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Inside the Legend: Scarecrow



Pagan Gods are worshipped as the personification of some aspect of the universe. These Gods are usually seen as “preternatural” beings who were usually of significant power, worshipped, held in high regard, and respected. Pagan Gods assume a variety of forms, but frequently are depicted as human or animalistic; sometimes it is considered blasphemous to imagine the Pagan gods as having a concrete form. These gods are attributed for strange phenomena such as lightning, floods, storms and miracles. Some of these deities are asserted to be the directors of fate, the giver of human law and morality, as well as the ultimate judge of worth and behavior.


This episode probably brings up two questions about sacrifice to the Pagan gods, why do it and does it still exist? From the research that I have gathered in preparation for this episode I have discovered that humans were sacrificed in various religious rituals in order to secure bountiful harvests, blessings and protections from the deities. Unfortunately, human sacrifices still occur- most often in Satanic cults. These satanic groups find sacrifices in runaways, children and those who are abandoned. This probably explains why the newly weds at the beginning of the episode were likely candidates, they were from out of town and could easily disappear without a trace or an investigation.


Emily tells Dean, that the Scarecrow was brought over by the town founders from Norway. Norwegian culture is perhaps most known for it’s Norse mythology, including such Gods as Odin and Loki. Asgaard is one of nine mythological worlds in Norse mythology. And it is described as being surrounded by a wall, beyond which is a forest. Asgaard is also home to the warlike Aesir gods.


In Norse mythology, the Vanir are a group of wild nature and fertility Gods, the sworn enemies of the warrior gods of the Aesir. They were considered to be the bringers of health, youth, fertility, luck and wealth, and masters of magic, also known for protection and prosperity, and keeping the local settlements safe from harm. Some villages built effigies of the Vanir in their fields, while other villages practiced human sacrifices consisting of one male and one female. So, as word of advice to all of you fellow adventure seekers- if your car breaks down, don’t give into the “kindness” of strangers, for they might just be fattening you up to serve to… the scarecrow!


A scarecrow is more than just something one sets up in a field to scare the crows away, it is also a Jungian archetype and spiritual symbol. A scarecrow is a dimension of the Jungian archetype most commonly referred to as “the shadow.” This is because Scarecrows represent monstrous emotions and thoughts, which often provoke feelings of fear and dread. Scarecrows were used during harvesting rituals of the early tribes, such as the those for the spring equinox.


By Dean5339


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