him in, that all fell apart,” she tells him. Then she tells him that Sam was supposed to be in charge, but he hasn’t exactly stepped up to the plate. “Thank God for that,” Dean says. “Again with God,” she says, laughing. “You think this is a good thing? Now you’ve got chaos. A war without front. Hundreds of demons, all chalking for power, all fighting for the crown. Most of them got it in for your brother. For the record, I was ready to follow Sam.”

Outside Casey’s basement
Sam and the priest pull up, and Sam calls Dean’s name.

Down in the basement, Dean hears him and looks at Casey. “Looks like you win,” she says, and Dean stands up.

Sam tries the door, but it won’t open. “Go that way,” he tells the priest, and heads off in the opposite direction. He hears Dean’s voice below him and sees him through the grate. “Dean! Hang on, okay? We’re coming down,” he says. “Who’s we?” Dean asks. “I’m here with the father,” Sam replies, and Dean looks back at Casey, then says “Sammy, be careful.” Sam stands up, and turns to go around the corner, and there’s the priest. He blinks, showing black eyes. Suddenly, a statue behind the priest explodes, and they turn to see Bobby, who fired at the priest with the Colt. With a flick of his hand, the priest sends both Sam and Bobby flying, then breaks down the door and goes into the house. Sam goes to see if Bobby’s alright, and Bobby tells him to go. “You heard the man,” says Ruby, standing nearby. “Go.”

Casey’s basement
Dean watches as the rubble is cleared away and the priest comes through. Dean starts for him, but the priest sends Dean into the wall. He then goes toward Casey but she stops him, pointing to the Devil’s trap. He kneels, hits the floor, and cracks the symbol, then goes inside and kisses Casey. Dean stands up. “You two?” he says in shock. “Centuries,” replies the priest. “We’ve been to hell and back. Literally.” The priest then picks Dean up by the neck, and even though Casey says “Leave him, let’s just go,” he continues to hurt Dean. Suddenly a shot rings out, and the priest is killed. Dean looks up and sees Sam, with the Colt, and sees that he’s aiming it at Casey. “Sam…” he begins, but Sam has already shot her.

Dean and Bobby are walking together, “Well, what do you think, Bobby. About what we did here, did it make a difference?” Dean asks. “Three less demons to worry about, that’s not nothing,” Bobby says. “But Trotter’s still alive,” Dean says. “Humans ain’t our job,” Bobby says. “Yeah but do you think anything’s really gonna change? Maybe these people really do want to destroy themselves. Maybe it really is a losing battle,” Dean goes on. “That you or that demon girl talking?” Bobby asks. “Oh, that’s me,” says Dean. “The demon is dead, and so is that hot girl it was possessing.” “Well it had to be done,” says Bobby. “Sam was saving your life.” “Yeah but you didn’t see it, Bobby. It was cold,” Dean says. “Bobby.” “Yeah?” “Back in Wyoming, there was this moment. Yellow Eyes said something to me.” “What did he say?” Bobby asks. “That maybe when Sam came back from… wherever, that he came back different,” Dean explains. “Different how?” Bobby asks. “I dunno, whatever it was, it didn’t sound good,” Dean says. “You think… you think something’s wrong with my brother?” “Nah,” Bobby says. “Demons lie. I’m sure Sam’s okay.” “Yeah,” Dean says after a moment, “Yeah, me too.”

Motel room
Sam throws his stuff on the motel bed, as Ruby comes in. “Leaving so soon? We didn’t even get a chance to celebrate,” she says. “Yeah well you can celebrate without me,” Sam says. “You’re not gonna get all pouty on me, are you?” she asks. “Come on! You killed two demons today.” “Yeah well maybe you don’t care, but I killed two humans, too,” Sam says, slightly angry. Ruby tells him that he knows what happens when demons leave humans, they’d have probably died a slow, sticky death anyway. “You probably did them a favour,” she says. “Did them a favour?” Sam says angrily. “You’re a cold bitch, you know that?” “Yeah and this cold bitch? Has saved your ass a couple of times now. Some respect might be nice. Especially if you want me to help you out with Dean and his little problem,” she says. “You know what, you keep dangling that, but last I checked, Dean’s still going to hell,” Sam says, picking up the Colt. “Everything in it’s own time, Sam,” she says. “But there’s a quick pro-quote here. We’re ina war.” “Yeah, but for some reason you’re fighting on our side. Now tell me why is that again?” Sam says sarcastically. “Go screw yourself, that’s why,” she says. “I don’t have to justify my actions to you, Sam. If you don’t want my help, fine. Then give me the gun, and I’ll pass it on to someone who will use it.” “Maybe I’ll just use it on you,” Sam says, aiming at her. “Go ahead if that makes you happy,” she says calmly. “It’s not gonna do much for Dean though.” They’re silent for a moment, and then she says, “So what’s it gonna be? Hmmm?” Sam lowers the gun after a second. “Ahh. That’s my boy,” she says, smiling. “This won’t be easy, Sam. You’re going to have to do things that go against that gentle nature of yours. There’ll be collateral damage. But it has to be done.” “But I don’t have to like it,” Sam says. “No,” she says. “You wouldn’t be Sam if you did. On the bright side, I’ll be there with you. That little fallen angel on your shoulder.”

Synopsis by 'Deanandhisimpala'

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