“Soul Survivor” Clip

Sam and Dean are back together, but that hardly solves everything. In the third episode of season 10, Sam brings his demonic brother back to the Men of Letters bunker to try and cure him. But Dean doesn’t want to be cured, and in this clip, he gets really personal with Sam, referencing both their mom and dad.

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“Reichenbach” Discussion

Post your thoughts on the second episode of season 10. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“Reichenbach” Clip: Dean and Crowley at the Bar

In the second episode of season 10, Dean and Crowley once again spend a lot of time in a bar. In this clip, Dean orders for his BFF and Crowley tells Dean that he needs to kill. It seems saving Sam isn’t high on Demon Dean’s priority list.

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Season 10 Opens with Solid Ratings

UPDATE: Though the early numbers were good, the final ratings were adjusted down quite a bit, with the season 10 premiere getting 2.48 million. That’s down slightly from last year’s premiere, but still enough to make it one of the seven most-watched episodes in the past five years.

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Season 10 Premiere Discussion

It’s finally here. Post your thoughts on the 10th season premiere. Keep reading for my quick thoughts or click HERE for my full recap


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Retrospective Special Discussion

Before season 10 begins, the CW is airing a special hour-long look back at the first nine seasons of SPN Monday at 9pm. Post your thoughts on the special.

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“Soul Survivor” Photos

Check out photos from the third episode of season 10, directed by Jensen Ackles.

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“Black” Video: Dean Gets Laid

In the second clip from the season 10 premiere, we get Dean in bed, post-coital with a lady. It seems that Dean isn’t the only one with a little demon in him.

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“Reichenbach” Photos

Check out these photos from the second episode of season 10, airing October 14. There’s plenty of Dean and Crowley.

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Season 10 Premiere Clip

We’re one week away from the season 10 premiere, and here’s a new clip from the episode featuring Sam. It turns out, Dean isn’t the only Winchester who’s gone over to the dark side.

Also, remember than on Monday, October 6 at 9pm, the CW is airing a special retrospective on the first nine seasons, and on Tuesday, the premiere of The Flash will run a bit long, so SPN won’t begin until 9:02pm.

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