“Alex Annie Alexis Ann” Clip

Sheriff Jody Mills is back in the next new episode of Supernatural. Check out this clip of her reuniting with the boys and talking about vamps.

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“Meta Fiction” Discussion

Supernatural is back! Post your thoughts on the first of six brand-new episodes in a row to close out the ninth season, starting with this angel-heavy one with Metatron and Gadreel. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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“Alex Annie Alexis Ann” Photos

Check out these new photos from next week’s new episode which features the return of Sheriff Jodi Mills and vampires.

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“Meta Fiction” Clip

Check out this clip from the next new episode in which Sam and Dean continue to act more like co-workers than brothers.

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“Meta Fiction” Photos

The last hiatus of the season is almost over. Supernatural returns on April 15 with the first of six straight weeks of new episodes leading up to the May 20 season 9 finale.


Check out 20 new photos from the next new episode, “Meta Fiction,” which is heavy on the Metatron and Gadreel.

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Who’s Coming Back?

Supernatural loves bringing back guest stars from the past, no matter how long they’ve been away. Now comes news that another one is returning.


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“Meta Fiction” Trailer

Supernatural is on another hiatus, but the good news is that when it returns on April 15, it will finish out season 9 with six new episodes in a row.


Here’s the trailer for the first episode back, “Meta Fiction.” It includes the return of Metattron, who is trying to play God (or maybe just Chuck Shurley), Cas seemingly watching porn, Sam confronting Gadreel and Dean taking a shower.

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“Mother’s Little Helper” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s Misha Collins-directed episode. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick analysis.



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“Mother’s Little Helper” Clip

In the next new episode (directed by Misha Collins), Dean seems surlier than ever. In this clip he has a chat with Crowley, who has some theories about the effects of using the First Blade.

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“Blade Runners” Discussion

Post your thoughts on tonight’s Crowley-heavy episode that also features a cameo by Snooki. Yes, THAT Snooki. Click HERE for my full recap or keep reading for my quick thoughts.


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