“Alpha and Omega” Discussion

It’s the last stop for Sam and Dean until the Fall. Post your thoughts on the season 11 finale. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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Season 11 Finale Clip

Watch this clip from the season 11 finale to find out how Cas and God are doing after Amara’s latest attack. It’s not all bad news.

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‘SPN’ Scores 2 Teen Choice Award Nominations

The first round of nominations were revealed for the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, with Supernatural getting recognized in two categories.

The show will compete for Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show, the first time it’s been nominated in that category since 2013. It’s competing against Once Upon a Time and four other CW shows: Arrow, The Flash, iZombie and The Vampire Diaries.

Also, Jared Padalecki is nominated again for Best Actor in a Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show after winning the category last year (ending five years in a row of wins from the men of The Vampire Diaries).

To win again, he’ll need to beat Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from TVD, Joseph Morgan from The Originals, Grant Gustin from The Flash and Andrew Lincoln from The Walking Dead.

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Season 11 Finale Photos

Check out the showdown in the season 11 finale before SPN moves to Thursdays in the Fall with a new showrunner.

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‘SPN’ Picks New Showrunner for Season 12

It’s been a busy week for the SPN family behind the scenes. Original creator Eric Kripke had his new NBC time travel drama Timeless ordered for next season while current SPN showrunner Jeremy Carver’s new series, Frequency, was picked up by the CW.


The second bit of news will affect Supernatural as it means Carver is leaving the show to run his new drama. In his place, long-time producer and director Robert Singer will serve as co-showrunner with writer/producer Andrew Dabb.


But don’t worry. Dabb has been a writer on the show since season 4 and he’s actually written more episodes of the series than anyone else, including Eric Kripke. As for transitions, he wrote the season 11 finale, which will be his 32nd episode as a writer or co-writer.


Creator Eric Kripke was the showrunner for the first five seasons, then Sera Gamble took over for seasons 6 and 7. Then Jeremy Carver ran the show for the past four seasons.



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“We Happy Few” Photos

Everyone is joining forces to fight Amara. And I mean everyone, with Sam, Dean, Chuck, Crowley, Rowena and Lucifer. That’s the unholiest of alliances.

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“All in the Family” Discussion

Post your thoughts on this week’s episode that finds Chuck/God joining the Winchester team. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“All in the Family” Photos

Check out these photos from next week’s episode as the team tries to rescue Cas from Amara.

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“Don’t Call Me Shurley” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s episode which, as the title suggests, features the return of Chuck. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“The Chitters” Discussion

There are no more hiatuses. Starting tonight, SPN will finish out season 11 with five straight weeks of new episodes. It’s almost hard to believe the season is almost done. Post your thoughts on tonight’s episode. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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